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Guest Post: Update on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas’ Ports of Call

Now that Oasis of the Seas has settled into her regular routine I thought this would be a good time to get an update on the ports we are visiting. I’ve asked Craig Milan to give us a glimpse of how the ports are handling Oasis as well as some of the guest feedback.

I thought it would be good to update everyone about how Oasis of the Seas is doing in her ports of call.

Oasis of the Seas is now in the midst of her 11th voyage (10th regular Eastern Caribbean itinerary) and by all accounts the ports of call have been going extremely well. You may recall the ship’s current itinerary is departing Port Everglades on Saturday followed by two sea days before she arrives in St. Thomas and then onto St. Maarten. We then feature one more sea day with a Friday arrival into Nassau, Bahamas. For operational reasons, we switched up itinerary over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays by calling at Nassau on Sundays instead of Fridays. Both versions have worked well but it would be nice to hear from you all as to if you think we should stay with the current Friday call in Nassau or the Sunday arrival.

Our new terminal in Port Everglades, Terminal 18, is working even better than we thought. We have been able to maintain our goal of getting our guests from curbside to ship in 15 minutes or less. This terminal is easily the most efficient of any within our worldwide system. Not only has the boarding process been going well but also the departure from the ship. US Customs and Border Protection processes have been smooth and have enabled us to clear the ship on most Saturdays by 10:30 am at the latest.

In St. Thomas we are calling at the Crown Bay dock, which is a departure for us since we usually use the dock at Havensight for all other ships. Crown Bay has been working very well. All guests who have purchased tours from us are dispatched from a segregated area only a short walk from the ship. There are ample taxis and other transport available and the shopping at Crown Bay, whilst not as extensive as at Havensight, seems to have resonated with our guests. St. Thomas remains one of the premier shopping destinations in the Caribbean and our guests on Oasis are taking full advantage of the myriad of shops available to them.

St. Maarten built a new dock expressly for Oasis and this facility is working great! In fact, just the other day our friends in St. Maarten sent me a picture of a six-ship day there with all six ships docked! This had not been previously possible. St. Maarten is another shopping mecca in the Caribbean and there continues to be a good assortment of shops available right next to the pier. The folks in St. Maarten have a very efficient water taxi service that takes our guests from a dock near where we berth to the downtown area. This service runs continually and is very inexpensive method to travel to/from the port to Philipsburg (Capital of the Dutch side). Of course, St. Maarten offers the unique aspect of having two very distinct flavors, Dutch and French. Transport to the French side of the island is always available and enables all of our guests to experience the full flavor of this great destination.

Nassau, which has always been a significant cruise destination, is almost done with their $50M dredging project. As you enter the port, one can see the massive amounts of dredge material that have been taken out. Our friends in Nassau took it upon themselves to begin this project so that Oasis would be able to maneuver more easily within the harbor. Captain Bill could not be happier with this project since Nassau has traditionally been a “tight” port according to him. The dredge, which is visible upon entering the port, came from Dubai and is one of the largest in world so look for it as the ship enters the harbor. One of the key aspects of the operation in Nassau is that all water tours are now dispatched directly at the head of the pier (only a short walk from the ship). This is a change from the way all other ships handle water tours. Nassau continues to offer everyone a full complement of activities from shopping to simply laying on the beautiful beaches.

Lastly, I wanted to comment on our new shore side security screening process at each port. When we began the Project Genesis six years ago, my team looked at all possible bottlenecks that might occur with a ship this large. We found that the security screening of our guests onboard typically caused some types of queues in each port, particularly at the end of the day when everyone was coming back at the same time. So to ensure the process of reboarding the ship safely and securely could take place without any queues, we took a page from our Private Destinations of CocoCay and Labadee. We have been doing shore side screening at both of these destinations for years and it has worked great. This was a major departure however for the “public” ports above. We worked closely with each of the destinations to construct attractive and efficient shore side security screening buildings at each port and the reboarding of Oasis is as smooth as silk! We think that this will become the standard in many ports in years to come.

So there it is! Oasis continues to “WOW” everyone who travels on her both onboard and on-shore.

