Our Newest Attraction in Labadee, Dragon's Tail Coaster

by 386

Last week we did a live chat with a focus on the entertainment and activities offerings on Oasis of the Seas. Labadee came up in the discussion but I neglected to mention the newest attraction there which debuted this past week for the guests on Liberty of the Seas – Dragon’s Tail Coaster. This is an attraction that exists at some ski resorts but certainly not at any other cruise line’s private destination. I tried the one at Park City, Utah, this past winter so I would know what we were going to offer. I can’t wait to try it at Labadee.

What does it entail (no pun intended)? Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Labadee as you slowly rise up from the beach on Santa Maria’s lookout mountain. Once you reach 680 feet, you’ll have just enough time to catch your breath and marvel at the view before turning and whooshing down at 30 miles per hour. As you race through 360-degree turns as well as dips, waves and curves, you can catch glimpses of the ocean. Roaring down the gorgeous mountainside forest, this alpine coaster is one thrilling ride you and your family will be talking about long after you get home.

Note: Minimum age to be a single rider is 12 years old. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 may ride in the same cart with their parent/guardian. Maximum occupancy per cart is 2 persons with a maximum combined weight of 360 pounds. Total ride time is approximately 3-5 minutes. Purchase a ticket and you can take a person along in your cart for free!

Attraction Details:

• Guest price is $35.00 per person
• Minimum age to be single rider is 12 years old
• Children 5 – 11 may ride with adult in same cart
• 2-person carts with combined capacity of 360 pounds
• Total ride time is approximately 3 – 5 minutes
• Total experience is approximately 25 minutes
• Purchase a ticket and you can take a person in your same cart for free

  • TTTony

    Normally, I’m a huge fan of everything RCCL. I have to think this is going to be a big miss though. It sounds like a very average roller coaster where you’ll pay as much per ride as you would for an entire day at a theme park any where else in North America.

    Maybe your description didn’t do it justice. Maybe the price point is too high. Maybe you’ll need to offer free repeat rides. Maybe I’m just flat wrong. I hope so.

  • http://www.CrownCast.org Jamie Snyder

    I agree

  • Barbara

    More x-tra charges??

  • Ann Marie

    I cannot believe that the RCCL President is actually raving about a 3 – 5 minute (and WHY is there such a disparity in the timing of a roller coaster ride?), that will cost $35, WOW..buy a ticket and the other person can ride free…go to Six Flags and ALL the rides would be free after paying that price!
    No mints, have to pay for room service and soda and now on top of the fee for the water park and the slide, they’ve added this?
    We just returned from a cruise and seriously are considering other cruise lines….it was NOT a stellar trip, and that was from a Grand Suite. Friends in a Balcony Stateroom were calling their deck, steerage! Maybe the President should be concentrating on repeat customer satisfaction and less on heavily overpriced theme park rides, leave that to Six Flags and they’ll leave the ships to you!

  • Melissa

    I think it sounds great…I’ve always wanted to see past the beach at Labadee and this sounds like a fun way to do it!!

  • http://www.ladewig.com Scott Ladewig

    I can understand a nominal charge, but $35? Yikes. Good luck with that guys…

  • matt

    Wow… this is just wrong. I do not see many people… if any… going on this. $35 is just crazy and you should be embarrassed to be asking this for this 3-5 minute ride. How about focusing on the cruising experience (quality pool bands, mints on pillows, food… and less on trying to make money… us customers notice this, and yes, the small things that I named above that you are cutting back do matter).

  • tom young

    I was not going to comment on this but now I am compelled. The day at the beach is still free. The food is still free. I don’t knnow if anyone has been to Labadee but when my wife and I visited we chose to stay on the ship and only got off the ship for about 1 hour and rushed to get back. The Locals have a little Mall and their selling techniques are quite aggressive. As far as the coaster who cares what they charge, if no one goes on it the price will come down. I am reading the ride is 6 minutes but the experience is 25 minutes. $15.00 each for 2, for 25 minutes is not bad. As I approach cruise time my concern is more over the person who said ther friends felt like they were in steerage @Balcony Level. WOW. What’s with that. These comments are beginning to get me unnerved, and seem to be more prevelent

    Tom Young

  • Trisha

    @Tom – I keep seeing more and more unhappy comments as well and truthfully I don’t understand them. Yes, $35 sounds a little high, but supply and demand will rule. I was recently on a cruise in an interior deck 2 cabin and I never felt like steerage. It was a wonderfully relaxing vacation and while I’m not sure it’s quite what I’d look for as a family vacation my best friend and I intend to continue to cruise as a yearly girl’s get away.

  • Mandy

    I have to agree with Tony. While I consider myself a very “Loyal Royal”, $35 for a roller coaster ride is just ridiculous. And I’ve been to Labadee. It’s a lovely, tranquil place. A roller coaster just seems to totally out of place. And parents with young kids who will whine about wanting to ride the roller coaster at $35/pop? The crying…tantrums…arguments. I shudder to think!

  • Dianna Wells

    Someone keeps calling me to tell me I have won a cruise but it is automated and the call back phone number can not be called. If anyone knows how to get a phone number so I can speak to a real life person please e-mail me. The number I am being given is 1-800-610-5257???

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Thank you for the comment, Dianna. Unfortunately, I believe the number you are calling is not Royal Caribbean International, but in fact another company called Caribbean Cruise Lines. I am sorry for any confusion this might have caused you.

  • Teresa

    Hi Adam

    I am very interested in working as part of your team, however, with hours of research the only postings for employment with your cruiseline seems to be through agencies etc. Is there somewhere I can go to send you a resume? I would love the opportunity to work with your team. Any information that you can provide me would be greatly apprectiated. Thank you for your time and consideration. =)

  • Ray Drury

    Hello everyone.

    We have just returned from a cruise on Splendour of the Seas, and would like this comment to reach Adam Goldstien if possible.

    This was our third and last cruise with RCI

    It is very clear that RCI has, with most other companies throughout the World suffered in the Credit Crunch, just at the time when it attempted to beat all the competition by launching the biggest cruise ship in the World.

    The board of directors must have been completely bewildered as to how to get themselves through this mess and obviously set about cutting costs.

    Many passengers sharing our cruise felt the same, but whilst being sympathetic with RCI and its blatently obvious cost cutting criteria, it has in my view missed a trick, and I doubt if they can make amends.

    There were hundreds on board who have cruised before with RCI, we and others were members of the Crown and Anchor club but were completely bemused as to to the misserable way in which RCI showed its appreciation and did nothing to try and keep us as valued customers.

    The voucher book was quite frankly pathetic. 10% off a bottle of wine – but you have to buy one worth $50
    A free pull on a slot machine – but you can only use this one machine – come on RCI we weren’t born yesterday.

    No – you have missed an opportunity of taking The most important corporate decision of all KEEPING YOUR VALUED CUSTOMERS.

    10% off any bottle, YES. A free pull on any slot machine – YES. 10% off shore excersions – YES. This is what you should have done, if you had, we would come back again, but sadly we will not.

    We will move to another cruise line or give up cruising altogether – its your fault you lost the plot. Oasis will be a ship too far and you will not be able to fill it – except of course with those on state benefits.


    Ray Drury

  • Steve

    It would be nice to see Royal Caribbean spend some money on upgrading the overall quality of their food in place of turning a very nice island into an amusement park. Over the last five years the quality of food on Royal Caribbean has sunk to new lows. Visit any cruise board and that is one of the major subjects. The management of RCCL has to know that they are serving substandard food. It’s to the point that we are looking elsewhere to spend our cruise dollars. Somehow I doubt that AG and company care. Just build two new huge ships and attract more first time cruisers and to heck with the ones that keep it going.

  • John Pavlock Jr.

    I just came back from voyage 122 of Liberty of the Seas and rode the Dragon’s tail. This coaster is completely worth the price. The experience is amazing with wonderful views of the beach and ocean. Loyal to Royal! Labadee is a such a great place we will take our next cruise with intentions of heading to Labadee!

  • TTTony

    So there you have it folks! Apparently I was wrong. Thanks for your input John Pavlock Jr. I’ll have to check it out next May.

  • Harold Weible

    I have to agree about the quality of the food. My last 3 cruises with RC were a disappointment in the food department. My wife and i are doing the Adventure of the Seas Oct 4 and i hope the food quality is better.

  • Burt Tramer

    I greatly appreciate the Chairman and President blogs, but what’s with the petty complaining? I lost my Mom in February and Mother-in-law in March. We’ll be sailing the Labadee and inaugural on the Oasis, and at least in spirit, our Moms will be with us.
    How ’bout looking on the funny, sunny side of life? Be thankful for what you have and forget about the candy and coupon nonsense?
    Thank you,

  • Marvin

    Thank you for cutting back the C&A diamond level benefits. As a result, after almost 30 cruises on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, my wife and I decided to try two other cruise lines. The results were surprising. The cabins were significantly larger and the price significantly lower. The food was noticibly better and the choice of dining venues greater. After mentioning that we were former Royal Caribbean diamond cruisers one line sent a bottle of wine to our cabin. The entertainment was superior on both cruises. Although we were originally upset with losing the C&A benefits we are pleased with the outcome. Other disappointed C&A diamond members take heart. There are better fish in the sea.

  • http://kenandkaren1@embarqmail.com K & K

    I thought I posted this earlier but can’t find it. So if this appears 2 X -sorry!

    Anyway, please consider more 10 day cruises from Florida other than the canal cruise. We have sailed exclusively with RCCL since 1977. We’ve taken the canal cruise several times and have taken the Grandeur 10 day So. Route (great itinerary). Princess has several good 10 day’s so with all the cut backs at RCCL and the longer cruises Princess offers, another cruise line is in our future for the first time in 32 years.

  • Teresa Brazier

    My husband and I are Diamond members with RC, another cruise coming up in March-an annual event. I’m disturbed by all the negative comments and will be watching very closely for any changes in service, port visits and food preperation during our voyage.
    I agree about port attractions being costly; also believe RC should concentrate on maintaining a high level of service instead of building more ships that will blow the “newbies'” minds——–at first.

  • Michael Stohler

    I have to agree with Ray Drury’s post. I’m an RCCL Diamond Member, cruising since ’91 and I really feel that the classy experience I had on the Soverign back in ’91 has been downgraded to a State Fair crowd with a WalMart mentality from the staff.

    I enjoy my time in the Casino but the nickel and diming of the passengers while dropping the quality of events (like fewer midnight buffets and lesser quality shows) has really diminished the experience.

    The “coupon book” they offer is so bogus it’s practically and insult. At least call marketing what it is and quit trying to pass it off as a “gift”.

    The prices of the excursions are well beyond justifying their cost or value received. If you have children, the excursions alone can DOUBLE the cost of the cruise over a week.

    The drinks in the bar are so watered down I spent $64 by the pool one afternoon and never even copped a buzz from the alcohol. There WAS none! I could have drank 1 beer and felt more.

