Le Diamont beach in Martinique, France

Cruise to Fort De France, Martinique

Fort-de-France is the largest city in the French West Indies— and it has personality to match. Life here is vibrant and fast-paced, and the culture is as colorful as the brightly painted shops that line the city’s cobblestone streets. Cruise to Martinique and visit the 17th century Fort St. Louis park in La Savane for a taste of local history. Or stop by the Cathedrale St. Louis, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. If it’s beaches you’re after, Plage Anse d’Arlet is one of the island’s best. The sand here is golden, and the beach is dotted with plenty of bars and French-Caribbean fusion restaurants perfect for seaside snacks.
National Language French, Creole
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Fort De France

Chateau Dubuc Ruins in Fort de France, Martinique

Fort de France, Martinique, Chateau Dubuc Ruins

Chateau Show

Chateau Show

Located at the end of the Caravele Peninsula, the ruins of Chateau Dubuc date back to the 17th century. Legend has it the master of the estate once used lanterns to lure ships into wrecking off the coast so he could steal their loot.

Coast of St. Pierre in Fort de France, Martinique

Fort de France, Martinique, St. Pierre

Rum In The Sun

Explore Martinique’s former capital, St. Pierre, which was once called “the Paris of the Caribbean.” While you’re there, stop at a local rum distillery, like the Distilierie Depaz, for a sample.

Accras de morue fish balls in Fort de France

Fort de France, Martinique, Accras de Morue

Local Cuisine

Surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Martinique's cuisine is an exotic mix of African, French and Creole influences. Try the popular accras de morue (fish fritters), Le matautou de crabe (stuffed crab) or le feroce d'avocat (spicy salt fish) in Fort-de-France's restaurants, situated mostly near the Porte d'Afrique.

Basket of starfruit in a market in Fort de France

Fort de France, Martinique, Starfruit Shopping


You'll sense the island's French flair and sophistication in shopping districts like Rue Victor Hugo, lined with boutiques carrying items from Paris and the French Riviera. And don't forget about Grand Marche in Fort-de-France, the sprawling bazaar featuring local herbs, spices and produce.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 If you're looking to get around easily, keep an eye out for minivans marked "TC" for "taxis collectifs" — these are taxis for hire.
2 While tipping isn't normally expected here, you can round up your bill to the nearest euro if you feel you've received exceptional service.

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