81 responses to:
“Guest Post: Update on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas’ Ports of Call”

  1. Peter Kadish

    This review is right on.Boarding at Port Everglades couldn’t have been easier.In fact getting off the ship was even moreso. The three ports visited were set up perfectly and all procedures were so very easy Kudos to RCCL for a job well done and an amzing experience all around. I’m looking forward to my next cruise…..

  2. Mike P

    This was a nice update. I very much would also like to get an update on the development progress of the new Jamaica port. That could be a whole series of posts on the new port including concept, design, history, progress.. socio-political environment and obstacles encountered during the process.

  3. A Van Lancker

    We have recently returned from a cruise on Oasis of the Seas, the departure was smooth,but the process for transferring guests to their coaches once they have departed the ship was a shambles and needs improvement. No signage and lack of RC staff to guide passengers to the right coaches to get to their departure hotel. Remember these passengers are potential future customers on further RC cruises, so don’t leave them high and dry especially in a foreign country please RC – you can do better than that. Bye the way we thought Oasis was fabulous.

  4. Steven

    Can you post pictures showing what you’re describing in the post?

  5. marie Hendra

    I much prefer a day at sea at the end of a cruise…. We will sail Oasis in March 2011 and plan on enjoying no matter what the itineray not matter what!

  6. Karen Fraser

    We are sailing on Oasis on 3/13/10 and we’d much rather go to Nassau on Sunday rather than Friday!

    I hope it does change.

    Karen and John William Fraser

  7. Marc Tanchester

    What happens if you change and we have already booked our dining and entertainment for those days based on the original itinerary?

  8. Lisa

    We are traveling on the Oasis in July. Would a Sunday stop in Nassau mean a longer stay? The Friday stay seems short.

  9. Albert Martin

    My mother cruises alot and has introduced many people to cruising. We were very excited when she booked our party of 4 a 5day cruise. Unfortunetly, because of the snow, the airlines cancelled on us and we could not get to the boat. NO ONE at Royal Caribbean was accomidating about changing our bookings or giving a credit for future travel. Now I feel like I had an awlful experence with this cruise line.
    Albert H. Martin


    I live in Montego Bay Jamaica, not far away from where the new Jamaica port will be.I am excited and look forward to it.Hope all goes well with the progress.Good luck.

  11. Dave

    We are going on Oasis in October—-right now, I think having 2 days at sea right off the bat is a great way to allow time to explore Oasis for a couple days. Stopping quickly in Nassau, I would probably stay on the boat instead of getting off———–it is all good regardless but my 2 cents.

  12. Frank Rosen

    My wife and I sailed on Voyage 8 of the Oasis and found everything to be truly fantastic. We will be doing a back to back in May and can hardly wait. We heard on the ship that the new port in Jamaica is almost ready. Is there any way to find out if Oasis will be going there in May? It would be nice to stop in Nassau on Sunday and have a full day at seas for the last day. However either way is fine.

  13. Mark Johnson

    I am still seeing that the Oasis’s smoke stacks are still retracted down. We heard while on the Maiden Voyage that there were problems with the smoke cooling off faster within the stacks and causing the stacks to get excess buildup inside. We understood that designers / engineers were working on the problem. Will the problem be corrected anytime soon or will the smoke stacks remain retracted down in their current positions ? The ship looks must more stream lined and taller with the stacks up. Thank You .. Mark Johnson / Ft. Lauderdale



  15. john averill

    We are sailing on the Oasis 4/10/10 and would much rather go to Nassau on Sunday rather than Friday.

    I hope it does change.

    Tracie and John Averill

  16. Joseph rutherford

    We sailed on the inagural seven day cruise on The Oasis. We prefer the first two days at sea to enjoy the ship rather than prepare for a port visit the day after boarding. Ther is so much to do on ship, leave Nassau till the end.
    On a different note thank you for making the new inagural sailing for The Allure a western trip, having sailed two years in a row eastern we were going to skip The Allure until it went west. We reserved our cabin for the inagural cruiseas soon as it was announced.

  17. Jill Rasco

    We are sailing on the Oasis on 4/10/10 and would much rather go to Nassau on Sunday rather Friday.

    I hope that it does change

    Steven and Jill Rasco

  18. Karl

    I was on Oasis 7th cruise, and loved it but Nassau on the sunday instead of the friday would have been even better! So for everyone that still has to go.. please change it to sunday !

