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Cruise to Lautoka, Fiji Islands

In Lautoka, the second-larget city in Fiji, you'll find wide-open streets lined with swaying palm trees and colonial-style houses. To start your journey, check out the Lautoka Sugar Mill, the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere — it's this establishment that's earned Lautoka its name "The Sugar City." Take the ferry to the nearby Mamanuca Islands, and relax in the turquoise waters under coconut palms; don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear. Or stay inland: Find rejuvenating mud baths at the Sabeto Hot Springs, and explore waterfalls and mountain streams at Koroyanitu National Heritage Park. Or take the short drive to nearby Nadi, with its Hindu temples and retail-centric Main Street filled with the tones of Hindi and Fijian music.
National Language Fijian, Fiji Hindi, English
Currency Accepted Fijian Dollar‎ (‎FJD‎)

Things To Do in Lautoka

A village in Fiji

Lautoka, Fiji, Village

Dance With the Locals

Dance With the Locals

Take a tour to Nawaka Village for a cultural experience unlike any other. Feel the passion in the footsteps of the local warrior's dance, and join in the fun by learning the Ta Ra La. Sip on the famous kava drink, produced from the kava root, with mild relaxation effects.

An uphill path at Sleeping Giants garden

Lautoka, Fiji, Sleeping Giants Garden

Visit the Sleeping Giants

Raymond Burr, a late American actor, kept a magical garden of orchids and sleeping giants. A dazzling two thousand varietals of Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids, all perfectly maintained, await you. Walk through the gentle gardens and bubbling fountains and spot the hidden sleeping giant statues.

A coconut filled with Kokoda, a raw fish salad

Lautoka, Fiji Islands, Coconut filled with kokoda

Local Cuisine

Fijian food is founded on sweet potato, rice, cassava, coconut — and of course, fresh fish. Try kokoda, the Pacific answer to ceviche, with raw mahi-mahi dressed in a sauce of coconut cream, chilies and lemon or lime juice. To round off your meal, indulge in a cocktail made with the award-winning Bounty rum, distilled from sugar freshly produced by the local sugar mill.

A handcrafted wooden turtle souvenir

Lautoka, Fiji Islands, Handcrafted wooden turtle


Lautoka market is bustling with life and trade. Feel the pulse of the city as you shop for a special keepsake. From traditional Tapa cloth paintings to handmade wood-carved turtles, you'll find something unique. Don't forget to sample some sugary goodness directly from the sugar mill.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 If you take a taxi to your destination, make sure you agree on a fair fare beforehand.
2 Before you leave the ship, convert some cash into local currency. Only big international stores will take a credit card.
3 Don't forget your swimming costume and sunblock — it's going to be warm!

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