    The wine list is basically CHEAP WINES way over priced for their labels. When I got back from my last cruise I bought one bottle at the local grocery for $4.95 and it was listed on the menu of the ship for $38. Another $6 bottle was listed for $42. You don’t even want to know what they wanted for the few good wines they offered.

    Time for me to check out Las Vegas or other venues until RCCL gets the message. At least in casino’s everywhere else the managment knows that free drinks keeps the players playing. On RCCL your options are to BUY Cocoa Cola or watered down mixed drinks while you play.

    The last cruise I was on had a group of Motorcycle Riders called “Hogs of the High Seas” onboard. I have NOTHING against riders but WHY are the rules for the dining room forgotten while THEY are onboard? The motorcycle riders showing up in Leather Vests and tatoos for dinner (or worse) was pretty disgusting for those of us who rented tuxes and dressed for the formal evening.

    And last but not least….how about CONSIDERING the option of a smokeless casino? The smokers render the entire casino into the stench of a stale ashtray. They currently HAVE non-smoking tables…and smokers walk right up to them holding their cigarretts to register for the Hold-Em Poker tournament SIX FEET AWAY, while the staff fail to enforce the rules, so WHAT’S THE POINT?

    Seriously RCCL….get the point or continue to watch your passenger list dwindle. The big shiney new ships don’t compensate for hidden charges or dinging the charge card for every little service.

    $35 for a 3 minute roller coaster ride? You gotta be kidding me!

  • Marlene

    Hello RCCL friends —

    I thought I was the only person upset with the changes that RCCL and their C&A programs have been making. I have been sailing since 1989 – 24 cruises, credit card and stocks. What is the point of a loyalty program that does not instill loyalty??? The reason for the C&A program was to acnkowledge and encourage your repeat customers. I made a point to continue on RCCL because of these perks. In the past 12 months I have been on 3 cruise. Each time I was surprised at yet another take away. I work in corporate America, I understand that the travel industry is on tough times… but why impact your loyal clients. Members of the Board… please re-think this decision. PLEASE. Thank you.

  • http://http Curt Richardson

    This is just another example of how RCCL is tanking
    quickly. I wouldn’t mind taking a ride, but not for
    35 dollars. I took a cruise in January with RCCL. No
    mints, no cheese at breakfast. Guess what, it will
    be another cruise line that gets my business. They had better get Adam Goldstein out of there before he
    totally destroys all of the nice things about RCCL.
    I was totally dissapointed with the last cruise. It
    was a shame to see RCCL slip so quickly.

  • james

    $35 to ride a 3 minute roller coaster- whats next $20 to board the ship and $20 to get off. you cut the crown and anchor program,the coupon book is wothless,got rid of the ship shape/vitality program,cant use older coupons from cruise of the same year,cut back on so many things what gives. our up coming cruise on the liberty has gone down almost $300 since we booked it on board another ship. yes we are all cutting back and finding ways to make the most of our hard earned vacations but $35 for a roller coaster ride- i will go to great adventure for the day- i will pass

  • BH

    In reply to Marvin above, what other two cruise lines did you try? My wife and I just booked our 7th cruise on RCCL and all have been on RCCL. The last couple we have noticed a decline in food, service and amenities. With all of the declines we have seen an increase in disrespectful college and high school students on board and increased prices for everyday amenities that use to be standard. Most of these students have turned the cruise experience into a drunken party. We have thought about changing but we didn’t know where to try in fear of having a worse experience. We thought we would give them one more chance with this 7th cruise.

  • Donna Lalley

    As a loyal C & A member, I have to comment, Our children love cruising, we save a “vacation fund” every year and take our 10 & 11 yr olds with us. They love it, We love it. We have noticed the little perks have been cut back. No longer a mint on the pillow, a $35 ride on Labadee, we live in ski country in the Eastern US and we pay $7-10 for a alpine slide ride. We won’t be riding at $35.00, we purchased season passes to Six Flags for $39.00! My last point is, finally after years we reached DIAMOND C & A status. We truly enjoyed all the little perks, and then they were taken from us. WHAT A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! It hurts to think that we might have to spend our “vacation fund” with another cruise line in the future.

  • Joan

    We are diamond members of RCL and are upset too with all that is taken away from the royal members of RCL. Our next cruise is with Celebrity and they have us as Elite Members, which has a Michale’s room for coctails before dinner etc. We were royal to Celebrity and then changed to RCL. Now if this coming cruise is a disappointment then we will look at other lines. We have been many times to
    Labadee and love it there – especially the beach and swimming – BUT I do not know about the roller coater line as that’s just too high in price. $20.00 for two would have been a decent price. I bet they do not get many takers for $35.00 Joan

  • Shari

    we just came off the Voyager of the Seas sept 19th mediterrean cruise..

    i have to agree with all the people about the food.. the quality was substandard… there was no lobster at all…i can understand the expensiveness of it…but cold food consistently in the windjammer and the choices are horrible.. so many times lamb was offered, and cheap turkey tenderloins that were so skinny… more and more starters and less quality entrees offered.. get with the program RCI

    best food was in johnny rockets…shame u had to pay for it

  • angela manzionna

    I have just returned from the mexican riviera cruise on board of the Mariner of the Seas, this was my 5th cruise, but I did notice the difference in the food, not high quality and a lot of cutbacks,but the desserts are great though, but what I noticed the most is how aggressive the waiters are in constantly asking you to serve drinks, one after the other, if I want a drink that bad, I will get it, and besides, at 8.95 a pop, plus tips, it is not really a bargain…..

  • Heidi Wells

    I have been on 3 RCI cruises and have never been disappointed. Yes, the coupon books are silly – I got one and never used it. Yes, I’m sure improvements can be made with anything. But I also feel that in this economy, those of us who can even afford to go on a cruise should be thankful…Life is too short people to spend it complaining! I can’t wait to go on my next cruise and it will most likely be on Royal! Cheers!

  • Steve

    The experience is 25 minutes? That means 20 mins + EXPERIENCING a wait in line more like it!
    How about stop adding on all the extra charges. We were very disappointed with our last 4 night cruise. No lobster tails the last night, we were told they were cutting back? Are you going to charge for luggage next, then ask like the airlines where all the passengers are? My suggestion, $7-10. per ride would be more appropriate, and perhaps free or half price if you are Platinum ? We are taking a 7 night in 30 days out of Barcelona, there better not be any addtl. nickel and diming, or we are trying NCL!

  • rICHIE F

    I wasn’t going to post anything either, but give me a break……i’m sure if RCL charged $15.00 they would do triple the amount of people….Let’s not get greety RCL…Like my mother told me years ago, and I quote “Half a loaf is better then NO LOAF” Yes i’ve heard RCL food was getting worse also, in fact from more then just one couple..and the lobster tasted like it was frozen then unfrozen then frozen again….Well we are going on the Freedom on the 8th of Nov. with my kids and grand kids I sure hope they get their act together or Princess here I come..

  • Lilly

    Is this Goldstein guy reading the comments here? If so, he should realize he is having a real ‘value’ problem, and if he doesnt, the board needs to replace him immediately!

  • Steve

    25 min “experience” with a 5 min ride , seems like 20 mins standing in line? How about $7. a ride, and platinum or above ride free? Just a suggestion.

  • Queen Tanzenite

    Speaking of the voucher book.. There use to be a coupon for a free picture. We loved it. As a result we ended up purchasing on the average of six pictures per cruise. Now with NO coupon we don’t even let our picture be taken while exiting the ship in a port…
    And the mints WERE great. $35.00 for a coaster ride is a bit much. I’ll have to watch only. Lets hope the merry-go-round is FREE…

  • http://debbie.brown@rogers.com Debbie

    I am also a loyal RCCL cruiser but I am now upset
    with the cutbacks also. I am a diamond plus member
    and have sailed many times with Royal. I am sailing
    on a 10 day cruise on Oct. 26/09. I am going to
    see how the cutbacks are but I am now also thinking
    about trying another cruise line. I have remained
    loyal to Royal for about 15 years now but I also
    feel that they are going to lose past cruisers over
    all these cutbacks.
    I cant understand this coaster ride also. $35 A ride
    is crazy. I will not pay that much. If it was an
    all day price I would consider it.
    Royal I think you are going to loose alot of us past
    happy cruisers to all you stupid cutbacks. You have
    now made it easy for me to look at other lines like

  • Liana Schaefer

    I have been on several RCCL cruises and find them delightful. Many Improvements and always trying to pay attention to detail. We are cruising on Freedom of the Seas next month and will stop in Labadee. All Cruises and experiences are WHAT YOU MAKE OF THEM… Im getting a 7 day cruise for 619.00
    7 days of hotel…7 days of food, buffetts, sit down dining, bistros,24 hour pizza, room service.(all day long)shows entertainment, sunning, beautiful Islands….Choices of shore excursions.. OH I said “CHOICES” RCCL I’ve been on other ships… youre the best… im a loyal customer not looking for freebies.. just a wonderful experience!!!!! Keep up what youre doing….

  • Julie

    I was there in June, saw it being built and was anxious to see it finished on our up coming cruise in Oct. But now finding the price and such a short ride I no way would spend that much money! I don’t care where it is, don’t know what RCCI was thinking when they came up with the price!

  • Lori Croasdale

    Wow, that sounded great till I read the $35 charge. You have got to be kidding. Even if it was $10 I wouldn’t ride it, and I love roller coasters.

  • Chell

    I’ve only been cruising since 2006 and my next cruise is this Dec (5 night cruise to Caribbean). Well I truly enjoyed both my cruises on RCCL (even though I only have cruised with them). I’m learning to do my homework and ck prices often to get ship credit or adjustments and at the price I’m paying for this 5 night cruise (Deluxe Balcony) I can’t complain (less then 550.pp incl taxes and fees). And to me the food was great, everytime I look around food was being served (pool party-cook out- dinner-pizzaria-etc). And the shows were awsome.. (talented ppl).This will be my mother & daughter 1st cruise and I just know they will have a great time (Me too). I agree with person who’s outlook on life is to enjoy this time we have with loved ones & friends and see the beauty. BUT this doesn’t mean this cruiseline or others should skimp on quality and service…that’s the quickest way to LOSE customers!!! Word of mouth can make or break your business NO MATTER how big they THINK they are. Well, I’m counting down to Dec 5th…Yahoooo. Chell

  • D Barnes

    I would have to agree with everyone , i too am disappointed in the cut back on diamond member coupon books… use to be would get some break on photo gallery 8×10 but now only if you buy a certain background. An CocoCay, had storm last visit and things shut down around lunch time, but weather improved by 1 15 or so but they never opened up the water park/slide again after i had spent $120 for less than an hour on slide for family…and passenger huddled under food pavilions during storm and kept eating over the food containers for everyone and no one stopped them. All RCCL staff were just trying to stay dry the heck with health and sanitation for “paying passengers”. May have to venture out some more to other lines, have tried a couple and not really happy there either.

  • Judy Sigler

    My husband and I are also Diamond members. We recently returned from a cruise on the Liberty of the Seas. We have to agree the dining room service and food has gone downhill. The alternative restaurants were wonderful but we can’t eat there every night. Also the coupon book was terrible. We didn’t use any of the coupons. Labadee used to be my favorite stop. Now, its too built up. We will still cruise RCCL, but hopefully there will be some improvement.