  19. John Averill

    We are sailing on Oasis on 4/10/10 and we would rather go to Nassau on Sunday rather than Friday.

    I hope it does change.

    John, Tracie & Brooke

  20. jill rasco

    We are sailing on Oasis on 4/10/10 and we would rather go to Nassau on Sunday rather than Friday.

    I hope it does change.

    Steven & Jill Rasco

  21. dominique lavigueur

    Let me tell you my version:
    It is perfect as is!!
    I really enjoyed and appreciated the first 2 days at sea to discover the ship and relax.
    I, truly loved every second of it, and for us, the Oasis was the destination!
    Please don’t change anything!
    We already booked on the Allure for next year!

  22. Gladys

    I am sailing on Oasis 4/24/10 and have a few questions. What would the formal nights be since they are currently Sun/Thu? Are shops in Nassau open on Sunday? Would the time in Nassu be longer? Currently the time is too short to really enjoy Atlantis excursions. Is the new itinerary reflected on the website? I have also selected shows based on the current schedule of Sunday at sea and may need to switch somethings around. Please post any itineary change on Oasis and RCCL site.

  23. Gladys

    P.S. I felt like the 2 days at sea gave you a chance to familarize yourself with the ship seeing how large it is.

  24. Robert MEininger

    Prefer Nassau on the Sunday instead of the Friday. Gives everyone a final day at sea to enjoy all of the activities and attractions on the Oasis……

  25. Danny

    I’ve done a few cruises that stopped in Nassau on Sunday, and frankly, I didn’t like it. Most of the town is in church on Sunday morning, so many shops were closed when the ship arrived. Because everyone is alseep or in church when the ship docks, there also isn’t the vibrant atmosphere you get in other ports.

    Perhaps with Oasis bringing in more guests, more will be available, but the Voyager class ships weren’t enough to open things up.

    The other factor with the Sunday call in Nassau was that it required an early departure to make the next port. Just as things were finally starting to open after noon, it was time to start heading back to the ship.

    I’d rather have the first day a sea day to Explore the ship, and Nassau at the end, where things are open, and you can enjoy the town. Any port where you have to leave at 2 or 3PM just isn’t as fun. Just as you start to get settled in, it is time to go.

    That said, I don’t think there is going to be a bad way to cruise on Oasis. I’ll be sure to wave at her on Saturday when I board Independence!

  26. paul pryor

    I truly feel that the cruise should be ay least 9 or 10 days, 7 is to short to enjoy ship as well as have some quailty time with friends and family.I just came off of a 10 day Solictice class ship cruise it was to die for,the new allure of the sea’s should at least include San Jaun you go right past there.

  27. Richard Lewis

    I’m a bit confused My wife or Ex-wife booked the cruses that we were on and there were about 6 of them, yet I only have credit for ONE? What is the deal with that??? I wish someone could contact me or give me a person to contact to discuss this with. I should be a platinum member not a GOD member. if that is the case then I will go with another cruise line!

  28. Richard Lewis

    GOLD MEMBER is meant not God member

  29. Fred k.

    Yes… We’re sailing on 9/11/10 and would much rather have the stop in Nassau on Sunday than Friday. Thanks!

  30. Barry Walker

    I’d prefer it as is.

    I like the later day in Nassau, rather than the early departure.

    Also, the arrival in St. Thomas seems delayed.

  31. Michelle

    I’d much rather be in Nassau on Sunday instead of the last day of the cruise. With the ship deporting at 7pm, it’s a rush to dinner and get things packed for the last night. I’d prefer a sea day at the end of the cruise.

    If I have to change shows and dining around, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m sailing on 5/22/2010.

  32. Tom

    Sailing in September. My vote would be for Sunday in Nassau! Give us a longer time in port. We’ll have the next couple days to explore the ship. Better yet….include Labadee in the itinerary rather than Nassau

  33. Hubert Bass

    This is a copy of my post on Cruise Critic:

    IMO, I think they have it just right with the different itineraries for either ship. That way, we have the option which way we would like best. Our NCL Alaska trip had a stop in Victoria until MIDNIGHT on the last day, so 7 PM would be a piece of cake for us. Additionally, you get no more time in Nassau but you do get shorted 2 hours in St. Thomas on the Allure. Hey, with the split of itineraries, we have the best of both worlds – WHY NOT?

