The beach with a make shift dock on the shore with views of mountains in Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Cruise to Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Uninhabited and untouched by modern society, Mystery Island will make you believe it wouldn't be so bad to be a marooned sailor in an old storybook. You'll find no electricity, roads or telephones here. A comfortable 30-minute walk will take you on a self-guided tour of the entire island. Only accessible by cruise ship and the nearby inhabitants of Aneityum, you'll truly get to experience life on a deserted island. Cruise to Mystery Island and explore the white-sand shoreline and its warm waters — go for a snorkel and see an incredible underwater world untouched by human influence.
National Language Bislama, French, English
Currency Accepted Vanuatu Vatu (VUV)

Things To Do in Mystery Island

View of underwater sea life in Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Mystery Island, Vanuatu Underwater Sea Life

Go on a Coral Safari

Go on a Coral Safari

Because Mystery Island is so secluded, the coral is exceptionally healthy and the fish plentiful. Whether you are swimming or snorkeling, you'll pass clown fish, parrot fish, barracudas and majestic sea turtles. You might even be lucky enough to glimpse a seahorse.

Woman on a stand up paddle boat over turquoise waters

Mystery Island, Vanuatu Aerial View Paddle Boarding

What's SUP?

What's SUP?

Hop on a quick boat ride to the nearby inhabited island of Aneityum for a little adventure. From there, you'll be given a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and a quick beginner's lesson on how to use it. Enjoy the remainder of your time by SUPing around the lush bay in cool island style.

A beach paradise with a wooden boat in Mystery Island

Mystery Island, Vanuatu Beach Boat Sticks

Embrace the Escape

Unlike most of your other stops, this island is unfrequented and small — give yourself permission to slow down. Take a break from the real world and take in the shimmering turquoise ocean with your Mystery Island cruise. Dig your toes into the white powdery sand, and breathe in the warm, tropical air.

Grilled lobster on the beach

Mystery Island, Vanuatu Grilled Lobster

Local Cuisine

The inhabitants of the nearby Aneityum come to the island to prepare food and entertainment for visitors. They serve traditional Vanuatuan food, which is simple and delicious. Cruise to Mystery Island and tuck in to freshly caught grilled lobster for lunch, and treat yourself to island banana pie for dessert.

Sarongs for sale on the beach

Mystery Island, Vanuatu Sarongs


Along the beach, you can find small market stalls set up by locals. They sell postcards, sarongs and traditional trinkets. For a more cultural experience, have your hair braided by one of the local women or enjoy a traditional Vanuatu massage on the beach.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 There are no rentals on this island, so bring your own snorkeling gear. It's worth it.
2 AUS and VAV are accepted, but notes are not. Make sure you only bring coins.
3 If you are interested in local culture, you can take a quick trip to the nearby Aneityum Island.

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