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Royal Caribbean Traditions, both New and Old

We are launching “The Sea is Calling, Answer it Royally” in the United States today, January 9th. We hope and expect it will be a notable event in our brand’s history. While this is a major change in our communications, please note that we still cherish and express many traditions some of which date back over 40 years. These traditions are not going anywhere. We will discuss the new approach in other entries. Here I want to comment on a few of the traditions.

One of these is our crown and anchor symbol. If anything, we intend for our new marketing communications to draw even more attention to the crown and anchor. It clearly serves a very special role in conveying the quality and heritage of Royal Caribbean International.

As a brief history lesson, it has now been exactly 15 years since we adopted the brand name Royal Caribbean International and the rectangular geometry of our logo. At the time, we hired very prominent (and very expensive!) identity consultants who assisted us in coming up with our rectangular logo. While we did undertake some very subtle tweaks to the crown and anchor, we essentially retained it then as we will retain it now. The consultants were at first puzzled by our affinity for the crown and anchor. They thought it was too masculine and even harsh to be the symbol of a vacation brand. After they completed their interviews of our people and of travel agents, they came back to us and said that they had never encountered such fierce loyalty to a symbol with any previous client.

Those of you whose Royal Caribbean memories go back to the 1970’s will remember that our brand colors were blue, red and white. By the early 1990’s our colors were primarily blue and white. Now they are blue and mustard yellow. That change also occurred 15 years ago. We made the change to make our logo stand out more and to bring the concept of sunshine into our color scheme. These remain our colors going forward although you will also see other vibrant colors in our communications that work with the logo to reinforce both the energy and quality of a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation.

One other great tradition of ours is the naming convention of our ships with all of them ending in “of the Seas.” No we did not anticipate that someday we would say the sea is calling but it is nice to have the tie in to our family of ship names. Again, those readers with long memories will recall that the decision to name Sovereign of the Seas so differently from Song of Norway, Nordic Prince, Sun Viking and Song of America was very controversial. There was no sense at that moment that all future ships would be named something “of the Seas”. In fact, subsequent to the delivery of Sovereign of the Seas we introduced Viking Serenade and Nordic Empress. But by the time Sovereign’s two sisters were set to arrive in 1991 and 1992 the power of Sovereign’s presence in the industry and role within the brand led to name all subsequent new ships something “of the Seas.”

Feel free to express your opinion of these or other of our traditions.

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“Royal Caribbean Traditions, both New and Old”

  1. Ron

    My first cruise was 4 nights out of LA on Viking Serenade. Will always have a place in my memory for that fine ship.

    • Adam

      We’re glad you enjoyed your cruise vacation onboard Viking Serenade, Ron.

  2. Kimberly Cotton

    Love the new commercial! Love Royal Caribbean! I spent 17 years of my life in the Travel Industry…and Royal Caribbean proved over and over to be “just the right thing” for my clients…. and for ME! There is no better vacation. Period.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the kind words, Kimberly. We’re thrilled that you enjoy the new commercials.

  3. Susan Behner

    Love the shellphone.

    I went on my first cruise 8 years ago on the Navigator of the Seas. Since that time, I have cruised 10 times and I have loved every ship that I sailed on. The staff has always been great and we always have a great time with our crew members.

    Look forward to cruising on the Oasis the year.

    • Adam

      We’re delighted to hear that your first cruise onboard Navigator of the Seas sparked your interest to continue sailing with us. Thank you for being Loyal to Royal.

  4. Jackie

    I would never have thought that the Crown & Anchor were too masculine. Many women through the ages have worn crowns and many are very anchored in their lives and beliefs.

  5. Debra Kerper

    Love the new ad campaign! I wasn’t thrilled with the last one and I think the shell phone idea is a wonderful replacement. I am a very loyal seller of RCCL and a Diamond Plus Cruiser!
    Debra Kerper
    Easy Access Travel

    • Adam

      We’re glad you like the new ad campaign, Debra.

  6. Alan K. Conner

    Enjoy any and all information on Royal Caribbean. Although Im a new cruiser, I am fortunate to recently married (March 18, 2011) a wonderful lady who is hooked on RCCL. We just cruised in Oct. and Dec. of 2011 and we have scheduled a New England trip in September. Cant wait! That being said, I have a question. I amy wanting to start a charm bracelet for my new wife featuring the ships she has been on etc. I also wanted to purchase her a necklace featuring the crown and anchor. Im told none of these items exist. If this is true, is this something that Royal Caribbean would consider. Many items feature the crown and anchor but no “Nice” jewelry. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance…….Keith Conner

    • Adam

      Thanks for the suggestion, Alan, but at this time we will have to pass on your suggestion.

