Sustainability At Sea

See the innovative ways Royal Caribbean is reserving energy on its ships.
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Credit: Royal Caribbean

All traveling has some level of environmental impact, be it cars, planes, trains or ships. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to reduce this impact and help protect our planet. Since the United Nations declared 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism, and previously set a goal to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans,” cruise ships’ sustainability is more important than ever.

Royal Caribbean International has a worldwide commitment to respecting and protecting the oceans and environment, from our fleetwide Save the Waves program to our five-year conservation partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This commitment has meant retrofitting older ships with more eco-friendly technology, and our newest ship, the world’s largest, Harmony of the Seas was designed from the start to be as energy efficient as possible.

Several elements are easy to spot, like the energy-saving LED lights that illuminate the tree-studded Central Park neighborhood. Other aspects are less visible—either underwater or deep inside the ships’ engine rooms.

Everything from the sleeker design of the ship’s hull, its bulbous bow (rounded front), engine configuration and positioning of two air compressors beneath the ship that help create bubbles, all help Harmony move faster and in turn use less energy. The ship is also equipped with an Advanced Emission Purification (AEP) system, more commonly known as “scrubbers,” which remove about 98 percent of sulfur dioxide from the engines’ exhaust. That means that through a process of spraying seawater and other additives, the scrubbers remove almost all of the chemicals, making for much cleaner cruising.

Get a closer, in-depth look at Harmony’s sustainable capabilities below:

Harmony, a 226,963-ton (GRT) cruise ship, is just one example of the ways Royal Caribbean is designing and innovating for the future and making the environment a priority. Since this priority extends to the entire fleet, no matter which ship is right for you, you’ll be sailing on a vessel focused on conservation.

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