Perfect Day Coco Cay Chill Island Beach Couple Enjoying the Beach Cabana
Perfect Day Coco Cay Chill Island Beach Couple Enjoying the Beach Cabana

How To Plan A Trip For Relaxing Vacations In 8 Easy Steps

Slowing Down In Life For Vacation Is All About Relaxation

By Hayley Simpson | Published on June 6, 2023


Vacations are designed to make you kick back, relax and forget about real life for a few days. That said, sometimes planning your trip can be stressful in and of itself. Here's how to plan a trip with relaxation in mind, so you can enjoy every moment.

1. Determine What Relaxation Means To YoU

When planning, determine what exactly a relaxing vacation looks like to you, as it's different for everybody. Maybe visiting crowded tourist destinations make you anxious, while a beach getaway sounds like bliss. Maybe you're a parent who wants an opportunity to read a book without interruption while your children burn energy. If that's the case, a family-friendly cruise ticks all of those boxes.

You should also be honest about what you want to get out of the vacation and incorporate self-care whenever possible. Do you want to take a nap every day? Go hiking? Spend your days wandering around new destinations with no plans? Ensure your vacation includes activities you enjoy and find relaxing.

2. Book Ahead As Much As Possible

Take the stress out of vacation planning by booking in advance. This is particularly important when traveling during peak season (like summer vacation and over the holidays) or when visiting a popular destination. By booking flights, accommodation, and any important reservations in advance, you'll be setting yourself up for a successful, stress-free vacation.

When planning, think about what type of accommodation will be relaxing for you. Cruises are an excellent all-inclusive experience, where you only need to unpack once. Alternatively, couples looking for a romantic escape might opt to book a charming rustic Bed & Breakfast in their departure port a few days before setting sail. This is also a great time to review the accommodation amenities so you know what to expect. The more you know, the more you can prepare, and the less stress you encounter.

3. Say Goodbye To Overpacking

One of the most common stresses that interrupt relaxing vacations is overpacking and dealing with baggage fees. Wondering how not to overpack for a cruise? The key is to pack the basics and only items you already wear and love. For example, when packing for a Caribbean cruise, focus on breathable fabrics for the tropical climate. You'll need swimwear, casual clothing for ports of call, and something fancier for evenings out. Say goodbye to packing items "just in case." Review your schedule, and make a list in advance of what you'll be doing to avoid overpacking.

4. Keep Your Schedule Open

An ideal travel schedule has a perfect balance of planned adventures and free time. When you overbook your days and don't schedule downtime, you inevitably return home frazzled. Building free time into your travel schedule is also beneficial as it leaves you the flexibility to improvise and enjoy a spontaneous adventure, like an exciting shore excursion on a cruise. When configuring your schedule, it's also helpful to give yourself a day before and after your vacation to make final preparations and then unpack before resuming "normal life."

5. Embrace Slow Travel

Are you on a mission to figure out how to slow down in life? Start by looking at how you travel. If you're a red-eye flight kind of person, who just wants to get to their destination, try a different method.

Slow travel is taking the world by storm and is primarily about sustainability and connection. Cruise ships are a great option. Slow travel also focuses on truly connecting to a place and its people and not just ticking attractions off your bucket list. So, on your next vacation, make a point to slow down your pace and not stress about seeing every single landmark a destination offers. Instead, enjoy a walking tour alongside a local or eat at a local restaurant.

6. Create A Realistic Budget

Stressing over finances is one way to make a vacation anything but relaxing. Before you leave, create a realistic budget that factors in travel costs, accommodation, food, shopping, and attraction fees. Always add a buffer for unplanned expenses, and you'll feel less stressed every time you tap your card. Budgeting and cruises go hand in hand. One of the benefits of traveling by cruise is that it's an all-inclusive travel experience, and you can create a budget beforehand that focuses on any extra expenses, like alcohol or shore excursions.

7. Do As The Locals Do

Tropical destinations like the Caribbean, with golden beaches and swaying palms, are synonymous with a laid-back lifestyle. Embrace the Caribbean culture and enjoy "limin," which is the custom of taking it easy and hanging out with friends eating, drinking, and talking. This is an important part of the region's culture and can occur on someone's porch, on the beach, or at a rum shack. So do as the locals do, and make time for limin' on your Caribbean vacation. vacation.

8. Pack A Refreshed Mindset

Sometimes you need to foster a new mindset for traveling. There's always the chance things won't go to plan when you step out of your comfort zone, like scheduling changes and travel delays, so be prepared to roll with the punches. Being open-minded to trying new things is also important on vacation. There's always something new to discover, whether that's a local delicacy, activity, or tradition. Sometimes the best travel experiences come out of unexpected circumstances.

Furthermore, a vacation mindset is also about being present. Momentarily put down your phone or camera and be present, taking the time for your five senses to soak up your travel destination. It's these moments of reflection without the hustle and bustle that last a lifetime.

Now you know how to relax on vacation, the next question is where to go. Follow these tips, and you'll return home with a nice tan, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Chill out on a cruise to the Caribbean.


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