      • Elew

        I know this article is from years ago now, but I am curious about the crown and anchor line in gold. About 18 years ago, we were making 14k crown and anchor pendants, the ones with the three little sapphires…as well as replicas of your ships as charms, some with sapphires and some plain. They were all high end, and I recall making them for quite some time.
        The man I worked for at the time, made all of the models and molds so we could cast them.
        I know they were sold on the Nordic Prince back then, because we knew the Captain…
        So I am curious why they are not being made and sold anymore? They were really lovely.
        The man I worked for then, has since crossed…so if there are any copyright worries, they should not matter anymore. Sadly, I believe all the molds and models have been lost since then.

        • Royal Caribbean International

          Hi Elew, thank you for your inquiry. The vendors onboard our ships do move the merchandise on a continuous basis and there will be items that aren’t brought back depending on demand. We’re sure the pieces you’re referring to were lovely, and we’re sorry we no longer sell them onboard our ships.

  7. Debbie

    Hi Adam, my husband and I will be going on the Navigator of the Seas Jan. 29th and I was asking one of your online reps a question over the weekend (they are very helpful and kind). In the process I also found out that the ship has a roller blade track but you have to bring your own skates? Why? Roller blades are too heavy to put into the luggage but I’d really love to roller blade instead of working out in the gym. Also is it true that on the ships private island in Haiti I can rent a stand up paddle board? How much would it cost to rent it and who do I speak to to rent it? Thank you

  8. Patricia Scroggins

    I tried to leave a message through facebook, I hope this time it works.

    I am thrilled that you will be leaving many of the traditions of Royal Caribbean as is. The crown and anchor to me represents Royal Caribbean and I can’t imagine it not being there.
    I hope the new traditions will also be great, but like any traditionalist, I am never sure about new things. I haven’t been thrilled with some changes of the past, but I hope these new traditions–whatever they are, will be wondeful and around for a long time.

    By the way, the sea always calls me!!!!!!!

    • Adam

      We’re sure you’ll enjoy Royal Caribbean even more as we sail into 2012. Thank you for being Loyal to Royal, Patricia.

  9. Kathleen

    My first cruise was a 7good day Western Caribbean Cruise! I had such a great time I’ve been on 7 more since! The service is impeccable, the food is great and I’m totally relaxed and that’s all that counts! Thank you Royal Caribbean!!

    • Adam

      We’re thrilled to hear that you had such a great time onboard Royal Caribbean, Kathleen. We hope to have you back soon.

  10. Lynda Weaver

    I too have travelled on Royal Caribbean ships and have always loved every minute we spend on them. The food, service and staff are second to none.!!
    My next cruise (soon I hope) will be spent on a RC ship

    • Adam

      We hope so too, Lynda. Glad to hear your time with us has been so positive.

  11. AJay

    My first cruise was on the Majesty of the Seas in 2006. Since then I try to go on a cruise every year and bring or influence as many people to give Royal Caribbean a try. My girl friend and I leave on the Liberty of the Seas in 70 days! Cruise #6

    • Adam

      We hope you can continue that trend, AJay. We’ll see you in 67 days.

  12. Michelle Hoffman

    My first cruise was a 4 day to Bahamas. I was hooked on cruising this is the best kind of vacation. A different port of call everyday and the whole experience of cruising is just the best way to go. I have been on more cruises since my first and I look forward to going on more. My next cruise I would like to go on 7-9 day cruise in the carribbean , looking forward to that trip.

    • Adam

      It sounds like you had a great time onboard, Michelle. Please note our new longer Vision of the Seas Caribbean cruises starting this year and we hope to have you back onboard soon.

  13. LaDieu & Marie Barnes

    Our first cruise with RC was in middle 90′s on the old Voyager, prior to the update. We were hooked. We decided then that this would be the best way to vacation with our adult kids. They loved the idea. Since the birth of our granddaughter in 2003, we make it a date to do a family cruise every other year. Of course we HAD to so some inbetween also. Living so close to Tampa, FL makes this so easy. Ourgranddaughter loves to tell others how many cruises she has gone on and how wonderful the Royal Caribbean ships are. The last cruise was 2010 on the Liberty of the Seas. We will soon start looking for our cruise for 2012. Christmas time is our favorite but since our son is a fireman/paramedic, that will be a most difficult time to go. So we will look for August. This year we hope to do the Oasis. Our family will not consider any other cruise lines but the Royal Caribbean. They now have their adult friends cruising with us. Wonderful family time for all. LaDieu and Marie have cruise on other cruise lines and there is just no comparision. We refuse to change.
    We live near the water but the sea is always calling us back. There is NO other vacation that compares.
    This is a generation thing for us and we know our kids and granddaughter will continue with it.