  • Amy

    Bravo Burt! We are going on our 9th cruise in less than a month and my niece and her husband are going along and this will be their first cruise. They have saved over a year just to be able to go. This is a vacation of a lifetime in their eyes. If you can afford to go on one or many cruises, you should be VERY happy. There are many people in this world without jobs, without homes, without running water, without indoor plumbing, without enough in their bellies and without an end in sight to their problems. Complaining about Labadee venders – why don’t you go visit their homes and perhaps you’ll see just why they have such agressive selling tactics. Better yet, why don’t you go on to a website where people are looking for help and tell the people who have been out of work for a year and can’t find a job and have lost their homes about how bad the balcony room was ON YOUR CRUISE – or how bad the food was ON YOUR CRUISE – or how you have to pay for room service ON YOUR CRUISE. Oh boo hoo! Next time you want to take a trip, why don’t you visit the land of reality.

  • Nancy L

    For those of you going to Labadee, try the zip line! I “zipped” down from the top of the mountain….a little over half a mile in 90 seconds. The view was spectacular. I am 63 years old…a zip line was on my “bucket list” and I wasn’t disappointed!

  • Jennifer

    I normally do not post anything on message boards but I am a little concerned about my upcoming cruise. I am worried b/c I talked my best friends into a RCCL cruise over another line. The other line was almost 1/2 the price and the ship was new. We are sailing on the Freedom of the Seas in April 2010 and I am worried. I was unaware that the cut out the crown and anchor benefits. I have gone on and on about how many times we have sailed with RCCL and how they go the extra mile. While I have cruise other lines I have always felt loyal to Royal b/c they went the extra mile and treated thoses who were loyal to them exceptionally.
    I think that the $35 is very high as you can get a full days admission to our local amusement park for a few dollars less. When I noticed the ad for this new attraction I immediately thought that since I am a crown and anchor memeber I will probably have a free ticket in my welcome booklet. It seems that it is less than likely from the comments I am reading. Now I am worried about 3 kids whining the entire day about wanting to ride the dragon tail. It is making me think my favorite stop may become my least favorite.
    I am a realist and taking cruising for what it is. I have always enjoyed crusing and we take several a year. I am not expecting a 5 star vacation but I do have a higher level of expectation when cruising RCCL since we generally pay more for the cruise than others. I can understand the cut backs but not when we have shelled out thousands of dollars already and we have not gotten to our on board bill. That normally gets us for a few thousand as well. I am worried!!

  • John halstead

    This is the first time reading this blog and I must say it sounds like people are just looking to vent. If you think other cruise lines are any better then you should go and book with them. I have always sailed RC, but this past February we made the choice to try HAL. We sailed a 10 day on the Noordam (which should be renamed Snoordam). While the suite we had was larger then the JR Suites we book on RC, the dinning experience was no better. The entertainment was lame, and the pool(s) were surrounded by people barely breathing. If you were under the age of 85 and didn’t own a walker or scooter, you were out of place. We got yelled at by elderly card players while we sat in one of the bars because we were laughing and talking !!! The ship rolled up the carpets at 10pm. There was no sign of life on 90% of the ship past 11pm. While the ship was beautiful, the ports wonderful, the room was big and clean……I prefer to at least see people breathing after 9pm, and some form of entertainment that goes past 10pm.

    We gladly will return to RC again and not stray. RC offers a wide varitey for ALL ages. Your vacation is what you make of it. We have always enjoyed the fact we are spending our vacation time with family, and we have never complained. So what the food might not be what is was 10 years ago. Go book a weeks vacation and visit all the places you do on a cruise and see what you pay for a room and food, plus your entertainment.

    Stop whinning to RC. If you don’t like them, move on and find a line that you think will offer you more. Good luck in your search. The crisis of cut backs is not limited to RC.

  • dAve

    having been to labadee 3 times on RCCL ships I cannot believe they destroyed the brilliance of labadee with a roller coaster that costs you $35 bucks for what would get you into an amusement park…for a single person.. We loved Labadee and my son and I went snorkeling and saw a baby squid and a huge star fish. it was peaceful now with screaming in the background sounds like Labadee is turning into the Wisconsin Dells… roller coasters going to add a huge water slide next????

  • Dan Adams

    We’ve cruised with RCI in 2008 and have scheduled another for 2010. Labadee is a bit of paradise whose beauty shouldn’t be marred with theme park amusements. You’re missing the boat, so to speak, if you continue down such an ill-advised path. How about playing up the natural beauty of Labadee, instead, with hiking and biking trails, and some nature tours? What’s next, I wonder? A skateboard park and bowling alley?


    The roller coaster announcement gained my curiosity (wondering what in the world prompted this?) but the various comments really captured my attention! My husband & I are planning a cruise in January ~ beginning to second-guess our decision to go with Royal Caribbean vs. another line we were considering. Our last cruise was pretty great (3 yrs. ago) with the exception of the food in the casual dining area (pretty much lacking in decent entrees even then) but, with the comments I’ve been reading, I am concerned about the quality of the food we’ll find this time around in general. And someone even mentioned that there’s now a charge for room service? Can anyone verify that? Also, the current Crown & Anchor coupons sound like a joke! Why not just have two or three really sensible, valuable perks and forget it?! As in the cases of so many businesses, customer loyalty is often overlooked & undervalued by Royal Caribbean.
    At any rate, let’s hope that the “POWERS THAT BE” are listening to their greatest fans’ concerns and step up to the plate! I believe that just a few small details will make or break the cruise line as a whole. Let’s hope management gets a clue & realizes that we ARE paying attention and that they need to demonstrate their appreciation of the fact that we are not unobservant, mindless cattle.
    Wish us luck in January!!

  • Kathy

    The price is insane for this ride. $35.00 is alot for one person, but what happens when it is a family of four or more. One family would have to come up with $140.00 for one ride. RCL should be ashamed of its self. The ride should be free of set at a reasonable price. If you want the cruise to be a memorable experience for your passengers, then dont piss them off by charging for everything. The same goes for the zip line. I live in Orlando and I would much rather save the 35.00 and apply it to a theme park ticket where I can either go for the whole day or even the whole year for a little bit more money. What a rip off. I have always recommended RCL to my friends and family but the past few cruises I have been disappointed with the fees and the quality of the food.



  • Triton

    Hmmmmm. They’re reaching into my wallet (again) to the tune of $35 for, did I read that right, a 3 to 5 MINUTE ride? Are they NUTS? They say “Why not?” I say “NOT!”

    Quit nickel and diming me, Royal. That’s why I’ve cut back on my cruising. Your newest ship, I’m sure, will do the biggest dive into a traveler’s wallet. No way.

  • Valerie

    My husband,brothers & sisters-in-laws are great fans of rccl. We’ve only tried 2 other cruiselines,(Princess & Carnival). I liked Pricess, a beautiful ship, good food, great itineraries. but, carnival only reminded me of how wonderful I had it on RCCL. We were not pleased. We are planning a group cruise in 10/2010 on Mariner/seas, a Mexican Riviera Cruise, one we haven’t been on yet. But Why is it that when you bring out the newest ships, they start with the western itinerary? I really want to try the Oasis, and we will, but later. We’ve also been looking to go to Rio de janeiro, when will you have a 7 day cruise for that location, without having to fly out of Brazil to cruise Brazil? (what’s up with the comment in the area where you have to “type the words you see” where it says-“this step proves you’re a human”. Who else is typing the words, LASSIE? Come on!

  • Larry

    As long as you are stoppping in Haiti why not inform your guests where they are? Why not provide a little information about the country and tell your guests what a great boost you visits provide for the Haitian people? Haiti is an environmental disaster and you probably know this. How many of the few remaining trees did you cut down to build your slide?

  • Dixie adams

    I understand someone from RCCL is going to be in Tallahassee Fl in the next few days can anyone give me any info on this please. Last year was my first cruise and I choose RC. We loved it. and if from what I am reading the food used to be better than now OMG how could you have stood it, because we had no complaints. It was a great time for all I wanted to crusie RC again this time but we choose another because of price alone.

  • http://aol Laurie

    Was on Explorer of the Seas in Dec. 2008 and in Aug. 2009 and found RC delightful! We had a balcony cabin however I think next time I will forgo the balcony as we were rarely in the cabin! The ship in sparkling clean, the staff lovely and the entertainment 5 ***** Star!! I never really love cruise food so you can’t trust my judgement…the food is good enough that you will gain weight! Love this cruise line and will definitely consider it again for another cruise!

  • Ali

    My family and I have been RCCL cruisers the last 6 years. We were on the Independence last X-mas and we enjoyed the ship but the food was horrible. For the first time we all lost weight on a cruise. We got a great deal on another cruise line that is 6 stars.. All excursions, soda, wine, and alcohol included. Also from American Express 300 per cabin onboard credit. Now my family and I will enjoy excursions without breaking our piggy bank…Sorry Royal but you need to improve on your food…

  • Ray

    We have been on several RCCL cruises and the first one was the best, no doubt. However the following ones were all great in their own way. Labadee is a wonderful spot in itself. The vendors are another thing though. Seems odd for RCCL to install a roller coaster here. They going for a theme park scheme? But does the price matter in the scheme of things. You are on vacation mon.

  • LJ

    Here’s a thought – if you think that the Dragon’s Tail is silly and overpriced, don’t spend the money or give it a second thought. Wow, what a spoiled world some people live in. You want it all, all the time, better than ever, and for less money each time. I wish I had the chance to live the lives of so many on here that can gripe and complain about terrible cruising has become. You’re missing mints on your pillows??? Buy some Andes Candies. You still get someone to make your bed for you twice a day.

    We just completed a cruise to Alaska with RCI this spring, and it was the best trip we’ve ever taken. We took advantage of the things on the ship we wanted to, and when we thought things were too expensive, we set things up on our own.

    Sure, every meal isn’t melt in your mouth filet, but it’s more than adequate most of the time. Given the variety of choices in terms of dining venues and selections, we certainly find no need to complain. Like anyone, we certainly want to have an excellent experience when we go on vacation. We’ve go on RCI each year. We enjoy cruising immensely, and find it thrilling, enjoyable experience each time we are fortunate to go.

  • Debi

    Wow! Thank you for the heads up! We have cruised with NCL and thought we would try something new, give RCCL a shot.. until reading the blogs. Thank you for sparing us the disappointment. Burt, I understand exactly what you mean but now days with money being tight you have to try and get the most for your money. We live and difficult times and have to be as frugle as possible. If another cruise can offer you more for your money.. who wouldn’t take it?

