Mariner of the Seas Perfect Storm and Flowrider
Mariner of the Seas Perfect Storm and Flowrider

Top 10 Things To Do On The Amplified Mariner Of The Seas

The Amplified Mariner of the Seas has plenty of amazing onboard attractions to thrill all sorts of adventurers. If it’s your first time on this groundbreaking ship, check out this list of must-try experiences.

By Amanda Mesa | Published on January 5, 2022

One of the best ships for short Caribbean getaways, the Amplified Mariner of the Seas is loaded with fun onboard attractions and unforgettable experiences that help you pack endless thrills into just a few days and nights. This ship has everything you need for an epic weekend cruise — great dining options, teens’ and kids’ activities, spectacular entertainment, and nightlife that keeps the action going long after the day has ended. There are also lots of great free things to do onboard, too, so you can level up your vacation without breaking the bank. If you’ve never set sail on this Voyager Class stunner, you’ll want to read this guide. It highlights all the top things to do onboard, from glow-in-the-dark laser tag and mind-bending puzzles in Escape Room, to tropical tiki cocktail sessions at The Bamboo Room and salsa stepping at Boleros.

1. Suit Up For The Coolest Laser Tag Quest At Sea

The first to introduce glow-in-the-dark laser tag to cruising, Royal Caribbean is all about upping the thrill factor on its ships — and Battle for Planet Z is one of the cruise line’s boldest onboard attractions yet. Players join a side — robots or aliens — before facing off in a battle to claim the last planet for light years around. An unforgettable experience that’s just as fun for little ones as it is for adults, Battle for Planet Z is one of the top things to do onboard Mariner of the Seas if you’re looking for some action. 

2. Solve Some Space-Age Puzzles In Royal Escape Room: The Observatorium

If you love a great challenge, you’re definitely going to want to try this Escape Room challenge. Participants will have just 60 minutes to unravel a slew of mind-bending teasers and puzzles that require quick thinking and teamwork. The fate of the earth hangs in the balance — does your team have what it takes to save the day using wits and logic? Find out for yourself and see why so many guests rate this one of the top things to do onboard the Amplified Mariner of the Seas.

3. Conquer The Perfect StormSM Waterslides

If you’re chasing big thrills, make sure you pencil in a ride down The Perfect Storm waterslides — two dueling racers named Typhoon and Cyclone that were added to Mariner of the Seas during its Amplification. Each one is filled with high-speed twists, hair-raising turns, and translucent stretches that offer incredible views of the sea and the pool deck. This multi-level ride is best when you have a friend to race down to the bottom. 

4. Tame Some Waves On The FlowRider*

Another top-rated feature added to Mariner of the Seas during its Amplification is the FlowRider*. A staple on the boldest ships in the fleet, this 40-foot-long surf simulator lets guests coast or boogie-board over 30,000 gallons of rushing water per minute. Hop on a board and try not to wipe out or watch from the stadium seating and feel the spray in your face as others try to tame the waves. The best part — this amazing onboard attraction is totally free to guests. 

5. Catch A Spellbinding Show On Ice

Our cruises put on award-winning original productions, including ice shows that spotlight dazzling stunts by world class figure skaters. If you’re cruising on the Amplified Mariner of the Seas, don’t miss Ice Under the Big Top, the ship’s marquee ice skating spectacular. Like all other entertainment onboard, Ice Under the Big Top is complimentary to guests — just make a reservation in advance to make sure you have seats for this fan-favorite show.

6. Unwind And Soak Up The Island Vibes In The Solarium

In between fun attractions onboard Mariner of the Seas, kick back and enjoy a little sunshine and serenity in the adults-only Solarium. A staple on most of our ships, this indoor-outdoor retreat is home to lagoon-like swimming pools and whirlpools, plenty of lounge areas, and access to a bar stocked with all your favorite wines, beers and spirits.

7. Brush Up On Your Salsa Steps At Boleros

After the sun goes down, keep the party going strong to the sounds of a live six-piece band at Boleros, where every night is Latin night. Order a Cuban mojito, a Brazilian caipirinha, or a Peruvian pisco sour, then shake and sashay your way onto the dancefloor as the band plays salsa, cumbia, merengue and bachata classics. Whether you’re a samba pro or just learning to cha cha, you’ll find this is one of the liveliest nightspots onboard the Amplified Mariner of the Seas. 

8. Sip Island-Inspired Cocktails At The Bamboo Room

Another Amplified addition to Mariner of the Seas, The Bamboo Room has become legendary among cocktail-loving cruisers. Retro vibes and tropi-cool memorabilia give this watering hole a distinct, kitschy-cool vibe, and the drinks are truly out of this world. Each blends exotic fruits and spices to recreate tiki classics with a unique spin — like a double-rum Dark & Stormy, a whisky- and ginger-spiked Penicillin, and the bourbon- and cinnamon-infused Bamboo Swizzle. 

9. Take On The Rock Climbing Wall

If you’re not afraid of heights, strap in and make the forty-foot ascent up the rock climbing wall onboard the Amplified Mariner of the Seas. This free activity is perfect for all kinds of adventure-seekers, from beginners to expert climbers, and the view from the top is one of the best you’ll score on the ship.

10. Learn How To Make Sushi At Izumi Hibachi & Sushi

Mariner of the Seas is home to Izumi Hibachi & Sushi, one of the most popular specialty restaurants in the fleet. And while most folks flock to this dining spot for its amazing rolls and tableside teppanyaki, few know you can join sushi-making classes here with an expert chef. Check your Cruise Planner for a class schedule, then sign up and learn how to create your own hand-rolled sushi lunch under the guidance of a master.

Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-amping thrills, like The Perfect Storm waterslides, laid-back lounging in the Solarium, or fun ways to have an amazing night out onboard after hours, like a stop at The Bamboo Room followed by dancing at Boleros — the Amplified Mariner of the Seas has something for everyone. These are just ten of the most popular top things to do onboard, but there’s plenty more to discover on every deck.  


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