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Kids Enjoying the Slides at Splashaway Bay


Looking for an adrenaline rush? Don’t miss all the thrilling things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Published on July 12, 2019

Wondering which Caribbean island has the most activities? You’re about to find out. If you prefer electrifying slides and rides to chill vibes on vacation, the newly revamped Royal Caribbean private island Perfect Day at CocoCay is brimming with unique things to do in the Caribbean during your next tropical escape. And because it’s private and open only to Royal Caribbean cruise guests, it’s also one of the safest destinations in the region.

What can you do at Perfect Day at CocoCay? Anything you like! There are endless attractions waiting to be discovered here, from a waterpark that's home the tallest waterslide in North America, a helium balloon that soars up to 450 feet into the sky, to a zip line that glides across the island and tranquil stretches of sun-soaked beach for lounging along — and those are just some of the things to do at this thrilling Bahamas destination.



If your dream getaway involves getting your pulse pounding with plenty of adventurous activities in the Caribbean, you’ve come to the right place. All the excitement starts at Thrill Water Park, your gateway to Perfect Day at CocoCay’s fastest and splashiest rides and attractions. Here you’ll find two over-the-top towers loaded with waterslides for every type of adrenaline-chaser. One of the two towers is the family-favorite Splash Summit, which spotlights rides geared toward groups of adventurers and visitors with a slightly lower tolerance for thrills. But while they may not be as intense as the slides on Thrill Tower, they still pack a punch. Some of the must-ride slides at Splash Summit include the gravity-defying Slingshot, which flings four brave explorers up into the air on a group raft, the four-lane Splash Speedway racers — a great choice if you want to race your buddies — and the winding two-person thriller known as The Twister.

Thrill Tower, on the other hand, kicks the adrenaline way, way up with seven hair-raising single rider waterslides — like the 75-foot twin drop slides, Dueling Demons, the fully vertical speed slide, Screeching Serpent, and the 25-foot open flume, Manta Raycers. It’s also where the truly brave at heart will find the notorious attraction Daredevil’s Peak®️. Standing a record-breaking ten stories and 135 feet tall, it’s the tallest waterslide in North America and guaranteed to test your threshold for thrills, no matter how courageous you think you are.


While waterslides do make up a big chunk of the action at Thrill Waterpark, they aren’t the only kind of attractions you can expect at this adrenaline-charged  fun spot on Perfect Day at CocoCay. Thrill Waterpark is home to some of the coolest activities in the Caribbean — including an epic interactive obstacle course called Adventure Pool, where guests of all ages can hop across a trail of floating lily pads, scale a rock wall and test their upper body strength and agility on two swing ropes. The Perfect Day at CocoCay waterpark also boasts the largest wave pool in the Caribbean. It’s only five feet deep, but don’t let that fool you — this massive lagoon makes some serious waves. When you hear the clock counting down the time, brace yourself because you’re about to encounter some serious swells of simulated surf. Cowabunga!



Want to get in on all the action at Thrill Waterpark during your next visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay? You can purchase a full day pass to the park once you get to the island or pre-purchase one ahead of your sailing via Cruise Planner. The pass will give you access to all the attractions inside the park, all day long. If you’re visiting CocoCay, Bahamas with a group, consider reserving a private cabana right inside the water park instead. Thrill Waterpark cabanas include complimentary access to all the park’s slides and rides for up to six guests, not to mention dedicated attendant service. There are also lockers available at the waterpark if you need to store your belongings, plus plenty of free umbrellas and beach chairs up for grabs in case you want to take a break and catch your breath before conquering more shriek-inducing experiences.



The minimum height to ride most of the slides at Thrill Waterpark ranges from 40-48 inches, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any attractions for tots to enjoy on the island, too. If you’re visiting Perfect Day at CocoCay with small children who don’t quite make the height requirement for the rides at Thrill Waterpark, it’s totally fine. Splashaway Bay Aqua Park is located just outside Thrill Waterpark, and it’s brimming with kid-friendly sun-soaked experiences like fountains, sprinklers, geysers, five child-approved slides and two drench buckets that are perfect for little thrill seekers looking for fun things to do. What’s more, access to the park is complimentary to all visitors on the island. There’s plenty of seating and tables nearby, too, so moms, dads and grandparents can comfortably keep an eye on their little ones while they’re busy having gallons of fun with all their new friends.