    • Adam

      We’re happy to be apart of your tradition, LaDieu & Marie. We can’t wait to have you all onboard Oasis of the Seas soon. Until then, have a great 2012.

  14. Kathy

    I think the crown and anchor is perfect, the anchor is an obvious link to the sea, but this isn’t joining the Navy! The crown let’s me know I’ll be treated ” royally”

    • Adam

      We’re glad you think so, Kathy! Thanks for your comment.

  15. Laura Mashinter

    For me, I had the honor of booking incentive programs trips on Royal Caribbean for my company. Likewise, I had the pleasure of cruising on my own, and always chose Royal Caribbean. Never was I disappointed with quality of service whether it was booking for 100 or for just myself. Royal Caribbean has a support staff that delivers everything one could hope for and then some. Royal Caribbean cruisers are Loyal Caribbean cruisers!!!!!!! Would love to cruise again to see what new and improved things are transpiring!!!

    • Adam

      Laura, we’d love to show you the changes we have made and cannot wait to have you rejoin us on the sea soon.

  16. Jackie Condie

    Given that I have the crown and anchor tattooed on the top of my foot, I sure am glad you folks plan on keeping it around! ;)

    • Adam

      We like to hear about that level of dedication, Jackie.

  17. Jim Benge

    I am a huge fan of Royal Caribbean International, so much so that I had a printer put the logo on a license plate for me. I could not find them in the onboard stores. I get remarks from people all the time about their cruise experiences on Royal Caribbean. People often ask me for cruise advice when they see the license plate, of course I always have high recommendations for Royal Caribbean International. Maybe you can have the marketing department print some plates to issue or sale? Thanks!

    • Adam

      That’s a great way to show that you are Loyal to Royal, Jim. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. We would like to see a picture of the anchor. Feel free to share it with us on our Facebook wall here.

      • Jim Benge

        Check it out on the Royal Caribbean Facebook Wall.

        • Adam

          Really sharp, Jim! Thanks for sharing it with us. We’ll be reaching out to you via email shortly.

  18. Megan Ritchie

    My first cruise was on the Song of America, it was a New Year’s cruise back in 1996. I was 15 at the time and travelling with my parents from Canada. At the time we lived no where near the ocean and had never seen a cruise ship. We sat for main seating that first night to find out that former president Jimmy Carter was travelling with his family and they were seated at the table beside us. Political affiliations aside, I think anyone would agree that the experience of sharing a dining room for a week with a former president made the cruise extra special. That cruise will remain one of my absolute best memories and it led to a mild obsession about cruising that is still going strong 15 years later. I just returned from the Voyager of the Seas on a cruise with my boyfriend, an avid backpacker and adventurer and someone who had always been pessimistic about cruising. I had my doubts on what he would think but I recognized that look in his eye when he first laid eyes on the ship and the Royal Promenade. It was the same look I’m sure I had back in 1996 when I first saw the Song of America. We both fully enjoyed our week aboard Voyager and we look forward to many more.

    • Adam

      Thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory with us, Megan. Eating alongside a former President truly would be an unforgettable experience. We’re glad your love for cruising was shared with your boyfriend, we are grateful to have such a loyal cruiser as yourself.

  19. Dave Spaulding

    My first cruise was with my wife on “Nordic Empress” 15 years ago. That’s when we got hooked! Our latest was with our kids and friends this past November on Explorer. I can’t wait until we get to book our next RC cruise

    • Adam

      Thanks for sharing, Dave. We look forward to having you back onboard.

  20. Marianne Bazazian

    My very first cruise was with friends back in 1991 on Royal Caribbean and I loved it. This August my husband and I are celebrating our 20th Anniversary on the Oasis of the Seas. I can’t wait. I heard that it is a wonderful ship with wonderful staff and food and more. I am constantly on the website watching the count down days. I will be booking shows and activities as soon as they let me.

    • Adam

      Congratulation, Marianne! We are sure you two will have a wonderful time onboard and we are honored that you decided to spend such a special time of your life with us. Thank you and we will see you both on Oasis soon.