  • Annie

    I’m in TOTAL agreement with the $35 fee on the coaster. That is too high. The zip line I do not think was too much more than that. Labadee is a beautiful area and is one of my favorite places to go to vacation.
    Our last cruise with RCI was not pleasant. We had room issues after we checked in, the more you went to say something, the more they would give you the Oh no not them look. We had billing issues after the cruise. DO NOT loose your receipts. We paid cash rather than keeping it on our card. The food left a lot to be desired. That was last November. Since then we have taken 3 cruises on 2 other cruise lines for a minimum of at least 7 days to compare. Folks there are other ducks in the pond. The entertainment was fantastic on all. Food was good. When checking in they ask if this was our first cruise and I mentioned about the RCI bad taste and we were out testing the waters to locate a cruise line that would better fit our needs and meet our quality. When checking in to our room there was a discount book.

  • Maria

    I just returned from my second RCCL cruise, this one the Mexican Rivera and last year Western Caribbean. I happened to win a “Caribbean cruise for two” playing bingo. BUT the fine print is I give them three choices (ships/dates)and they let me know 30 days before sailing. That is going to be tough with work and trying to get airfare on short notice. No wonder it was a give-a-way. My excitement has now turned to disappointment.

  • c.j.pOE

    I have been on several cruises with RCCL and a member of the Crown and Anchor Society. I was reviewing the itenary for a future Alaskan cruise for my husband and me. I was completely turned off with RCCL and their restructions for smokers, you can’t even smoke in your cabin. I go on vacation/cruises for relaxation not to be hassled. I check other cruise lines and if they have the same restrictions I guess our cruising days are over.

  • Beth Williams

    Has anyone been on a Royal Caribbean cruise that offered washers and dryers for use? I have only been on 4 cruises with RCCL, and was surprised that they don’t have washers and dryers on board for passengers to use….I have cruised with Disney in the past, and they offer coin operated washers and dryers, which was a big help with three kids in tow….it saved us from having to go home with mountains of dirty laundry! I am not willing to pay the ridiculous prices to have all my laundry dry cleaned, which was the only option RCCL offered on the ships I have cruised on.

  • randi

    It takes a lot of nerve to charge $35 for a rollar coaster. Do they think we are stupid enough to pay that much? it’s INSULTING!

  • Matt

    My wife and I cruised on the Enchantment of the Sea back in August and we were really pleased with the service we recieved and staff overall. I noticed someone several posted back mentioned paying for room service but we did not pay for room service. RCC provided quality food and entertainment options for the price given the current economic state. Seems that some people can never be satisfied. If $35 seems like too much for a ride then don’t ride it. No one is forcing you to ride it. All I know is RCC gave me no reason to complain about any part of the vacation and I would and do highly recommend this line to my friends and family. And I have been on other lines but I prefer Royal and will cruise Royal many times in the future.

  • Steve Smith

    I believe that you get out of it what you put into it on ANY vacation. If you don’t want to spend the $$$ on a very expensive Roller Coaster then don’t. I’ve had good and bad experienses on more than cruise line and believe RCCL is the best for the money. I’m thinking that the Oasis is TOO big and will have some severe problems, wife and I have been on 4 different classes of Royal ships and prefer the Voyager class. The Majesty didn’t have enough stuff. Rhapsody was our 1st and needed reman. Liberty was too big and had too few crew. Mariner was our favorite. We’ve got a group cruise we put together on Voyager and looking very forward to going. Everything has changed since the economy crunch so you just have to accept it or move on.

  • JAy Travers

    After our next cruise in February on the Adventure of the Seas we will achieve Diamond Status (10 cruise credits). This cruise will be our last on RCCL. The ‘bait and switch’ regarding C&A benefits is outrageous. If we hadn’t already had air tickets we would have cancelled. We love the ships but hate what management has done. We cruise with a group of friends and family that have numbered up to 50 people (last year’s cruise on Independence of the Seas), but its over. We’ll take our business elsewhere; glad to hear that there is life after RCCL.

  • Doug

    I travel with several friends and we all agree that the quality of food has gone down thus causing many meals to altertive dining. Have twenty plus cuises with RCCL and have changed to Princess do to dining and scheduling of ports. I don’t think that RCCL is not giving the customer the care and quality that they were receiving in the past. Changing your C&A DIAMOND policy dosen’t prove anything but angry to past cruisers.

  • harry

    1st—-the cost of the coaster is way to high..i agree with other posters that this will anger parents of children want to go on it…we go on a cruise to have fun, not to be in a position of an arguement with our kids. make it ten bucks apiece and it be full all the time. 2…i don’t get all the complaints posted… could it be that persons from other cruise lines are commenting? this is the only thing that makes sense to me. every cruise we have taken without exception has been great.. the service, the food, the entertainment has been unreal.. i read some of these comments and trust me, they arnt RC cruises. just my input….thanx

  • Liz

    I cruise with RCCL every year and try to go on a different, not necessarily new, ship every time. I don’t understand the uproar on the roller coaster. If you don’t like the price, DON’T ride it. It’s that simple. Any vacation that you take has “extra” charges. I just returned from a visit in Seattle and my family & I drove to Idaho, IDAHO people, and the Silverwood theme park charged out the wahzoo for everything. I am leaving on Oct. 17 on the Liberty and she goes to Labadee. And, being the adrenalin junky that I am, I will probably pay for the coaster ride. Look at it as: Price of a cruise: $1000, Price of a coaster ride: $35, Seeing Labadee in a whole new way….priceless.

  • Tom

    Everyone is complaining about the extra cost, but you have to pay for the zip line, you have to pay for the cigarette boat ride…basically you have to pay for all the extras on Labadee, so why not this???

    Me thinks people just like to complain….

  • steve

    I hope someone is listening about the quality of the food. We have been loyal carnival cruisers for years, and this will be our first RCCL cruise in years. However, from what i have been reading about the food, I am very hesitant to go and wondering about changing my reservation. Food is a key draw and ingredient for repeat customers…save a few bucks now but you will pay later!

  • Chris Petersen

    I would have to agree with several of the prior comments on this page. I am a diamond member and have sailed exclusively with RCCL. However, the reduced benefits, no more mints on the pillow, lower quality of food over the last couple of years is making us look around other cruise lines that we have heard good things about. RCCL, these little things do matter, we now bring our own mints because that was a big event coming to the room in the evening for our 5 year old. Hopefully, our cruise on the Adventure of the Seas on Oct 16th will be better.

  • bill

    were leaving Oct 25th on Freedom for our 20th cruise, we had a couple of bad cruises, but what’s inportant is the crew, they have always made our vacations something to remember, we sailed on the smallest to the biggest, and it’s been the crew, the food depends on the ship, Royal has made changes in the past 10+ years in food and what to do off ship, but it comes down to the crew, it’s like cruising with your best friends.]

    Bill & Eloise

  • Miguel fonticoba

    Im commenting on K&K comments.. I will have 24 cruises with rcl after oct 3rd, I never had a cruise over 7 days.. But we like to cruise in late September and October and you cant find any cruises over 7 days. Like 10 days .Southern Caribbean.


    I sailed on the Monarch of the Seas on Aug. 31st to the Bahamas, and overall I had a good trip. I do however agree with other poster about the food on RCI; it was some what under par. This was my second trip on RCI and the first I actually enjoyed my trip better than I did with any other cruise line, but after this trip I’m not so sure. The activities were just o.k., and the room was entirely too small; smallest I’ve ever been in on a cruise. However, I must admit that it was still comfortable because we didn’t spend much time in it. Overall I think RCI can do more to show it’s appreciation for their repeat customers. My next cruise will be with another cruise line.

  • Nancy

    What was the other cruise ship you took that was a better deal? Very interested as we are avid cruisers.


  • Bill Lohr

    In January I was on Adventure of the Seas and in July I traveled with 8 friends and family that all loved Liberty of the Seas. In both cases we felt the food was outstanding. I can never figure what people are wanting regarding the food served. I do agree with many on here that the coaster ride at 35 dollars is much to high. I am a true coaster fan and have been on almost every major coaster in our country and I would very much like to try this ride. My guess is that I will pass. 15 dollars would be very high but I would pay that if it was priced around that point. I hope they find that very few will pay the 35 and that they will do much better charging a lower fee. I feel many more would try it at the 15 dollar range. I do not have a problem charging for things but that is to much.
    Overall RCCL has a great product. I agree that the little things do matter but we are still pleased with the product that they provide.

  • JEC




  • David Bennett

    Sheesh! I can’t believe some of these posts. Perhaps you should change your tagline to “the nation of Whi-Ners”.

    We love Royal Caribbean – they deliver a great product at a reasonable price. We have two cruises scheduled for next year … and many more in the future.

    Thanks, RC.

  • lukesgrammie

    No mints on pillows??? Cut down band time…No large bowls of shrimp….RC use to be my favorite…Looks like I will have to reconsider…Cutting everything but the price….I would probably pay more and get the service that they USE to give

  • John & Gill

    Some People You Can Never Do Enough For!

    After reading the above comments that we came across by accident, my wife and I are wondering what RCI/RCCL has to do to satisfy people. We had cruised with other lines before, until we found Royal Carribean, but for the last 4 years we have cruised exclusively RCI/RCCL. We find their service second to none, the food is presented well and not rushed(benefit of second sitting). The staff are always friendly, courteous and very helpful in all parts of the ship(yes including the casino – lol).

    Personally, speaking as for one who for over 12 years stayed in five star+ hotels for periods of 3 to 6 months everywhere in Europe, I(John) am used to and expect exceptional service. RCI/RCCL you have it just about right, even in these recessional times.

  • Bill Heinick

    Lets just suppose I am willing to plop down the $35 a head to go on the roller coaster in Labadee. Will I be charged double if I go in the coaster seat alone? It sounds like a fun ride but my wife and I combined don’t meet your weight restriction per cart. And I don’t know that I want to be paired up with a smaller person I don’t know just to get two people in the cart.

  • Shirley GRaf

    As I see the comments what made RCCL what it is now
    is the glorious days when Emil Graf was Director of
    Food Operations the quality of the food was much superior sometime people just want simple traditional and classical cusine,especially if your target market segmentation is between the ages of 35 to 55 years old,What I see know in Royal is how greety they are getting,yes you can cut 1 shrimp take a couple of ounces from your steak,but people that knows about food notices,you better take a good look again.

  • lisa

    The Dragon’s tail sounds exciting for those thrill seekers. It sounds reasonably priced if you compare it to the zip line. My personal experience on Labadee was to just relax and do nothing. There was beautiful sights and plenty of places to lay around. I came across this on accident and dont normally leave comments or thoughts however, I wanted to say great job RCCL its a great cruise line and thanks for taking the time to read your comments and reply when necessary!! Great job!!

  • David lime

    After reading the comments, I am extreemly concerned about sailing RCCL again. Was going to book the Oasis and Independence, but am now waiting for the results of my son’s cruise on the Independence.I have booked on Holland America next month. Hopefully I can remain a RCCL customer-we will see!