Don’t worry about packing snacks when visiting the island — once you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll find plenty of options serving up food that’s sure to hit the spot. You can dig into some tasty BBQ chicken, crisp salads, fresh sandwiches and other beach day mainstays at any of the island’s restaurants. If you’re at Thrill Waterpark, the closest dining option is the Snack Shack, home of the famous signature Shack Burger. Other great options around the Perfect Day at CocoCay island include Chill Grill (perfect if you’ve just come off a jet ski tour or snorkeling excursion on Chill Island®), the harborside Skipper’s Grill and the always-lively Captain Jack’s®️, where live musicians keep the jams going throughout the day. Many of the restaurants at Perfect Day at CocoCay are complimentary. Captain Jack’s a la cart menu, however, is additional. Beer, wine and spirits are available for a charge, but if you purchased a beverage package for your cruise you can also use it anywhere on the island. If you’re ready for a drink, make sure to try a signature Coco Loco at the swim-up bar in Oasis Lagoon.



If you still haven’t satisfied your need for speed — even after taking on the slides and rides at Thrill Waterpark — go for a white-knuckle glide along a 1,600-foot-long zip line — because why walk across the Perfect Day at CocoCay island when you can soar across it? It’s one of the most unique things to do in the Caribbean. As you zip through the air on the ride of your life, you’ll get to take in breathtaking aerial views of the water park and the beautiful surrounding beaches before flying over the harbor for an epic landing. If that sounds like your kind of fast-paced fun, make sure you pack the right kind of footwear — close-toed shoes are required to ride this attraction.



Want to take your island adventure sky high and cross a major first off your bucket list? Perfect Day at CocoCay has a ride that will let you feel the wind in your hair as you soak up sights from the highest vantage point in The Bahamas. Up, Up and Away is the cruise line’s first-ever helium balloon ride, and it’ll carry you up to 450 feet above the island. Once you arrive, just look for the giant multi-colored balloon with the Royal Caribbean crown and anchor logo on it — you can’t miss it. The ride up is gentle, but the incredible views you’ll score from above Perfect Day at CocoCay of visiting cruise ships, and the surrounding Bahamas islands will definitely make your heart race. You can purchase admission to ride Up, Up and Away on the island, but keep in mind the balloon only accommodates 30 guests per ride including the operator. To make sure you get a spot, it’s best to book before your cruise with Cruise Planner.



If you’d rather get your dose of thrills shoreside, head to Chill Island®. Don’t let the name fool you — while this side of Perfect Day at CocoCay is known for its tranquil beaches, it also offers tons of water activities to keep the fun going all day long. You can jump onto a guided jet ski tour around the island, rent a paddleboard and work out your core or cruise along crystalline waters in a glass-bottom boat with a clear view of the colorful reefs below. If you’re looking for things to do that are a little more extreme, consider taking to the skies on a high-flying parasail adventure over the waves. And of course, there are plenty of good snorkeling spots just offshore — you can bring your own gear or rent some from the island's snorkel shack. Keep an eye out and you should be able to spot giant stingrays as you float along the water’s surface.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re after — from jaw-dropping waterslides and attractions at the coolest waterpark in the Caribbean, to a bucket-list ride in a larger-than-life helium balloon — there are so many things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay that you’re bound to have the best beach day ever. There’s no doubt about it that this island has the best activities in the Caribbean. So gather up your crew and get ready to dive straight into all the thrills the second you step ashore.



If you plan on riding the zip line, you’ll need to wear closed-toe shoes.


Book your activities before your cruise with Cruise Planner to make sure you score a spot.


There are several showers and changing rooms on the island, plus lockers for you to keep personal items.

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