Stingrays in Stingray City, Grand Cayman

Cruise to George Town, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is where the high life meets island life. This international banking haven is as much known for award-winning beaches as for the flocks of celebrities and high rollers that frequent them. You can sip Cayman Mama’s while rubbing shoulders with the global glitterati. During your Grand Cayman cruise, you can snorkel with stingrays in Stingray City. Treat your inner foodie at eateries established by acclaimed top chefs like Michael Schwartz, or chow down on conch fritters by the seashore. You can even soak up some rays at one of the beaches voted best in the world, Seven Mile Beach. And do it all in the same day.
National Language English
Currency Accepted Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)

Things To Do in George Town

Close-up of a Hawksbill turtle in George Town, Grand Cayman

George Town, Grand Cayman, Hawksbill turtle close-up

Swim with Sea Turtles

Swim with Sea Turtles

The whole family can swim alongside sea turtles and tropical fish at the Cayman Turtle Centre. Or wander around the Caribbean Aviary and spot exotic birds up close, including Grand Cayman’s national bird, the Cayman parrot..

Palm trees swaying on the Seven Mile Beach, George Town, Grand Cayman

George Town, Grand Cayman, Seven Mile Beach Palm Trees

Stroll the Seven Mile Beach

Stroll the Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is actually five-and-a-half miles of coral sands and crystal-clear shoreline. But it’s peppered with restaurants, bars, and upscale resorts— and it was named one of the world’s Ultimate Beaches by Caribbean Travel + Life.

Palm trees in the North Sound Golf Club, George Town, Grand Cayman

George Town, Grand Cayman, North Sound Golf Club

Tee Off in Paradise

Hit the green at the North Sound Club, the only 18-hole championship golf course on the Cayman Islands.

Two women swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman

George Town, Grand Cayman, Swimming with Stingrays

Get to Know the Locals

Take your adventure underwater and mingle with southern stingrays in Stingray City’s calm waters.

A grouper sandwich on a white plate

George Town, Grand Cayman, Grouper Sandwich

Local Cuisine

Locally caught fish is the main attraction in Grand Cayman cuisine. And you’ll find plenty of shellfish served marinated, in fritters, or in hearty chowders. Rum is the drink of choice, so make sure you try the “Cayman Mama,” a local signature cocktail made with light and coconut rums, banana liqueur, Triple Sec, pineapple juice, and a dash of Grenadine or strawberry syrup. Cheers!

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
Everyone drives on the left here, so look both ways before crossing the street.

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