  34. Debbie Bailey

    I am on the March 27th cruise and looking foward to two days at sea to wander around the ship and find everything. What will happen to all the reservations that were made for shows? What ever the itinerary we will have a wonderful time and adapt. So looking foward to the Oasis.

    • Adam

      Hi Debbie. If there is a change in itinerary our system would automatically cancel your existing show reservations and then automatically reschedule you and your party to the same show, but on a different day or time dependent on the itinerary changes. You would then be emailed your new schedule and if these times do not work for you and your party you are able to go online again and re-book based on your preferences.

  35. Edna Taylor

    We like the sea days in the beginning and would prefer that the itinerary stay the way it is currently arranged. Thanks :)

  36. Edna Taylor

    Paul, I agree with your comments, they should have a 10 day cruise AND San Juan should be added back into an Eastern itinerary. I see that even the Freedom no longer goes to San Juan and we really enjoyed that port when we sailed on the Freedom.

  37. Dennis Taylor

    There is four of us sailing on the Oasis 4-17-2010, stopping in Nassau on Sunday would be nice instead of Friday. We sailed 7 times with Royal Caribbean and we like the sea days on the way back home. Time to relax before you get back to the real world.

  38. jonathan budziak

    We are sailing 3/6/10 and hope the itinarary changes Nassau to Sunday. Nassau on Friday is the only thing about the trip i’m not looking forward to. The last day on a cruise should always be a sea day.

  39. Pat Ulrich

    We sailed on Oasis the first week of February and couldn’t be more pleased! This was our third cruise with RCC and each ship is more impressive than the last. I don’t know how anyone could be bored on a ship that size. However, it never felt crowded and you could always find a quiet place. Of course, the food and customer service was excellent.

    From an itinerary standpoint, Nassau on Friday was ideal for me. My main goal was to relax and those first two days at sea were perfect for that. By Tuesday, I was ready to get off the ship for some shopping in St. Thomas.

    I should have shopped in St. Maarten as well but was talked into “Extreme Ziplining” by my husband. It was not for the faint of heart. But that’s another story. : )

  40. Dexter

    Please keep it the way it is, I am really looking forward to having 2 days at sea to explore the ship before visiting the ports. If anything should change, I think it would be better to change it next year.

  41. Julie

    I would love to see the itinerary for Oasis to change to for Nassau to be on Sunday. There is nothing worse than coming back from a day in port to face the reality of packing!

  42. Mark

    Having two days at sea at the beginning of the cruise allows us to get to know the ship better, get in vacation mode, and get excited for the ports.

    By putting the two sea days towards the end the only thing to look forward to is going home, which is not something to look forward to at all!!

    Please leave it the way it is!

  43. Allison Berrios

    I really like the last day to be a day at sea!!! Give us time to pack up and relax before the hectic rush of heading back home! NOW, IS IT AT ALL POSSIBLE TO ADD LABADEE IN THE EASTERN ITINERARY?!?!?! THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!

  44. Mari Lynne

    Would love to have a day at sea at the end of the cruise, especially since I can’t do a B2B at this time.

  45. Kristi

    I have sailed to Nassau 3 times & will be sailing there again on Oasis April 2011. I have been to Nassau once and really do not like the port. While I would prefer dropping Nassau entirely off the itinerary-that most likely won’t happen.

    But, if it was an idea tossed around, I would love to see it replaced with one of your private islands!

  46. Steve

    I like the Friday in Nassau much better. First of all the Oasis would dock at 7:00 on Sunday morning and leave no later than 2:00. Nothing is open on Sunday morning. This would be a wasted stop. We have already cruised on the Oasis once but if the itineary is changed, we will cancel our upcoming cruise. That simple. It would become a two port stop.

  47. Annie

    Please leave the Oasis itinerary as is. We like the idea of having 2 days to explore the ship And if nothing is open in Nassau on Sunday, it makes it not worth getting off the ship.

    Of course if you dropped Nassau altogether and gave us another port or Labadee instead – I’d really be happy.