    I am NOT a complainer and this is the first time I have aired my opinion. I have quietly tolerated shoe-leather for meat, disappearing pillow chocolates, high priced sodas, diluted sugary-water orange juice, and the list goes on. But I think it’s time to speak up. I have to agree with the multitude of comments, both on here & other websites, regarding the on-going cutbacks and mis-directed efforts at RCCL. I am Diamond level and just returned from the Adventure’s southern route. The new coupons are a slap in the face and went directly to the golden trash can. Apparently many others agreed because Johnny Rockets was practically a ghost town on this voyage, unlike previous trips when the place was always packed. The increasing perks for suite guests (who may be first-time cruisers) are so annoying when I have repeatedly paid for D1 and Junior Suite cabins (THREE 7-NIGHT cruises in 2008). Now I challenge you to do the math Adam – would you rather have me book a JS on 3 cruises or a one-time guest in a Grand Suite? Yet the choice seats in the theatre, ice show, and the pool deck are reserved for those suite guests. And since I mentioned reserved chairs at the pool deck: it is really annoying to walk past a sign that says “reserving of lounge chairs is strictly prohibited” (although that is NOT enforced) and then I immediately look up to see several rows of chairs roped off and mostly unoccupied while the rest of us struggle to find somewhere to sit. But you can be sure those roped off areas ARE enforced. I watched several people herded out when they couldn’t produce the proper credentials allowing them the privilege of sitting in THOSE unblemished chairs. The ONLY people who get the ROYAL treatment are the ones who shell out the biggest dollars for the current voyage. The rest of us get the “enjoy what little is leftover” treatment. Adam, you need to wake up and hear the THRONG of voices that are speaking to you – what will your bottomline (and your pool deck) look like when the LOYAL TO ROYAL crowd disappears? HINT: Go look at those vacant chairs in the “reserved for suite guests” section on the pool deck. The ROYAL treatment should be extended to the LOYAL customers.

  • TCJ

    I am preparing to sail out on 11/1/09 on Liberty of the Seas. We have sailed with three times prior to this trip. Quite honestly these blogs have really concerned me. One of the main reasons we went with RC is the quality of the food and service. I hope RC is responding to the concerns of the passengers who habe been loyal.

  • debbie Lopez

    If you read the description a little more carefully it says the ride is 3-5 minutes with the total experience being 25 minutes. Sure sounds like you get 5 rides for $35 and not just one. Check it out before you blast RC.

  • M & C

    After reading the previous comments, we’re starting to wonder if we’ve wasted our money. We will be sailing on the Liberty in Feb. (Our 1st RCCL trip) The ship looks like it is spectacular and a lot of fun to be on but, will it be worth the extra $$? Our cabin, inside, deck 9, will be costing us about $50 more than our Mini-suite on deck 11 on NCL the week before. One reason for that is the high cost of the third passenger in the cabin. We’ve been cruisng about 10 yrs, all on NCL and enjoyed the experience. One policy of RCCL we don’t really like is being charged immediately for shore excursions, soda passes, etc. Granted if you cancel in time it’s refunded but, RCCL has your money till then. We’re hoping it’s going to be more than a one-time experience.

  • Judi

    Going on a transatlantic in May. Have done 5 cruises with RCL but now after reading about how the food isn’t as good, the music at the pool isn’t as good, etc. I wish I could get a refund on my deposit.

  • Cathy

    Agreed with all comments above regarding rccl….we’ve been on carnival and princess…treated better…better food, and service. Price was better…I thought that trying Royal we would be upgrading our cruise experience but soon found out we were paying more for a cruise that was not as good as the others we’ve been on. We are back on Princess. One of the big issues with our teen kids was the 24 hour buffet available on other crusies and a small hard to access, very limited night cafe on rccl.

  • PaTrish

    I’ve just read through these reviews….well, here goes..My family and I have tried several 6 day and shorter cruises over the past several years. Our time on Royal has been great…,albeit that we have not been on Royal since 2007, I’ve tried cheaper cruises, and cruise lines. Recently we have been very disappointed in the “Destiny”. Rude people, (passengers and staff), Vegas style accommodations, (and not the clean side), average food, and below average service. Is it that times are changing? I loved the service and friendly people we have always run into in the past, and several cruise lines…, But people, remember we sometimes create our own woes. We are all tightening our belts, and so our Cruise lines are trying to accommodate us, and keep us able to afford the vacations we love. Be happy here at Royal that they are working with us. Stay away from the excursions and costs you would like to avoid, and make your comments known. If you have paid for something extra like an excursion and it wasn’t worth the money, tell them. If you have taken the new coaster and don’t think it was worth it, tell them. Let’s help each other out here with our comments…., and most of all appreciate when you have good service, and friendly people…asking that my gratuities be removed from my bill this last cruise on the other line, just didn’t seem like enough….I’ll be happy cruising with Royal again in October, and will let you know how it goes…
    Heads up Royal, we are all watching and actually would like to be happy with you.

  • Dayle

    Ditto — Marvin. The same story with us. We are diamond members too and now we are pretty much exclusively traveling with other cruise lines. And, I must say, they have proved to be sooo much better — everything from the food to entertainment and room sizes. Sorry RC — but you are doing it to yourselves.

  • SAM

    I thought i was the onlyone thinking that the quality of food was going down the toilet, but after reading a couple of blogs i see i am not alone. Also what is up with removing the mints.

  • Jackie

    My husband and I have cruised 3 times w/ RC… Our first was on Freedom of the Seas for our Honeymoon and we feel in love… our 2nd was on Rhapsody of the Seas and it was not a very good experience… The ship was late to Galveston… The windjammer was closed for remodeling, one of the pools was closed for cold weather so they allowed the kids to go into the solarium and out number the adults… It was a bad experience but we made the best of it. I was disappointed that RC did not give us any kind of incentives to return… But the next year we decided to give RC another try and we went on the Liberty of the Seas… It was just as amazing as the first cruise. We want to continue cruising w/ RC but from what I am reading, it sounds like they are making cut backs and it is not making many customers happy… can someone who has cruised recently please enlighten me on the cut backs they are making??? Are they still serving Lobster tail and lamb???? And what about the coupon books? We will be Platinum C&A members this cruise… we have always enjoyed our Balcony rooms but I read on here that they werent up to standards.. thanks for your input!

  • Ronald E

    Wow! Adam, I can’t believe how you and Royal Caribbean are getting killed on this blog. I’ve cruised with you twice, and I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences.

    However, with the state of our economy, most people are looking for deals and other ways they can cut back – not spend more. I’m surprised that you would add an attraction of this nature that would be an added cost. That’s an additional $70 for a family of four. That may not sound like a lot, but for some it is.

    It sounds like a fun run. But, unless it becomes unlimited rides for the fee I think a lot of people will take a pass on this attraction.

  • Joe

    Wow, I must admit I am VERY surprised and now concerned at the comments I am reading. My family has been on 4 RCCL cruises and are planning on taking another in 2010 on the Oasis of the Seas. I think I will check into other lines. When you pay for a large family you really like to think you are getting great value, good food, and a quality product. These comments suggest otherwise. Bummer.

  • http://LN62 Linda Nagel

    I just got back from a cruise with Carnival. My biggest mistake ever was to give that cruise-line a third try. I’ve read many complaints about RCCL’s food. Trust me in comparison, you have NOTHING to complain about, that is until you try CC lines. It isn’t all that great of food,& music / Entertainment on board is much to be desired.
    RCCL’s Entertainment has the other liners blown away! Even the look of the ships with Carnival is nothing to compare to RCCL or write home about. And then there is the crew on Carnival. That in itself will make you feel like you wasted your dollars. The crew can careless if you are on their ship or not. Actually you feel as if you are invisible to them. They make mistakes after mistakes daily with charges or your room, even at dinning time you need to remind them for simple things like Splenda for your coffee (if they remember to bring you your coffee or that you drink Iced tea everynight- And yes reminding them of these things 5 or 6 days into your cruise. I have never had that happen On a Royal ship EVER!You drink Tea the first night and your waiter has it sitting and ready for you on the second.Detail, details -they are on it!
    I can go on and on as to why you need to stick to RCCL.
    I traveled three times with RCCL and have not had one bad experience or meal for that matter. From all of my past experiences, The crew will know exactly who you are by the third day and I’m talking even at the breakfast buffet they will know who you are, they greet you at every glance as if you are the captains guest. As for the food and people saying it isn’t great- I’ve tried new dishes I didn’t care for but that was my choice you won’t like everything. But it’s part of your trip try it all, you might just love something.

    What I do agree on from all these notes I’ve read- are all these extra charges lately. The roller coaster PRICES made my eyes pop out. Yes, yet another mistake in extra fees. A little over the top. Ok, you have to pay for the install and upkeep. How about 10.00 per ride. or even 25.00 for three rides. These prices and extra fees are getting out of control. You have 4500+ guests on a liner such as Oasis or 3700+ on Libery of the Seas. If a quarter of your guests on one ship were to book this excursion at 10.00 per you would have made ten thousand dollars for one day and on one of your many offered excursions. If 1,000 guests paid 25.00 per. that’s 25,000 thousand dollars in one day. Do the math. That’s big dollars when you have at least three other liners in and out of port for just using Labordee’s roller coaster each week. Do you really need to price gouge 35.00? It’ makes you look greedy to us past sailors, and might look bad to new pending guests that will most likely opt out to another cruise-line.
    I’ve heard now too, If you want a steak at dinner in the main dinning room, it will cost you more. Um, I have to say not on Carnival, you still can order five or more steaks each night if you like, & not for a single extra penny. It’s hard not to think twice to travel with a cruiseline you loved and praised so much through the years, when you read about these extras. Especially the biggest extras for the Oasis. Online in your web site- I read, depending on the hour you dine or in what place the charges will vary. If you want to eat in this place for Breakfast it’s free but Lunch or Dinner might incur a fee. Sushi everyday from 1-4:00 on CC is not charged to you it’s free for as much as you can eat. RCCL there will have a sir- charge per peiece. The charges may not be hidden before you book your trip- but the fact that the economy is in a difficult time hitting allot of wallets, we cruisers would love to keep saving and coming back, but all these extras are making people think twice.

    Resorts/ fly and stay travel is on the rise again. Package deals galore… Yes, even with all inclusive meal plans. I’m afraid for these mega liners. I know I have decided to forgo Oasis this time even after sailing on the Liberty of the seas last year, and had a fantastic time and adventure. I would have loved to have tried the next newest and biggest. But not with the fees being cahrged at every turn. I’m sorry Royal, I’m flying and staying this next trip.
    I can fly to Maui Hawaii for ten days costing the same thing that a seven day trip on Oasis would coast me. I kid you not, I did it in 2007 for 9 days and spent 4,000 total in a resort on the beach with balcony and all…
    I’ll come back and sail when the prices come down and the extras are lifted off a bit.
    Still love you and recommend sailing with you, just not on the big mega liners just yet!
    Please consider what all of us are trying to tell you. After all aren’t the customers opinions what builds and keeps sailing these vessels? Thanks for listening. I hope-

  • Jule Harris

    Labadee–always wanted to experience it. Unfortunately on the cruise we took last year in November the Voyager did not stop at Labadee because of some “strike by the locals” and it was considered unsafe to allow us to dock. Thus we spent way too much time onboard. We generally cruise with a group and all of us consider that RC is “going downhill”. $35 for a ride on a roller coaster–you have got to be kidding.

