Reggae Falls seen while on a Waterfall Cruise Excursion, Jamaica.
Reggae Falls seen while on a Waterfall Cruise Excursion, Jamaica.

Visiting the Top 10 Famous Waterfalls in Jamaica while on Vacation

Add These Waterfalls to Your Jamaica Itinerary.

By Eben Diskin | Published on February 28, 2022

It's not always easy to please the whole family when planning a vacation itinerary, but there's one activity pretty much everyone can agree on: waterfalls. Those towering wonders of cascading water are among the world's most beautiful natural sights, and they'll likely be imprinted on your memory long after your trip has come to an end. If you're looking for waterfalls to visit in Jamaica during your next cruise — you're in luck. It might be a small island, but Jamaica is home to over a dozen of the Caribbean's most stunning waterfalls.

From traveling up the multi-tiered Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios to the tranquil Blue Hole, these are the top 10 waterfalls to visit in Jamaica.

1. Dunn's River Falls

Taking a day trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica is an unmatched experience. As a former fishing village turned resort town it is surrounded by some of the island's most awe-inspiring waterfalls. With Dunn's River Falls remaining among the most breathtaking to experience in person. At 177 feet tall, its height is nothing to sneeze at, but this waterfall is actually known for its length, stretching nearly 600 feet across. Reaching the falls requires a hike of over an hour, usually with the aid of a knowledgeable guide who will make sure you don't miss all the natural pools along the way. The falls are also conveniently located in Dunn's River Falls State Park, under a 10-minute drive from Ocho Rios.

2. Reggae Falls

If you travel to Reggae Falls expecting to hear the melodic sound of steel drums, you'll be disappointed. However, what won't disappoint you are the views of this hidden, powerful waterfall. Standing 70 feet tall, Reggae Falls is three hours southeast of Ocho Rios. It was formed when a dam was built for a hydro-electric project in the 1920s that ultimately failed, resulting in the creation of a waterfall. Since it's less accessible than some of the island's other waterfalls, it's one of the least touristy falls to visit in Jamaica.

3. Blue Hole

Just over 20 minutes south of Ocho Rios, you'll find Blue Hole, which comes exactly as advertised. It's named for its deep blue hue of its water and for the cozy pool into which the waterfall flows. When you visit Blue Hole, you can take a leisurely swim in the blue water, dive in from one of the waterfall's ledges or splash into the pool Tarzan-style with the dangling rope. There are also bamboo benches around the swimming hole if you'd rather just sit and relax.

4. Reach Falls

Reach Falls is perhaps one of the most famous waterfalls to visit in Jamaica — but not for the reason you'd think. Cascading down a rock face into a heart-shaped pool, the falls are so beautiful that they earned a starring role in several movies, including "Cocktail" and the "Lord of the Flies" remake. Located on the eastern side of Jamaica, the waterfalls are surrounded by the rugged Montane Forest. If you're not too distracted by the chatter of parrots in the trees, you could easily spend the whole day relaxing by the water, or taking a tour of the falls and nearby caves with a local guide.

5. Mayfield Falls

Travel to Mayfield Falls, only an hour from Montego Bay and Negril, making them a convenient day trips while on your Jamaican cruise vacation. Rather than a single waterfall, Mayfield is actually a series of waterfalls converging into a common body of water. There are 21 natural swimming pools and Jacuzzis here that are perfect for an afternoon of swimming. As if bathing under a waterfall and swimming in natural pools wasn't enough pampering, the surrounding park also has a health spa, hair braiding service and professional babysitting.

6. Somerset Falls

Many take the trip to Somerset Falls as it is a two-for-one waterfall. It's right next to Hidden Falls, and you can see both on a scenic gondola ride through the rainforest. The falls have some of the most colorful surroundings of any waterfall in Jamaica, situated in a verdant jungle full of birds and flowers. The waterfall's pool is also lined with picnic tables where you can enjoy a nice lunch after taking a dip.

7. Tacky Falls

This 200-foot waterfall is a bit of a misnomer. Its name isn't an insult but a reference to its sticky rocks. Getting here is also a bit of a sticky proposition, as you'll have to hike a steep trail that can prove difficult for visitors who aren't in tip-top shape. On the bright side, the waterfall's limited accessibility means you likely won't have to share the place with too many other like-minded tourists.

8. Konoko Falls

Conveniently located just five minutes from Ocho Rios, Konoko Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls to visit in Jamaica. Take a guided tour through the Konoko Falls and Gardens park to learn more about the area's plant and animal life, and climb all the way to the top of the multi-tiered falls. After the ascent, you can even swim in a pool at the top of the falls.

9. Nanny Falls

Despite its name, Nanny Falls isn't the oldest waterfall in Jamaica. It's actually named after Nanny of the Maroons, the leader of the Jamaican Maroons in the 18th century who led a group of formerly enslaved Africans to freedom along a route that passed the falls. The waterfalls are a half-hour south of Port Antonio and best known for their idyllic swimming hole.

10. YS Falls

Take an adventure excursion to the YS Falls to discover what is actually seven waterfalls that flow into little pools. The seven-tiered falls can be visited by traveling to the southern coast of Jamaica, an ideal location for swimming — though, you'll need to be a reasonably strong swimmer to take the plunge into these feisty waters. In lieu of swimming and diving, there are also options to take canopy expeditions (similar to ziplining tours) that brings you directly from the top of the waterfalls to the bottom.


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