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For such a tiny isle, Bimini packs a huge adventure punch. Alice Town buzzes with a low-key vibe, while sugary sands lead to scuba diving and snorkeling in bright-blue waters filled with shipwrecks. This is a small-island paradise for sun-seekers and anglers. Here you can check out Bimini Museum exhibits, hike the Bimini Nature Trail, or soak up fresh-from-the-sea Bahamian seafood.
National Language English
Currency Accepted Bahamian Dollar (BSD), U.S. Dollar (USD)

Things To Do in Bimini

A fishing rod on a boat in the oceean

Bimini, Bahamas, Fishing Rod



Bimini is fabled as the big-game fishing capital of the Bahamas, where the Gulf Stream meets the Bahamas Bank. Head out for a day of angling for the chance to catch prized deep-sea species including tuna, wahoo, sailfish, marlin and the smalltooth sawfish, among the world’s rarest fish.

Dolphins swimming together underwater in Bimini Bahamas

Bimini Bahamas Dolphins Underwater


Step inside The Dolphin House, a quirky masterpiece of conch shells, stones, and sea glass built by Bimini author Ashley Saunders. Dedicated to the beauty of wild dolphins and the colorful history of Bimini, this creative space and mini museum is decked out in dolphin mosaics, Lucayan artifacts and old military memorabilia.

Two bowls on Conch Salad on a beachside table with a bottle of Bahamian beer

Bimini, Bahamas, Conch Salad


Alice Town is known for beachside clapboard kitchens that serve seafood specialties like fish stew, baked land crabs and fresh spiny lobster. You can’t miss cold conch salad made to order in a roadside conch shack— and tame your thirst with a rum-based Goombay Smash or Bahamian Sands beer.

A souvenir bag with Bahamas embroidered on to the front

Bimini, Bahamas, Souvenir Bag


The craft center in Alice Town is comprised of vendor stalls selling original straw items and wood carvings. You can also pick up loaves of sweet, classic Bimini bread. A few small shops around town sell souvenirs, while the Straw Market is best for ceramics, art, music and spices.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Many restaurants include gratuity on the bill, but if not feel free to give 15% for exemplary service.
2 Cars are limited in Bimini— the best ways to explore is on foot, bicycle, golf cart or motor scooter.

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