Overwater Cabanas in Fiji and Vanuatu
Overwater Cabanas in Fiji and Vanuatu

Embrace Island Mystery


Cannonball into a cultural melting pot of azure lagoons, coral wonderlands and tropical waterfalls.

White beaches, dramatic waterfalls, underwater shipwrecks and azure lagoons are the hallmarks of everyday life in Vanuatu and Fiji. In Fiji, you'll find perfect beaches with waters bursting with vibrant coral and rainbows of tropical fish. Cruise to Vanuatu and head to Suva for daring fire walks, a youthful island culture and snorkeling tours. Unwind on the uninhabited beaches of Mystery Island, where you can dive down to explore underwater shipwrecks or wander shores lined with coconut trees. The Vanuatu archipelago is packed with adventure: Trek through the rainforest to feel the thunder of Mele Cascades waterfall and send a postcard from the world's only underwater post office in Port Vila.

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Visit a Waterfall, Vanuatu Attractions
Visit a Waterfall, Vanuatu Attractions


South Pacific enthusiasts insist that the best beaches are in Fiji. But don't take their word for it — go out and test every beach for yourself during your vacation. See technicolor coral off Castaway Island, and laze under palm trees and rocky cliffs on secluded Honeymoon Beach.  

Thar Be Treasure

Vanuatu is dotted with impressive shipwrecks — each home to a treasure trove of marine life. In the depths of Port Vila lies an intact square-rigged boat called The Star of Russia waiting to be explored.

Can You Say "Cannonball"?

The rainforests of Vanuatu are rich with waterfalls and things to do, but one stands out in particular. Head to the Mele Cascades waterfall in Port Villa and jump into the pool Tarzan-style on a rope swing.


Tear yourself away from the city sights and take a boat to a surrounding island. Head to Aneityum from Mystery Island and learn to keep your balance during a stand-up paddleboard tour around the island.

In-the-Know Island Adventure

It's generally smooth sailing and gentle trade winds from Fiji to Vanuatu. The rainy season from November to April sees an increase in tropical storms, but you'll have warm weather year-round that's perfect for swimming and hiking.

Be prepared to do a little bit of bargaining if you decide to hire a taxi, and make sure you always agree on a price beforehand. Public transport is known to run on "island time," so always give yourself enough time to get back to the boat.

In Vanuatu and Fiji, English is widely spoken and understood as a second language. Many Vanuatuans also speak French and Bislama. Pro tip: Bislama is a language derived from English, so if you concentrate, you may be surprised at how much you can understand. Fijians also speak Hindi and Fijian.



Check out the shopping options in port cities. Some cities have local shops where you can find homemade souvenirs, while others have duty-free shops where you can score a bargain.


If you want to bring rum back on the boat, learn the cruise policy before you buy. There's a limit to the amount of alcohol you can carry onto the boat from a port.


Spend your first at sea day planning your excursions. Book ahead so you have a better chance of doing your top activities.

French inspired

Island cuisine is dominated by rich mahi-mahi fish, banana and taro root, all expertly dressed in coconut milk and a splash of citrus. Indulge in complex French dished prepared with local ingredients or enjoy simple street food — caught, picked and cooked that day.


Lap-Lap is Vanuatu's National dish and is famous for its gentle, creamy flavors. Grated yams mixed with banana and coconut milk are cooked in a traditional earth oven creating a pudding-like consistency. Meat like chicken, fish or beef is sometimes added to turn the dish into a main course.

Raw Flavor

Kokoda is Fiji's version of ceviche — raw mahi-mahi fish soaked in citrus juice and smothered in creamy coconut milk and topped with spring onion. It's served in half a coconut shell as a starter and often includes fruits like pineapple or strawberries for added flavor.


Even if you aren't an adventurous eater, Cassava chips are the purest island indulgence. Cassava root is cut into chips, boiled, deep-fried and served with a healthy sprinkle of salt.

Related Ports

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