  • Bb

    Relax…your on vacation, I’d pay 35 for the coaster. I’d hope if you are going on vacation you plan to splurge a little!

  • Kathleen lINDSTROM

    Dear Bloggers:

    I’m an avid RCI cruiser and have learned by the cruise what to do and what not to do. The more you research before you leave, the happier the cruise will be for you, no matter what cruise line you use. If you vacation, you should always read up on the events, excursions, and itinerary of the proposed ship(s)so you can make an educated decison. Knowledge is power which = the most bang for your buck…and a much happier experience.

    I have to say, the price for the Dragon’s Tail is compariable to the other excursions (advertised at $35.00 for 30 minutes = a little over a dollar a minute compared to the Zipline at $85.00 for 75 minutes) and the food fills an empty spot (not to mention you can ask the chef’s to customize your meal), and I agree with Burt…RCCL ROCKS. I can’t wait to my next cruise in 402 days (but who’s counting anyway).

    Let’s be thankful we have today, our health, and family and friends…the rest is what you make of it…I hope you make today the best day possible.

    Many Smiles,


  • Rich

    $35.00 ? Are you serious? I can get tickets to majot theme parks for that much !! Good luck with that. Time to stick with all inclusive resorts it seems.

  • Kim

    We are booked to take a RC cruise in October and hopefully, we will not be disappointed. We were on the Carnival Glory (had a fabulous time! and the service was great-although the wait line to get onboard was horrendous), then we went to the Antarctica on Holland America and they treated us like royalty even before and after you get off, then we were on the Norwegian Gem in May to the Mediterraean and WOW! We were so pleased. There was no wait line, the room was awesome, and yes we did get mints on our pillows on all three of the above! My daughter will be disappointed when there are no mints, as the kids look so forward to this every evening. Can anyone say “Andes???” Get rid of some of the food waste and replace it with the mints that will actually get eaten.Will be interesting to see how RC has changed since last time we were on this line last.

  • Laurie

    I just returned from a brief cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas with my husband. Due to time constaints we opted for a 4 night cruise. This was a mistake. I am a Platinium Member of the C&A and I have to admit this was my worse cruise yet. The room was OK, house keeping and my waiter were the best. The food was terible. I even ordered a filet mignon from the ?Chop Grille to be delivered to the dining room for 14.95. It was so tough I felt like I was chewing Bazooka Bubble Gum. The only meal I enjoyed was the bowl of pasta with sauce that was on the alternative menu. The coupon booklet left for us was a disappointing. The only good one was for a % off a Seattle Best Coffee. The reg. coffee on board was not worth drinking even if it was free (or should I say included). I am relunctant to book another cruise but my husband thinks we should give RCCL another chance.

  • Terrie

    Harold, my family did Adventures of the Sea in 2007 and we loved the ship and the food served on board. One important suggestion for this boat though. We noticed many passengers not washing their hands after using restrooms, and it was no surprise a food-born illness spread through the ship. Sick passengers were quarantined to their cabins ruining their vacation. I have a medical background and urged my party to stick with the formal dining room for all meals and avoid buffet style offerings. It was a better chance to remain disease free when your food is only handled by your server. It worked. Hope you enjoy your cruise.

  • cecil

    35 Dollars for a ride! This is crazy!

  • Jessica

    I agree with K & K, I’m hoping Royal Caribbean will have more 10+ day Southern Caribbean cruises. I’m getting married in October 2010 and want to take a long honeymoon cruise, but am having a hard time finding one on RC that goes to the Southern Caribbean for more than just 7 days. Perhaps you can have longer itineraries on your new Oasis and Allure of the Seas ships??

    Thank you!

  • Daniel


    My wife and I recently took a cruise on Explorer of the Seas. Although the age group on this cruise was a little older than we expected the cruise overall was good.

    We have been on several cruise on different lines and came back to RCCL because of the great experience we had on our honeymoon trip with them. Other cruise lines did not compare to that first experience. We did notice that quality and services that were included in our first cruise are now pay services and did not meet the standards of our first cruise.

    Here is just one example: My favourite desert is a cherries Jubilee. On our first cruise they prepared it perfectly flambee at the table and all. but on this cruise i asked for the cherries jubilee and it came already in a bowl!!! and it was cold….. the cherries had obviously not been flambee’d any time within a few hours of being served and the taste of the liqueurs was very subdued….. The overall quality of the dining room food was good but nothing exceptional. It used to be so much better.

    also the little things as someone has previously mentioned are the things that make people remember and enjoy and want to come back.

    To be fair the other cruise lines are doing the same thing as the methods and way people are trained is the same for all the cruise lines now. If RCCL wishes to retain loyalty they need to get off the bandwangon and go back to the way they used to do it and treat passengers as special and not just one of many average guests.

    Don’t get me wrong cruising is still a great value for what you get and of course you only get out what you put in. It is up to the cruise line to add those little specila things that make them more memorable than others. RCCL I cam back to you because i remembered those specila things that other cruise lines did not do. but now that you don’t do them either I will be hard pressed to make RCCL my only cruise choice.

    Thank you for a good time but next time i hope it is great.

  • mELISSA k

    My family will be cruising on the Navigator of the Seas this coming Feb 2010. I am really nervous about our trip after reading the above comments. My last cruise with RC was on Freedom in 2006, which I thought was fabulous. I realize we will be on an older boat…but wow….the comments are frightening about food and service. Is there anyone with good news??? Or should we be considering another cruise line??? HELP!!



  • Judi

    I agree with K &K about providing 9, 10 and maybe 11 day ITNS from Florida. We absolutely love the southern route but dislike the hassle of flying into San Juan. I would welcome a couple extra sea days in order to depart from Florida for the Southern Caribbean. Please consider some 9 day ITNs.

    We just returned in May from the last 10 day partcial transit and had a fabulous cruise and can’t say enough about he food, crew and ports. We had been disappointed in the food on a few of our previous cruises so we were pleased to have a better dining experience.

  • Katherine Carroll

    I have just returned from a TransAtlantic cruise on the Jewel of the Sea.RCCL cares more about having the bigest ship then they are for thier cruisers.RCCL does not read our comants.If they did,they would do something about them.McDonalds has better food.By having bad food in the dinning room,people will go to the specialt restaurants.RCCL MAKES MORE MONEY!!!It took us 2 Hours to get off the ship,how long well it take to get off the OSIS.HA HA Little things do make a difference.Put back the Diamond club the way it was.

  • AJ

    Hey Adam I have a question for you, did RC lease that beach from the Haitian gouverment or did you guys purchase it? and if so, either way why is it that Haiti is never mantioned but instead the word LABADEE is just used? I am just curious. If you like the cheese you must like the cow, all i am saying is Labadee is a part of Haiti and it should be refered as such whether you leased it or purched it. The only place i have heard “LABADEE HAITI”, use is on the Travel Chanel with Samant Brown. I don’t care if you bought the place or not, there is no country named Labadee it’s part of a country and that country is Haiti. Thank you for your continueous understanding in this matter.

  • Edna Taylor

    @Burt, You are so right, life is short and we can either spend it b*tching and complaining about what we didn’t get, or embrace the things we did get in this life and the people we get to spend our lives with and share those experiences. I am sorry for the loss of your Mom and Mother-in-Law. Have fun on the Oasis, we will be there in September of 2010 and can’t wait.

  • irvin dworkin

    hi adam–you are a phillie’s fan? thats a plus.i’m in florida noe but spent my entire life in philly and a big phillies and eagles fan.about rccl-i am a group leader and leaving on oct 10 on the liberty.this will be #10 so i will be a diamond’and am looking forward to spending a day in labadee as i do when going to coco-cay.that dragon coaster sounds great – but $35.00-wow-how did you come up with such a rediculous price?i have had other large groups cruising in the past 4 years-some with rccl and some with carnival.and i have to say we get better treatment on carnival.with rccl i rarely get to see the group co-ordinator.if i want the photographer to take a group picture.they want to charge $75.00-not so on carnival.as a group we all take the main sitting.so rccl then has their opening show(1) at the tail end of dinner so when we go the show has begun and there are no seats.when they have the c&a reception-same thing-while we are finishing dinner.on the carnival the scheduling is much better and they treat groups much better.our group also has a private cocktail party usually before dinner.thats great but a lot of our women like the frozen drinks.with rccl thats a no-no.at our last one i inquired and was told that it takes too long to make them.on carnival,not so.at any rate our group will happily embark on the liberty and we will as a group have a great time.i’m sure none of will be goining on the dragon.lastly,this will probably be our last group cruise on rccl.

  • Nattsky

    $35 for a 3-5 minute coaster ride? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • KByrge

    I have been loyal to RCCL for years. However the last cruise I took was on Freedom of the Seas and I was very disappointed. The dining room was not as clean as it should have been. All the glassware had very noticeable water stains.All the servers seems very tense and overworked.I was taking my niece on her first cruise and I spent the entire cruise wishing I had taken her on one of your smaller ships.

  • Joseph Medl

    I am not happy about the cut in benefits for C/A
    members. On our last cruise many people were
    talking about the drop in your food quality
    and service. After 20 cruises we were thinking about
    another cruise line. However we did book for a cruise
    on Nov 15 2009 Liberty of The Seas( Total 8 Pax ), we
    are giving RCCL one more shot. And with your cutback to C/A benefits, we would not hesitate to choose anothe cruise line. Nov 15,
    I am an Independent Contractor for Liberty Travel and a former Travel Agency owner

    Joe Medl 610-435-9058

  • Margaret Bartoli

    We have a group of 5 couples that have chosen RCI for a total of over 50 cruises, the last in May 2009. We noticed so many negative changes it was a bit disappointing. The smaller menu selection was one that really disappointed since we so look forward to food we don’t get at home. The quality was good still but by mid-week we were looking at repeat items. Really miss the mints at night and only had one towel decoration the whole trip. Less photo stations and the same old backdrops made that night less fun. We were taken back by the drink prices, they have doubled from years past so we had fewer cocktails. We missed the daily pool side bands and late night parties. And the changes to the C&A levels are too large and the cruise discount coupons too small.

  • Larry Williams

    My wife and I have been on one other cruise with RCI. We enjoyed it a lot. It was our first. We are going again in March 2010. It will be on the Explorer of the Seas. Hope RCI has these problems squared away by then!!!!

  • Pauline Greer

    Having just read “comments and questions”, we are a little bit apprehensive about our up-coming cruise on the Jewel. As Platinum C&A members(7 cruises)we sure hope the food is more enticing and that some of the little perks, mints, coupons etc., and not the $35 dragon tail ride at Labadee, (where we will be stopping) will be the center of the island fun. Please no more cutbacks or added expenses. We love Labadee and sure hope it stays as a water sports and relaxation island not an amusement park. Noticed some of the above comments were also experienced on our last cruise over the 2008/2009 holidays. Pleae keep RCCL as in the past, little things, and not add all these extras.

