The rocky coast at Lucky Bay in Esperance, Australia

Cruise to Esperance, Australia

With a population of just 10,000 people, Esperance may be small, but it packs in beach-side adventure on a grand scale. You might think you've docked in the Caribbean when you pull into this port city on Western Australia's southern coastline, greeted by crystal-clear turquoise waters and white-sand shoreline. Cruise to Esperance and head to Cape Le Grand National Park to experience the immaculate shoreline surrounded by granite peaks. Take a dip in the calm waters of Twilight Beach, with its kid-friendly shallow sand bar and impressive boulders dotting the shore. Or hop in the car and take the Great Ocean Drive for panoramic views of the Recherche Archipelago.
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Things To Do in Esperance

A kangaroo on a beach in Esperance, Australia

Esperance, Australia, Kangaroo on beach

Try Your Luck

Try Your Luck

Cape Le Grand National Park is about a 30-minute drive east of Esperance. It's home to two fantastic beaches at Lucky and Hellfire Bays. At Lucky Bay, kangaroos are regularly spotted lazing on the sand. You can also hike Frenchman's Peak or the Le Grand Coastal Trail.

A small group standing on the sand at Blue Haven beach in Esperance, Australia

Esperance, Australia, Blue Haven beach

Be a Beach-Seeker

Be a Beach-Seeker

Check out some of the world's best beaches around Esperance. Twilight Beach is among the most popular in Western Australia. West and Fourth Beaches are ideal with surfers. Check out Blue Haven if you're looking for the perfect spot for sheltered swimming.

The full stonehenge replica in Esperance, Australia

Esperance, Australia, Stonehedge replica

Esperance Education

Take off your beach visor and put on your thinking cap. Esperance Museum holds various treasures that document the region's history, including vintage farm machinery, kitchen appliances and pieces of Skylab, a space station that crashed to Earth near Esperance in 1979. Then, visit the Cannery Arts Centre, or check out the full-scale recreation of Stonehenge.

Four fried shrimp on a white plate

Esperance, Australia, Fried shrimp

Local Cuisine

Go where the locals go and visit Loose Goose Bar and Restaurant, which serves seafood caught in Australian seas only. Cruise to Esperance and try local scallops, grilled barramundi or prawns in sweet chili sauce. Or head to Fish Face for a lunch of classic fish and chips that you can take away and eat by the nearby beach.

An assortment of fudge for sale

Esperance, Australia, Fudge assortment


ESP of Esperance, located in the town's Museum Village, offers an international range of accessories, giftware and even homemade fudge. Meanwhile, Flame of Esperance houses some great Australian brands, including Nikki Lissoni jewelry, Endless Jewelry and Holiday Trading and Co. Head to Mermaid Leather for products made from unique fish and shark leather.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 It may be worthwhile renting a vehicle in Esperance to visit Lucky Bay at Cape Le Grand National Park.
2 When calling into port, make sure you bring both swimsuits and a lightweight layer to guard against the wind.

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