  48. Mike stein - tampamike

    My wife and I support changing the itinerary to include 2 sea days at the end of the week.
    Probably even MORE meaningful to us would be taking Nassau out of the itinerary altogether and stopping at Coco Cay or Labadee…

  49. Adam lavalley

    We are sailing on Oasis on 4/10/10 and we would rather go to Nassau on Sunday rather than Friday.

    Hopefully it does change thanks!

  50. Amy lavalley

    We are sailing on The Oasis on 4/10/10 and we would rather go to Nassau on Sunday instead of Friday.

    I hope it changes

    Gary & Amy LaValley

  51. Brad

    Yes, I would love to have Nassau on Sunday and the addition sea day at the end. Make it happen before September.


  52. Kevin

    I would be for the change as long as the port time in St. Thomas remains the same number of hours… if the hours in St. Thomas are cut, I say leave it alone. The Carnival Dream does the exact itinerary and does 10-8 in St. Thomas. This would work.

  53. Karen

    We are sailing on 5/21/11 which is still a while away but we would LOVE it if Nassau was on Sunday rather than Friday. That was actually one sticking point that made us not want to take this trip initally. We would love the days at sea at the end rather than being rushed around Nassau on our last day.

    Thanks for considering this!


    Is it possible to switch the Nassau port to Labadee? That would be a dream come true! 7AM to 2PM is too early to be at Nassau.

    • Adam

      Thank you, MICHELLE. At this time, there are no changes in the current schedule, but beginning in May Oasis of the Seas will begin visiting Labadee on its Western Caribbean itinerary.

  55. mario

    We are sailing sept 25th 2010 and would rather go to Labadee instead of Nassau but not on friday thursday would be better and have the last day at sea. Dont know if this is possible because another ship might be there on that date.

  56. Ruth Laverty

    Our cruise is on April 24th and I don’t care when we go to Nassau as I am going for the ship first and foremost. But if I had to make a choice, I would take Nassau on Sunday. We don’t have much planned in any port, been there and done that many times already, however 2 days at sea coming home sounds wonderful. Plenty of time for R&R before returning to the real world.

  57. Larry

    I would wholeheartedly agree that changing Nassau to Sunday and end the week with two days at sea would be much preferred. This ship has so much to offer onboard that finising the cruise week with relaxing days at sea and ample time to enjoy the ship would be better. My wife and I along with her sister and her husband are booked for the 24 April cruise to celebrate our anniversary, my wife’s birthday and her sister’s birthday!

  58. Robert

    I’m booked for 4/10/10 and since booking Shows & Dinner was such an arduous process(really an understatement), I’d rather not change @ this point PLUS I agree w/previous posts where I’d not like to see St. Thomas be cut short. BUT it really would be nice to have the sea day @ the end.


    Good Morning,
    We are sailing on the May 29, 2010, is it possible for a party of 4 to request to be let off of the boat early for a 1000 a.m. departure out of Fort Lauderdale? If so who do I talk to to set this up. Thanks for your prompt answer.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Kimberly. Guests who are interested in disembarking the ship early can participate in our Express departure program where you can carry off your own luggage.

  60. Melissa

    I can see benefits to both itineraries so either would work for us as far as Nassau was concerned. To us Nassau is a sea day anyway as we won’t be getting off the ship.

    But I would like to add my vote to the “skip Nassau and go to Labadee” idea. This would truly improve the Eastern itinerary!

  61. Michelle D

    I too agree that the Nassau change to Sunday would be better. Friday would be just a too rushed with sightseeing, excursions, dining, packing for disembarkation, etc. especially since the time allotted is 1-7pm. If the arrival/departure times were earlier on Friday, I would say leave it as is. Regardless, my group of 20+ is simply looking forward to another FABULOUS cruise w/ RCI.

  62. Kathy Gavidia

    I don’t understand why it has to be Nassau and not Labadee. The RCCL’S Island is beautiful and very enjoyable. We were VERY disappointed that it wasn’t. We also like to have a day at sea at the end of the cruise. We are sailing on the Oasis the last Eastern
    Caribbean sailing in Jan. 2011

  63. Kathy

    My husband are going on Oasis the end of Jan and the beg. of Feb. 2011. We would like to be in the ports longer but I guess it doesn’t matter when except we like 2 days on the ship. We would like the RCCL’s Island better than Nassau!