  • Steve

    My wife and I happened to be cruising on the Liberty the week the Dragon’s Tail Coaster opened. My wife loves roller coasters but I am not a big fan. We are regular cruisers on RCCL. After sitting on the beach for a while we decided to give the coaster a go. Let me tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised. The coaster we A TON OF FUN. We actually rode it a couple of times. You are able to control the speed of the cart yourself (which I like) but the ride is great. You get some good views of the bay the ship as well. I love the zip line on Labadee and the new private beach huts will be a nice addition when they are completed.
    In my opinion RCCL is putting a lot of effort in to improving their facilities on board as well as on their private beach stops.
    We will continue to cruise with them.

  • doug

    I have to agree with most. Our cruise with family and friends this past January was a disappointment compared to our fisrt cruise. Our friends and family previously cruised on Carnival and told us we should try them as the products offered was so much better. I still believe in RCCL but will be considering the other cruise lines for our next cruise.

  • nancy Carter

    If it’s like the Alpine Coaster-type ride, like at many ski resorts, it is alot of fun. You ride the ski lift to the top, and you get on a flat cart with skate wheels and a steering stick that you ride down a cement flume. You control the speed and gravity takes care of the rest. The cost is about $15 for a single ride or you can buy a 4 hour pass for about $45 and ride unlimited times. $35 is WAY too steep a price for this! As much fun as it is, I would not spend that much money for this in Labadee. RCCL, if you make it more affordable, it will be MUCH more sucessful.

  • bEN bINNER

    Our next cruise would be as a Diamond member but I have to say that our last cruise (Sept. 09) was a dissapointment due to: low quality of food – no more tote bags as a comp. Way too few chairs in the shade around the pool – No robes in the cabin & I agree that purchasing a $50.00 bottle of wine in order to get a discount is too much. Profits come with customer satisfaction, not gimmicks.”Freedom of the Seas” or “The Dream”. Sadly, I think it’s time to shop around & compare.

  • Diane

    Both my husband and I thought RCL was great. Jan will be our 8’Th cruise in 4 years, The last trip was dissapoint as far as C&A is concerned we are now diamond members and to get a post card of the ship we were on was really cheap, we DO know what the ship looks like. When we first came to RCL everyone told about how wonderful C&A treated diamond members ,I sure hope someone from RCL reads all the coments or they’ll never fill all those new ships. We hope RCL relizes that the repeat passangers are the ones they need to pay special attention to.

  • A & R

    Please get better food on your cruise ship. Me and my husband took our first cruise last year Dec 08 and was very upset about the quality of the food (Freedom of Seas). My parents has gone on serval cruise ship and always rant and rave about the food but sad to say me and husband could not do the same..

  • A & R

    Please get better food on your cruise ship. Me and my husband took our first cruise last year Dec 08 ( Freedom of the Seas)and i must say the food really did suck… My parents has gone on several cruises and they always rant and rave about how great the food was. It’s sad to say me and my husband can not say the same RCCL plese get it together… We are taking another cruise Nov 2010 (Oasis of the Seas) i sure hope the food is a lot better.

  • Eric Wilkinson

    My wife and I have been on five Royal Caribbean cruises and have enjoyed each one. Don’t usually post to these sites, but wanted to add my input in case any executives check them. I agree with those before that have stated $35 is WAY too much for one ride on the coaster. $35 for unlimited during the day would be fine. But one ride? No thanks. I’ll enjoy the snorkeling and food for free.

  • Elizabeth schiffbauer

    I am a platinum crown anchor member of Royal Caribbean and my biggest disappointment with them is they charge so much for the 3rd and 4th person in our suite, where other cruises charge way way way way less for the 3rd & 4th person. Royal Caribbean is becoming way over priced in a bad economy.

  • Krista

    Just a quick note to let you know that I tried another cruise line and it was substandard to RCCL. The food was horrible, the staff not much better. The music and many of the intercome messages weren’t even in English. We came back to Royal on a new ship and had a great time.

    However, while on the ship, we booked our next cruise for fall. It was going to be a 15 day cruise to Hawaii for our 30th anniversary. You never told us that they cancelled this cruise. I emailed and called to book excursions and no one could find it! What did you intend to do when there is no cruise anymore? We did NOT get to Hawaii but did book Feb 2010 again to the caribbean. I am just totally disappointed and was thinking of trying another cruise line again. No apologies, no upgrades for our next cruise. No nothing after ruining our anniversary plans.


    What a dreadful experience. I have just booked a creuse on RCL in May, and after reading the majority of postings, I sincerely hope it wasn’t a mistake. Call me stupid, but I look forward to mints, free room service(face it, it’s a great way for the delivery staff to pad their income) and the ‘little’ amenities. Mr. Goldstein, please tell me things will change before then !!!!
    Stay Tuned


  • Melinda

    I’m with you Burt! I lost my Mom in April and she always told us it was up to each of us to find the best in everything! I know she will be with us on Freedom of the Seas in November. I went on a wedding cruise last year (not with RCCL!) and I feel blessed to be sailing with RCCL again!

  • john

    Thirty five dollars !!! That’s like a months pay for the people who live outside the guarded fences of ” Labadee ” a fancier way of saying HAITI ! Did you know that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The per capita annual income is less than $400 and 80% of the population lives in poverty 50% below the $400 a year income .

    I have been on RCL and gone to Labadee and it is ok , but there’s no way I could or would spend $35 dollars or about $10 a minute on a ride . Give us some local culture and give it for free !

  • Mary hinkley

    I had the great fortune to have WON a 7 day cruise on Voyager of the Seas and had the time of my life !!! My husband and I had a beautiful room, the food was wonderful and everyone we were in contact with were more than good to us. We had never cruised before and were as nervous as could be. We were shown what to do, how to do, and helped in any way needed. And the food was out of this world. Would we do it again, in a heartbeat !!!!!

  • Angel Duran

    To start my dear friends you will not find a crew & service like RCCL i love cruising with RCCL. I’ll recomended to anyone much much better than CARNIVAl belive me. The crew & staff onboard they are great.
    So good that i already make reservation for a family reunion for oct/30/2010 on the OASIS, belive me take my word great service & the way the crew treats you.

  • Mark

    RCL has definately hit rock bottom . Hey I went on a cruise in the caribean and I rode a rollercoaster for 3 minutes !? Really … who cares ! I rode one in a church parking lot …
    This is not quality fun , this is state fair in warm weather !
    I have been on many RCL cruises , and my last one was my last one ! They are skimping on everything , quality is not the kind that started us cruising .
    This is another example of stick you on a God forsaken ” Island ” ( which it’s not ) call it private because it’s fenced in and guarded by armed security , and rape you with extra charges . AAHHH Paradise .
    The ” Nation of why not ! ” – why not ? Because it sucks !

  • alex J

    Did you know that Labadee as RCL calls it … we call it Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The per capita annual income is less than $400 and 80% of the population lives in poverty .

    That 3 minute ride is 1 months income . No wonder the people in Labadee think you are rich and look at you with contempt .
    Give us some culture , help out the local people … and most of all give us our moneys worth .
    RCL is no longer my cruise line of choice .

  • Ryan

    I re-discovered cruising about 5 years ago, after a long hiatus since my two childhood cruises on Cunard, including QE 1. That was a never again experience.

    I’ve cruised RCI, Carnival, Celebrity, and NCL. I had not cruised Princess, so recently I did a 3 day re-position just to check them out.

    W-O-W. Nearly everyone I spoke to was a VERY HAPPY, VERY LOYAL, multiple REPEAT, Princess cruiser. They all said, “now that you have sailed Princess, you’ll be a Princess cruiser from now on”. I understand why they all were so enthusiastic about the product. I was on the Sapphire Princess, which is approximately the same size and passenger count as, and which BLOWS AWAY!!, my previous favorite ship, RCI Radiance class (all more recent RCI ships have too many serious flaws, like NO OUTDOOR DINING off the WAY-TOO-CROWDED!! buffet — btw, I spent a long time thinking how they could remedy the crowding and no outdoor dining, and sent RCI a detailed explanation of how they could easily do that — which RCI completely ignored, not even a thank you reply).

    The Sapphire Princess has a beautiful, ROOMY AND LARGE, buffet, with lots of private and cozy nooks, as well as long walls of floor to ceiling windows, plus outdoor dining areas, where I like to take my breakfast and lunch to watch the sights and sounds of being at sea, or in port.

    There were deck lounging areas EVERYWHERE, again, both semi-private and more public; including teak deck chairs along the very nice promenade deck that goes all the way around (which I love).

    There were NUMEROUS pools, 2 large outdoor pools on Lido, plus a large covered pool (better than the one on Radiance class), plus another large (and 6.5′ deep!) pool in the spa area, with an Endless Pool current generator at one end (you could swim against a current forever), plus another 2 smaller pools in the RESORT-LIKE! multi-level aft area (obviously the inspiration for the upcoming RCI Oasis class); plus MULTIPLE whirlpools of various sizes, including 2 large ovals, at all the pool locations (Lido, spa pool area, aft area) — and ALL pools and whirlpools were HEATED, and ALL were FRESHWATER.

    The food was DEFINITELY a notch above RCI, and ALL the other lines I’ve sailed, except Celebrity (but that was before they booted out Master Chef Michel Roux, and I hear their food has gone down in quality now). It was not true gourmet, but about midway between RCI quality and true gourmet — soups, entrees, and desserts were all superior.

    There were MANY public rooms, all nicely decorated. Common to Carnival, and apparently Princess, the elevator areas were like a maze, very confusing to navigate, but ok after a day or two, and that was about the only “flaw” on the whole ship.

    I had heard that Princess has a lot of older passengers …that was not true on my sailing, which had the same demography as an RCI sailing usually has — persons from their 20s and up, as well as children.

    Also, on Princess there are no endless announcements like on other ships. There are lots of activities (MORE than on RCI, including learning lectures, like the one I went to about ship navigation; and a meet the chef and tour the galley tour, open to EVERYONE, not just the elite as on RCI) — but NO endless announcements, you just picked your events from the Princess Patter everyday, and showed up at the right time and place. They did not even hound you about bingo!

    Way better ship …classier experience …better food …just as much fun as RCI (actually more).

    And BTW, the price was about the SAME as RCI.

    I can only say … WOW !! RCI, like others have said, now that you are encouraging your clients to try other cruise lines, you’re not going to like the results — I’m switching to PRINCESS ! I just hope they don’t get too crowded now!

  • geoffrey rivas

    I am so fed up with all these negative comments, nothing really is for free in this life, when you become savvy on cruising you learn how to avoid all those extra fees. Those that complain so much about food are the first ones hoarding at the buffet lines, and probably don’t know the difference between prime rib and a mcdonalds hamburger, RCI is the best product out there when it comes to cruising, those complaining should look into other options for vacationing, move over, there’s plenty of room for newer, younger and more sophisticated cruisers. Looking forward to Oasis of the seas.

  • Matthew Derion

    I think the price is way to high but got to admit i would like to try it. A few concerns; would this roller coaster thing go throughout the whole island? Just asking because the locals gaze in at all the RC cruise tourist. I could only imagine what they would do if they are flying over them on a roller coaster.


