Tiki Hut Over Water Beach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Tiki Hut Over Water Beach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

4 Relaxing Places For Your Weekend Caribbean Vacation

Create A Weekend Getaway On Island Time.

By Melissa Alvarado Sierra | Published on July 4, 2022

Everybody's working for the weekend, and while you could enjoy this time at home, what sounds better than a weekend Caribbean vacation? The good news is it's so easy to pack adventure and relaxation into just one weekend. Escape the routine with a short Caribbean getaway, and create memories that will last you for many years. You'll return home from your weekend getaway refreshed and ready for anything.

1. Have A Perfect Day, Your Way, In Cococay

With weekend cruises to Perfect Day at CocoCay, you can easily design your own relaxing Caribbean escapade and lounge on a Bora Bora-style overwater cabana, swim in a tranquil lagoon, and taste your way across the gorgeous island via the many restaurants and bars, like Skipper's Grill or Captain Jack's. It's what family getaways are all about.

Your chill time begins onboard. The Royal Caribbean International app makes your Caribbean vacation a breeze. Featuring an interactive 3D map of CocoCay, you can explore all of the activities available and easily create a custom itinerary with exciting stops for your whole crew. CocoCay has something for everyone. There are no age restrictions for the experiences available on the island, although some slides do have height and weight restrictions

Beyond the thrills, pools and beach spots to explore, get your chill on at Chill Island. There are several pathways to follow after you disembark, but you want to follow the green path (on your left when you enter the island) to reach your relaxing paradise. Keep walking left, and you'll find heavenly views of the ocean and a kind of quiet that will bring you healing and a great sense of calm. You will be far from the busier attractions, and the only sounds will be the gentle waves. Find a chair and let yourself decompress. You have arrived in paradise.

2. Lay Out On Nassau's Pillowy Sands

In Nassau, Bahamas, serene seclusion is easy to reach on a relaxing weekend getaway. Just find your way to Cable Beach, and let the powdery white sands hug you as you stare at the endless aquamarine sea. There's always a peaceful corner available here, all with a stress-free vibe. You can finally let go of your worries, and let them fly away with the warm, salty breeze.

After some needed meditation or a quick nap by the ocean, you might want to indulge in the surrounding tropical charm. Island music, food and culture are ready for you to explore at your leisure. Try some local seafood influenced by the country's African, British and Spanish roots, like fish fritters or tasty guava duffs. Stop by Festival Place for local arts and crafts like straw hats and paintings. Or enjoy a walk by the Georgian buildings found all over town

Finally, discover the local culture while keeping a mellow mood, with a visit to the quiet and beautiful National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. It's a short walk from the port and a world away from the lively streets of Nassau. Villa Doyle is a colonial-era home built in 1860, and the stately yellow marvel is surrounded by lush gardens and offers an intimate look at Bahamian arts and history. One of their most popular exhibitions is called "Refuge," designed to uplift and promote local visual artists affected by Hurricane Dorian. The paintings "Guides to Calming Waters" by Dyah Neilson and the sculpture "The Things About Water" by Matthew Rahming are some of the most unmissable pieces on display.

3. Visit The Mexican Caribbean In Cozumel

Cozumel will lift your spirits while letting you decompress. Here you can peacefully explore ancient ruins, discover tropical reefs, and swim in placid waters of astonishing transparency. Although Cozumel has become a very popular destination because of its unique blend of Mexican culture and Caribbean flair, you'll be surprised that it still holds little quiet neighborhoods and plazas for you to wander in peace. Rent a scooter and zip to downtown San Miguel, where you'll find a laid-back town square filled with local vendors, couples on dates and kids playing. It's the perfect spot to grab an outdoor cafe table and peacefully read a book or people-watch while sampling concha bread or fruits on a stick.

For a remote feel by the water, try Parque Punta Sur, a park that features a lovely lighthouse, a quaint nautical museum, and a Maya ruin. Punta Sur is a natural state reserve with an incredible variety of flora and fauna to watch. Here, you can find peace beneath the waves, too. With a snorkel tour, you can tune out the world and admire sea fan gardens and kaleidoscopic coral reefs

4. Loosen Up In Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, or "Silver Port" in English, may be the birthplace of tourism in the Dominican Republic, but it's managed to maintain a rustic and authentic nature that makes it feel remote. The sprawling destination combines mountain scenery, expansive valleys and refreshing rivers with unbelievable beaches and tiny isles. It really is the ideal weekend Caribbean vacation destination when you want to unwind.

Start by hopping on the Teleférico, a cable car that takes you to the top of Pico Isabel de Torres. There you'll find panoramic views of the coastline and a great way to start your visit as you take in all the beauty of Puerto Plata at once. If you want to continue your visit in an even mellower mood, stop by the Brugal Rum Plant, the country's most celebrated rum distillery. You can take a 30-minute tour and learn about the rum-making process, the history of the Brugal family, and enjoy a delicious sample (or two) that will leave you rum-happy and laid-back as you soak up the sun.

Don't discount the spontaneity and magic of quick getaways. All you need is one weekend to have the perfect Caribbean experience. Treat yourself to a weekend cruise, disconnect from your routine, and escape to a new world filled with aquatic adventures, delicious food, opportunities to learn about other cultures, and plenty of time soaking up the sun.

Make your next family trip a Caribbean vacation for an unforgettable weekend getaway.


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