Why Cruising Alaska Should Be On Your Bucket List

Five reasons a cruise is the best way to experience Alaska.
by 763

Want to see Alaska but not sure how to navigate the last—and vast—great frontier of the largest state in the country? Since it’s more than twice the size of Texas and has more miles of coastline than all of the other U.S. states combined, yet fewer miles of public roads than the County of Los Angeles, cruising is a great way to go.

Alaska was one of the top destinations for cruising in 2016 because there’s no better way to take in the natural sights than from a Royal Caribbean balcony. With an expansive range of shore excursions at your fingertips, you won’t risk missing the attractions further inland, either. Here are five reasons you should explore the state by sea.

1. It’s Efficient

Much of America’s 49th state is covered by huge, untouched tracts of wilderness, rugged mountains, mammoth glaciers and wide waterways. If you were to map out your own itinerary, it would likely involve planes, trains, automobiles and a ferry or two. It’s not impossible to see Alaska on your own, but it does require a great deal of planning. Cruising, by contrast, is the most efficient way to immerse yourself as much as possible in a limited amount of time.

2. It’s Convenient

There is nothing like going to bed and waking up in a different part of Alaska every morning. Whether you’re visiting Juneau, Skagway, Sitka or Ketchikan, you always have a comfortable and familiar home base onboard, with experts at the ready to make your day easy and enjoyable on and off the ship. Did we mention you only have to unpack once?

3. It Offers The Best of Both Land And Sea

With its broad terrain, exploring Alaska solely from the water inevitably leaves some locations and attractions undiscovered. If you don’t want to miss the state’s highest mountains, “Big Five” land mammals or immense interior landscapes, then plan on taking any number of shore excursions ranging from rainforest ziplining and dog sledding to a variety of wildlife expeditions.

Royal Caribbean also offers several itineraries with pre and post-cruise experiences, including cruisetours that showcase several of Alaska’s most vibrant locations, including the cities of Seward and Fairbanks, as well as Denali National Park. 


4. It’s Breathtaking

Natural wonders exist all over Alaska, so there will never be a shortage of jaw-dropping views. The best part? You can enjoy all of it from the comfort and privacy of your balcony stateroom.

5. It’s Affordable

Cruising is not only easy but also significantly more affordable than most people may think. Royal Caribbean offers amazing deals on seven-night Alaska cruises that include your accommodation, dining, entertainment and much more. You can find great rates anytime, but get a special value when you book your trip a year in advance.

Need more reasons to put Alaska on your list? In 2019, Ovation of the Seas will begin sailing to the largest state in the U.S., so travelers can experience the wild beauty of the Last Frontier while taking their cruise to new heights with the North Star observation capsule lifting them 300 feet above sea level and the RipCord by iFly skydiving simulator:

Experiencing Alaska should be on everyone’s bucket list. If it’s already on yours, consider crossing it off with one of Royal Caribbean’s Alaska itineraries.