  64. paul pryor

    Hopefully this extra comment will help im booked on the Allure Jan 2011 i hope you guys keep it the same, the first two days at see will be great! who wants to get on board walk all nite checking out everything having a grand time go to bed late then get up at the crack of dawn? If the itinerary is gonna change then take out Nassau out put San Juan in its place & stay
    1 hour extra in St Thomas or St Marteen im sure everyone who reads this that have been to theses places would agree.

  65. paul pryor

    Hopfully this extra comment will help if its gonna change it should be with a stop in San Juan.This is why you leave the port at 5pm some have traveled allday some not your so happy your on vacation your walking around having a wonderful time, you unpack you do dinner having a great time,now you hit the bed & BAMM its you its time to get up & walk around and see the sights nothing is really open everyone is in church by the time you start to enjoy the town its time to go.RCCL should keep the two days at sea skip Nassau add 1 hour to St Thomas or St marteen & keep the sea days im sure anyone who has been to these ports will agree with me i just came off of the Equinox on a 10 day Eastern & it was to die for,or just turn this into a 8 day i would love to have more time to enjoy the ship.

  66. William Nance

    We have been to Nassau on a Sunday and everything is closed until people get out of church a Friday visit is more desireable. We had found that we could visit the Atlantis resort before they opened and see the aquarium and other sites there until going back to town, of course their casino was open also.

  67. Betrice

    We are sailing 07/17/10 and we would rather go to Nassau on Friday since nothing is opened on Sunday.

  68. Scott gentry

    Having been to Nassau many times, my wife and I prefer to have the two days at sea at the end of the cruise. We are platinum members and can hardly wait for our December sailing. Thank you RC for bringing back the chocolates on the bed at night. It’s the little things that set you apart from the rest.

  69. RIck

    Recommend Nassau on Sunday. It would be great to end the cruise with a Sea day.

  70. Erica

    I’m going on my first Oasis trip in May, and I (along with the three others traveling with me) would much prefer Nassau on Sunday so we can end the cruise with a sea day on our last day.

  71. Thomas

    Be prepared for the raw sewage smell coming from the ship as you disembarq in St Thomas. The shop keepers say its like that every Tuesday.
    Also if you arrive at Port Everglades by shuttle be prepared for a long wait to drop off. There is only three places for shuttles to park and only three at a time are allowed in to drop off.
    Went on the 11th sailing and we had a great voyage, looking forward to 2011 sail date.

  72. Jenny

    If the Oasis is in Bahamas early on Sunday from 7AM – 1 PM, will the excursions offered be limited? Will they still be the same excursions offered as when the Oasis is there later on Friday from 1PM – 7PM, like the Atlantis waterslides?

    • Adam

      Hi Jenny. If the Oasis stops in the Bahamas on Sunday, the excursion offerings might change depending on the length of each excursion. I would suggest you log into your Pre-Cruise Planner to see what is available on your itinerary.

  73. Pingback: The Oasis Of The Seas

  74. Fran

    Why Nassau at all?? I don’t see any reason to even stop in Nassau. Many of us on Oasis are past cruisers who have been to nassau many times. With what I paid for the Oasis, I would much prefer 2 sea days at the beginning, St Thomas, St Marteen and 2 sea days.

  75. Esther

    We are sailing Western itinerary on 5/15 , really looking forward to Oasis & all it has to offer. Cruise #8 on RCCL, #20 altogether. San Juan does sound like a great port to be added. We did Dream in Dec, 9 days & it did not “fit” at San Juan pier, a lot of us were sorry to miss that port. Nassau is a been there, done that port for many past cruisers, so a change on Eastern would be nice. And 9-10 day cruise would be wonderful.

  76. Allison Berrios

    Can the Oasis start stopping in Labadee for the Eastern Itineraries?!?!?!? We are booked 9/11/10 And cant wait to do St. Thomas and St. Maarten, But have been to Nassua times before… I love labadee it is such a relaxing beach day, I love natural, non-touristy feel of this island!!

  77. Adam

    Hi Allison. Oasis of the Seas stops in Labadee during her Western Caribbean itinerary.

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