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This year, make your father figure's travel wishes come true with a cruise to their dream destination

Whether dad's an adventurous type or one to claim a lounge chair as their own, these gift ideas for a dad will ensure smooth sailing.
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Has dad always dreamed of snorkeling in the Caribbean, gazing at the northern lights in Norway or climbing the steps of Machu Picchu?

Surprise dad with a Royal Caribbean cruise and let them pick the itinerary.

Travel Gift
Beverage Gift

Gift dad an onboard beverage package.

so they can enjoy coffee, soft drinks, carefully crafted cocktails and cold beers, without worrying about the tab. Cheers!
For foodie fathers, the ultimate act of love is sharing a gourmet meal at one of the specialty restaurants onboard or at a port of call.

An unlimited dining package will let dad try it all.

Dinning Gift
Excursion Gift

Thrilling excursions are great gifts.

Take dad on a hot air balloon ride, a whale-watching trip, a hike to hidden waterfalls or a walking tour of a storied city. The best part? You get to make memories along the way.
If dad is celebrating a birthday onboard — or if you just want an excuse to party — adorn the stateroom with festive decor.

A box of fine chocolates adds a sweet touch.

Birthday Gift
Clothing Gift

Give dad the chance to change out of their everyday attire.

A nautical-themed shirt, wide-brimmed hat, sandals and waterproof phone lanyard are tropical cruise essentials.

Gift a gadget that dad will love, but is unlikely to get for themself.

Maybe it's a camera to capture underwater photos, a pair of binoculars for wildlife spotting or an ereader to take to the pool deck.
Gadget Gift

A Guide to the Best Travel Gifts for Dad

By Chantae Reden

Dads are famously challenging to shop for. When asked what they'd like as a gift, they often say they have everything and want nothing. This can leave you scrambling to find yet another tie or gadget that may never even make it out of the box. So why not switch it up this year and gift something that doesn't come in a box, like a trip to one of your dad's bucket-list destinations? Follow this guide on how to give the perfect bundle of travel gifts for dad. After giving a gift as great as this, you might never hear them say they don't want anything ever again.

Surprise Dad With a Cruise to Their Dream Destination

It may take a little sleuthing, but there's bound to be a destination the dad in your life has always wanted to visit. To get gift ideas for dad, pay attention to what your dad loves to do. Do they wear floral short-sleeve shirts and sandals even in the middle of winter? Book a trip to Hawaii. If they always have their head in a historical novel, the medieval towns of Europe will make those stories come to life. For a near-perfect blend of relaxation and adrenaline, the Caribbean beckons. Join the journey for an added gift of quality time together. If you want to give something tangible, wrap a guidebook to the destination. Or, if you want to let dad pick the itinerary, hand over a "Ticket to Anywhere."

A Gift Dad Will Drink To

One of the best gifts for dad you can give is a stress-free travel experience where nobody has to worry about the details once the trip departs. This includes keeping tabs on drinks. Book dad a beverage package that'll have them starting the day with a hot cup of coffee and ending the evening with a chilled cocktail. With bars and lounges all around the ship, a lively night of bar hopping is on the horizon. Beverage packages can be tailored to dad's taste buds, with options that range from refreshments like juices, sodas, and sparkling water packages to non-alcoholic drinks and unlimited cocktails, wine, beers and spirits. Poolside piña coladas, anyone?

Don't Let Dad Go Hungry

Dinner at the ship's Chef's Table will delight any foodie father. This book-ahead experience is a five-course affair of the Chef de Cuisine's finest dishes. Tables are kept in small groups, and each plate is served alongside a sommelier-selected wine. Or, make a reservation at one of the specialty dining venues onboard. Restaurants span the globe when it comes to cuisine, serving sizzling Brazilian barbecue, fiery teppanyaki, comforting Italian fare and fresh seafood. Dads with appetites to cater to will love the gift of an unlimited dining package, the pinnacle of foodie freedom that'll have them mastering the menus of every restaurant on the ship. Reserving a table at a restaurant found at the port of call is also bound to be a thoughtful gift for traveling dads. Other thoughtful treats, like chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne, add an extra element of decadence for dads who would likely never get this gift for themselves.

Celebrate From Ship to Shore

Pre-planned shore excursions will let dad enjoy the moment, and might just inspire a new favorite hobby. With onshore adventures already set, thrill-seeking dads can zipline through the treetops of Antigua and food-lovers can perfect their pasta skills in an authentic Italian cooking class. Some of the best travel gifts for dad include shore excursions like nature treks, beachside relaxation, cultural workshops, or food tours. The logistics of where to go and when to go are already sorted, so dad can focus on the fun. If kids are coming too, these outings will form the tales told at dinnertime for years to come. If you're searching for birthday gifts for dad, sweet treats like a cake or box of chocolates paired with celebratory stateroom decor will make their birthday feel extra special. Pack a set of matching shirts to wear on the cruise for fun family photos and an iconic way to memorialize the big day. Get a head start on your towel animal skills, and pack extra party hats for the friends you'll make onboard.

Help Your Dad Prepare for the Big Trip

Dads seem to fall into two categories, those who pack their bags a month before the ship sets sail and those who wait until the night before. No matter what type of packing style they drift toward, there are traveling gifts for dad that should be a suitcase staple. A button-up shirt with a fun nautical or tropical print suits the mood of just about every activity onboard, and it's likely a bright change from their everyday attire. Opt for linen if you're cruising through the Caribbean, as it'll keep dad cool and covered from the sun. Get one in flannel too to keep dad toasty on a chilly night of gazing up at the stars. A hat, sunglasses, sandals, a rain jacket, swimwear and a set of snorkel gear will make the trip stylish yet practical. And for dads who favor finding a place to unwind over a thrill, they'll be delighted to have a plush bathrobe paired with soft slippers to wear at the onboard spa. A waterproof phone case with a lanyard and a splash-proof e-reader will let dad lounge poolside without a worry in the world. If your dad's the techie type, gifts like a new camera, waterproof watch, or even a pair of binoculars to spot other ships, wildlife, and landmarks from afar can make all the difference. Dads deserve to be spoiled once in a while but, remember, what most dads truly want is quality time spent with their loved ones. Plan that big trip, and get ready to make memories to last a lifetime.

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