Eight Mile Beach in Port Hedland, Australia

Cruise to Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland is an isolated mining town on the Western Australia coast, with a strong indigenous history. You'll be in the middle of the action as soon as you disembark in the harbor. Explore Port Hedland's compact town center on foot. The local Visitors Center organizes various walking tours, or you can pick up a self-guided map for the Cultural and Heritage Trail that will take you through the historic West End past sites like the Old Methodist Church. Cruise to Port Hedland and take the drive out to Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve, a pristine stretch of white-sand shoreline perfect for beach fishing.
National Language English
Currency Accepted Australian Dollar (AUD)

Things To Do in Port Hedland

Australian aboriginal art in Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland, Australia Aboriginal Traditional Art

Walk With the Arts

Walk With the Arts

Pick up a self-guided street art walking tour guide from the Visitors Center to find the best murals in Port Hedland's West End neighborhood. Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery's collection includes work from indigenous, local and national artists and photographers. Spinifex Hill Studios is the town's only Aboriginal art center.

Sand piles and cargo ships at Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland, Australia Sand Piles

Follow the Heritage Trail

Follow the Heritage Trail

The Cultural and Heritage Trail takes you by Port Hedland's most historical sights. You can pick up a self-guided map from the Visitors Center and visit places like the old St. Matthews Church, SS Koombana Lookout and Don Rhodes Mining Museum. The route goes primarily by the shorelines, so you'll have great views of the Indian Ocean along the way.

Bulk Fuel Tanks in Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland, Australia Bulk Fuel Tanks

Industrial Interest

Learn more about Port Hedland's important shipping and mining industries through the Visitors Center's organized tours. They do Seafarers Center Harbor and Port Facility tours, as well as a BHP tour — one of the world's leading iron ore producers. The best port view is also from Marapikurrinya Park.

Curried Crab Fry from Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland, Australia Curried Crab Fry

Local Cuisine

The Esplanade Port Hedland has a beautiful garden courtyard. Their brunch dishes include cinnamon French toast and banana and chocolate chip pancakes. For lunch, try the seafood red curry or slow-braised ox cheek. Cruise to Port Hedland and head to Heddy's Bar and Bistro for crispy prawns and salt-and-pepper squid.

Traditional aborigine ornamental boomerang from Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland, Australia Traditional Boomerang


The Visitors Center is truly a must-visit stop in Port Hedland. It stocks locally-made products and Port Hedland keepsakes, such as boomerangs and books. The Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery has jewelry and home wares, and Spinifex Hill Studios has an extensive local Aboriginal artwork collection for sale, too.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Port Hedland has a tropical climate, so it's summer weather year-round.
2 The town center is very walkable, so there's no reason to rent a car unless you're planning to head out to Keraudren.

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