  21. Philip and Mlanie

    We are fairly new to cruising, having only started 4 years ago and have never been dissapointed with Royal. We even decided to bump it up another notch with our first back-2-back on Mariner on February 5th! Our personal tradition is getting a pic with the Master for all our cruises (with me in my army mess kit) and gifting something Canadian to our room steward.

    Thanks to you and all of your RCCL family for the great service! Who knows, if I hadn’t joined the service I might be working on a ship!

    • Adam

      What a great gift. Thank you for making us apart of your family’s tradition.

  22. Regina Kachulak

    We recently took our family on a vacation on Navigator of the Seas. We all had a beautiful time until debarkation.We had a transfer from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, however, after a chaotic execsise getting our luggage, we discovered that there was no room for our family of 8 on the bus. We were told another bus was being called. One hour and a half later, a bus came. We were waiting outside in very hot weather, with no where to sit. No drinks, and no shade. We arrived at the Miami Airport at 1:30 pm. To me this is very unacceptable. Had this been our first experience with a bad debarkation I would have thought that it was just a bad glitch. However we had a really bad experience two years ago in China.
    WHY can’t the debarkation process be smooth when it is done day in and day out?
    Regina kachulak

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Regina.

  23. Joe

    Hi Adam

    Our first cruise with RCCL was on the Nordic Empress, My kids were young then and The Adventure Ocean was their favorite kids camp throughout the CRUISE INDUSTRY! I guess they had a part with making us diamond members today. We have great family memories, like when we were told on the Enchantment of the Seas that we wouldn’t be going to Grand Cayman due to bad weather, so we went to Labadee…The kids never had so much fun..
    Now in High School and getting ready for college. I sometimes think, the day will come when they won’t want to vacation with us any longer, but then again, I’m told “Dad as long as its Royal Caribbean and you’re paying we’ll be there.” That’s a great “WOW” moment.


    • Adam

      It’s so great that you and your family have such a great time onboard our ships, Joe. We hope that all of you continue to return in the years to come.

  24. Linda and John Coyle

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,
    I called Royal Caribbean yesterday February 8, 2012 as we still had no response to our complaint card we left for Royal Caribbean to view before we left the Allure of Seas cruise in July of 2011. She finally found our card on file which stated we were thoroughly disgusted when we first came on board to our cabin to find in the washroom black hair in the sink and on the counter top. Quite honestly it set our expensive vacation off to a not so nice start and it just should not have happened in our opinion. We waited to see what other kind of service we received and did not give the cabin steward a full tip. What is bothering us is I had to call Royal Caribbean yesterday as we are still waiting for at very least an apology let alone a compensation of some kind for dealing with this situation. We were shocked to hear that basically our complaint card after being viewed was buried as she said the card stated that “I cleaned the hair out myself and the rest of the trip was rated as good for cleanliness.” We are quite honestly deeply disappointed with Royal. We are now at the platinum level and we feel we have been snubbed by Royal Caribbean. I (Linda) stated when talking about this issue yesterday on behalf of myself and my husband that we are still waiting for an apology from Royal and do expect some kind of compensation for dealing with this situation but she said she could offer absolutely nothing. I (Linda) stated that my husband and I are taking another cruise this July 2012 with Royal but are reconsidering the trip. I am not sure if there is anything you can do for us? She does have our complaint card on file and we felt for the mess it would be nice even if gift certificates were given to us or upgrade even to a balcony (we booked an outside cabin) or something be offered to us on this trip for July 12 from Baltimore. We are also Crown and Anchor Members. Thank you.
    John and Linda Coyle

  25. Sandra & John Mayfield

    Comments to All on Royal Caribbean’s Traditions Old and New…. John and I saw a wonderful Old Tradition give way to apparently something NEW which we hope does not become a tradition for Royal Caribbean!!! Our knowledge goes back as far as our first cruise on The Song of Norway…. forty years of Tradition. After almost fifty cruises with Royal Caribbean, we experienced something we found totally unacceptable in the Schooner Bar. We will explain since it was there for all to see and experience during our two week cruise. Fourteen nights of Adult Only exploitation in the Schooner Bar…..

    The Schooner Bar has always been our favorite place to enjoy a drink with good piano music before retiring to our cabin for the night That was not possible on this Eastern and Western Caribbean cruise … January 15th – 28th!!! We have enjoyed many wonderful entertainers in Royal Caribbean’s Schooner Bars over the years…. and we are sad to say that we had to miss that during our much anticipated 2012 Back-to-Back cruise on the Allure!!!

    RCCL has always exceeded our expectations but not on this cruise. First we did not expect Adult Only entertainment in the Schooner Bar. When we saw the listing in the Compass we thought it unusual and that perhaps it would be just a bit light and lively…. that definitely was not the case!!! Matt Yee the proclaimed Adult Only entertainer in the Schooner Bar started our cruise off the first night with disgust by throwing us and other passengers Royal Caribbean souvenir key rings … “Sex Toys…. USED Sex Toys” as he put it…. with instructions to “take them to the cabin where they can give pleasure.”…. once again his words. That was totally unacceptable…. certainly not what we expected!!! The second week Royal Caribbean key rings were once again thrown out on the first night as “Marital Toys”t!!! Is this type of performer the appropriate representative of Royal Caribbean’s quality entertainment in the Schooner Bar??? The evenings were filled with Matt Yee’s rude, crude, disgusting thought patterns openly displayed…. not good musical entertainment as would be expected!!! The Comedy Club might be more accepting, where carding is done at the door and a confined area for those that find disrespectful, rude, crude performers entertaining!!! Not the Schooner Bar a walk through – open air area… where Matt Yee could be heard on the sixth deck back to the elevators, in the Loyalty Office while looking at literature, on the Rising Bar, and in the area below on the fifth deck… the Pursuer’s Desk etc.!!! Adult Only entertainment does not belong in the Schooner Bars, as they are all open air – walk through venues!!! Matt Yee is a disgrace to Royal Caribbean and the quality musical entertainment always offered in the Schooner Bars for adults and young people!!!

    We watched servers having to act as guards…. telling families and young people that they had to leave!!! Matt Yee started at 10:00 and closed the bar at 11:30 / 12:00 that is with breaks….. not even two hours at the piano!!! How many people working on the ship have those hours?!!? During the two hours he spent more than half the time moving passengers around the room. Relocating them to his liking in the totally rearranged room…. his personal theater!!! As an entertainer myself, I know a runaway ego when I see it and Matt Yee definitely has an oversize – runaway ego!!! His time in the Schooner Bar was all about him… not the passengers and their enjoyment. Matt Yee is a Legend in his Own Mind!!! His “Diva Shows”… say it all …. as he performs in a dress – moo moo!!! We are sure he was enjoyed during “The Atlantis Cruise” which was the week following our cruise. They would definitely enjoy his type of exploitation…..more his type of audience!!! We are aware that he is the entertainer of choice for that group!!!

    As loyal cruisers with RCCL since the early eighties [Diamond Plus], all we can say is…. Matt Yee and his Adult Only entertainment is a total disgrace to Royal Caribbean’s expected quality standards on all levels!!! His rude and crude verbal display is disrespectful of women!!! We hope this… in our face … Adult Only type of entertainment does not happen on any of our future cruises with Royal Caribbean!!! What was/is Royal Caribbean thinking or not thinking!??! Someone had to allow this, as it was in the Compass!!! Hopefully this will help Royal Caribbean rethink Matt Yee and his offensive Adult Only…. so called entertainment in the Schooner Bar!!!

    It would be wonderful to know that the Schooner Bar could be enjoyed by ALL on our upcoming cruises, as it has always been for us and so many over the years!!! We have many wonderful memories of good times and good music in the Schooner Bar with passengers of all ages enjoying music and song!!! What part of piano music and singing should young people not be able to enjoy….. nothing but a fowl disrespectful mouth!!! Young people are allowed in the Newly Wed Game with good clean respectful fun!!!

    As for the positive part of our cruise, that did exceeded our expectations….. two crew members “WOWED” us during our two weeks…. Fabian Dinnall and Roderick Braham on the upper pool decks… both from Jamaica. They greeted our days with a smile and always helped with a smile, when help was needed. They both have great work ethics and are RCCL’s BEST ALL AROUND REPRESENTATIVES. Their smiles and pleasantness made our days sunny, which helped us forget our frustration over the lack of good nightly entertainment in the Schooner Bar.

    We hope in the future that we will be able to enjoy the Schooner Bar filled good fun, good music, song and smiles for young and old…. which is in keeping with Royal Caribbean’s high standard of Tradition Old and New!!!

    • Adam

      Sandra & John, thank you both for your feedback.


        Adam thank you for your time and reply. We are glad you appreciate our feedback. We would like to share a pdf article on RCI’s performer Matt Yee, which is available on his website or go to => We would also like to thank you in advance for keeping RCI’s Traditions Old and New at the highest of quailty standards for cruisers old and new. A family value cruise line for all.

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