  • KATE

    My family and I are slated for an upcoming cruise in November in which we’ll be stopping at Labadee. It’s hard to imagine that I’ll spend $70 for the four of us to do a coaster ride.

    I saw in another post that Room Service is no longer included in the price of the cruise, is this true?

    We are also Diamond members, and like Theresa, I am certainly hoping that RCCL focuses as much on our family as guests as they seem to be in launching the “Oasis”.

    That said, our previous experiences on RCCL have been fun and positive – and I do appreciate Adam’s blogs.

  • marco

    Marvin, I’d like to know the names of the other 2 cruiselines – please send to mciuffreda2000@yahoo.com.


  • Toney

    We sailed our first RCCL in July 09. The ship (Liberty of the Seas) was beautiful. Our room (balcony) was very nice. We didn’t feel like steerage. Crew hospitality was very high. We were a little disappointed with the quality of the meals, especially the buffet.
    Our first 2 cruises were with on ships with a Scandinavian name. They catered to our every whim, NO cutbacks there.
    Our next 2 cruises were on the party ships – never again. Children everywhere and out of control.
    We cruised twice on ships with Dutch heritage and were very impressed – food was wonderful, and ports of call provided plenty of time to do excursions.
    We cruised two times on the line whose blue emblem depicts a girl with flowing hair. Food was very good and selections at the buffet were great.
    Our youngest son cruised RCCL in 2004 with his sunday school group and begged us to try RCCL. We were excited about our first cruise with RCCL. On other cruise lines, one could get a cup of coffee or glass of tea, day or night. Not so on RCCL. If you wanted a beverage late night, you pay or do without. We felt, however, ports of call were very short, and because of higher costs, elected not to book our excursion with the cruise line, but take a chance on shore.
    About Labadee, we were on the first tender and got a great spot on the North Beach. The West Beach seemed small, so we went to the North Beach. Big Mistake!! The beach was full of pieces of coral and rocks – not beautiful and sandy like all other cruise line islands. Wish we had picked out a spot on the West Beach. $35 for a single ride? How about $35 for the time in port. That makes more sense.
    Overall, I would have to say our cruise was great, could have been greater.

  • James Darrow

    My family has cruised twice with RCCL…..last month we went to Hawaii on Norweigan because RCCL does not have a boat there. WOW…there are other lines. BUT I have to say…I’m just disgusted with both. The extra charges are just not worth it. You all know what I mean….four hour excursions for $120…have to pay for sodas and ect. We have discussed it and have decided to start traveling in the USA to places like Grand Canyon, Vegas, Florida and so on. We’ll see if RCCL reads the comments here and takes action because it sure sounds like they are losing a great crowd of poeple.

    RCCL….please read the majority of these letters….THEY are your customers!!! Not the newbys!!

  • Maura

    A roller coaster? WHY?? It seems really out of place for what is meant to be a relaxing beach day. If this is just to placate the families with children who just want more and better all the time, I think it is misguided. And the price is way out of line. The 25 minute”experience” is probably just the waiting in line to get on. I have been getting this newsletter because I was interested in cruising with Royal again, but I doubt I will. If I do, I will avoid any itinerary with Labadee on it. Better yet, I’ll stick with the great cruising experiences I have had in the past two years with NCL. Sorry, Royal. You’ve lost me.

  • David chrestensen

    Seems more than one Diamond member shares the concerns of my wife and myself. We are Diamond on RCCL, cruising since the mid-80’s, and we are also Platinum on another “royal” cruise line. However, lately we have found that other line more responsive, and more inclined to offer us “perks” than is RCCL. Our most recent cruise on RCCL was in 2007 to the Med, on the Brilliance, and we were disappointed in the food, the enforcement of the dining room rules and the service. One high point on that cruise was meeting each evening (4 Diamond couples cruised together on this one) for free cocktails in the Diamond lounge they had set up for the overflow of Diamond members. Now we see they have reduced that perk dramatically, so we won’t have nearly the same good time, if/when we cruise RCCL again.

    Last year we cruised the other “royal” line (7th time), and the service was impeccable. We cruised with 2 other couples (both first timers on that line) and had a wonderful private dinner served on our suite balcony that was out of this world. My wife arranged everything as part of my birthday celebration and the cruise staff made it a wonderful time for all. Granted, no free drinks, but the service and food made up for that loss. We are booked again on that line, and though we are still partial to RCCL, they need to do more in order for us to maintain our allegiance.

    As an aside, I doubt adding a $35 dollar ride to Labadee will do much for either my wife or myself.

  • http://fun@sunlink.net Bob Lorrey

    We rode the bobsled ride at Mystic Mountain (Jamaica)the last time we were in Ocho Rios. It’s the same type of ride as the Dragon’s Tail. It was a blast. It was $65 and was it ever worth it!!! $35 is is a bargain. This is a wonderful addition to Labadee.

    The new pier is the most welcome improvement. It will be so nice to be able to go back & forth to the ship whenever we want. No more tenders.

  • Eleanor

    I agree with most of the comments, especially the prices of the wines & shore excursions. We’ve been trying to talk my youngest son to come on cruises with his family (five of them), but when he adds up the cost of $10 per person each day for tips, and having to pay for coke drinks for all of them, the cost is ridiculous. They’ve been taking all inclusive resort vacations and the prices are so much cheaper than cruising. I’ve been taking 2-3 cruises a year, but if the prices keep going up, and the value goes down, I’ll be thinking twice about cruising.

  • carol willis

    We have cruised with RCCL many times and like so many others, we are finding less and less to cheer about. We took our family of 11 two years ago and in the spring we brought 50 of our church members with us. In February we are taking our family (now 12 of us) on a cruise which includes Labadee. Becausewe booked early, we received no promotional benefits like $50 per cabin etc. When I wrote to ask the Crown and Anchor society if they could provide some small thank you for your loyalty benefit for each cabin, I was told of the wonderful privileges already allotted a Gold Member like myself. Yay, I get the coupon book that every one loves…value..worthless. What a wonderful gesture it would be if they would even offer a coupon for one roller coaster ride for each of our 3 families. Sorry, I must have been dreaming.
    We also LOVE the casino but like others have mentioned, it is far too smokey. You cannot wear the same clothes twice for the smell imbedded in the fabric.
    There is tremendous competition in the cruise line business. Let us hope RCCL gets its act together and returns to what’s important…the loyal cruiser.

  • William

    Labadee is a relaxing port. If you don’t want to pay $35 to ride the coaster then don’t ! But when you get home check out how much you spent on the bar tab, or how much you lost in the casino…..you’ll probably decide that the $35 isn’t too bad after all.

    All you have to do for a cruise is show up. The food and room is included in the price of your transportation onboard the ship. Which, by the way, in 2009 is probably about the same price you paid 10 years ago.

    I’m platinum with RCI and enjoy every minute onboard their ships. I’m looking forward to sailing on RCI for a long time to come. Priority boarding is enough reason to be Platinum, and a coupon book is a freebie, so take it for what it’s worth. Why is everyone always looking for something for free?

  • Sandra C.

    Ok, so all the extras can add up, but think about this – If you are paying a little over $100 a day, let’s say $150, or $200 with gratuities… Can you match the value? Go on a traditional trip in a decent hotel. You still ahve add ons – like food, and drinks and entertainment. Crusing, just for the experience of getting to see many places and only having to unpack once. To hit the dance club and be able to stumble back to your cabin within minutes. So don’t gamble, don’t ride the coaster, take your own photos. At least we live in a free country and have some extra money to take a trip. Be thankful you aren’t living in some tent in a third world country. Get your priorites straight fellow cruisers! I’ll be on the repositioning cruise in mid November and got an awesome deal! Looking forward to the incredible itinerary.

  • Michelle Willis

    My husband and I are Platinum members of Crown & Anchor. We finished a 4-day cruise on the Majesty of the Seas last Friday, 9-25-2009. I, too, noticed that the coupon booklet was sparse in its what we consider “useable” offerings.

    I agree with another writer that this time, we were not made to feel all that special by C & A. I also noticed that we did not receive a special thank you gift in our room as in the past.

    We took a 3-day cruise on the same ship last summer and had a marvelous time. This time, however, although we enjoyed it very much, it just wasn’t the same.

  • Mark Greene

    I am a diamond member and will be traveling soon on the Freedom of the Seas. I have read lots of negative comments about the new Dragons Tail coaster ride and many over all negative comments about RCCL. Well, we’ll see soon. We are planning on doing the Bobsled Ride in Jamacia and I will do a comparison. Will let you know………..Mark.

  • Gail Montagna

    This is an excellent forum and shows RCI’s willingness to “tell all”, even the negative comments. I am a beginner RCI cruiser (9 cruises) and look forward to becoming a Diamond C&A member.

    Like everything else in life, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are a few “not-so-good” experiences in the RCI cruises we have taken, but more “terrific” memories we like to recount. We cruise with our best friends and the 4 of us agree – we have had some fabulous adventures cruising to beautiful destinations and enjoying the country’s culture and most of the time, great hospitality.

    I agree with Burt — we all should appreciate life’s experiences more and be thankful for what we have. There are more people out there that could never afford to take a cruise let alone experience a shore excursion. If you can’t afford the price of an excursion, don’t go and quit complaining.

    Looking forward to our next Royal Caribbean cruise.

  • James

    This is suppose to be a fun day on the beach. $35 is a little too much for 3minutes. That’s $10 a minute and you only get to ride it one time. give us more fun and games to play on the beach for FREE.

  • Tammy

    We love RCL but we have gone back to Carnival because of RCL’S pricing structure. We are Diamond members and always travel in a suite, but 6-8k for one week is just too much for what is offered. It seems as though we are paying the high fees for them to build bigger and better boats and not concentrating on the boats they already have nor the patrons they are loosing. I WOULD never pay $35.00 for a ride, I am not sure who came up with this price but man you need to go back to the table on this one!

  • http://tsstuff Sharon Stuff

    I just got back from a cruise in the southern Caribbean, on the Adverture of the Seas. I guess my expectations of what Royal Caribbean was to be like, were way to high. I have been on several Carnival cruises, and I couldn’t tell a difference. For what RC charges and offers, I won’t be back.

  • dennis hunt

    Thanks for all the input and comments, We booked our first cruise on the rcl liberty of the seas and purchased the owners suite acccomodations, now I am nervous that my first class dream may be hampered by the previous blogs I have read. I know we all are tired of hearing we had to cut service and quality due to profits have to be greater,the money we spent to feel good takes a long time to make and I hope the President understands they need to pamper the dreamers of the world to let the dream live on. we leave oct 3 and will comment when I know what I’m talking about,Thank for all the information

  • John Chomiak

    From a previously loyal RCCL cruiser, I am disappointed at the comments that I have just read. This makes me very unhappy to read them. On my next cruise I am thinking of going back to Holland American and taking the Alaska cruise. I haven’t heard of anthing bad about that cruise line. Sorry RCCL, looks like I will not be sailing with you again until you straighten up. I use to applaud your line to my friends and now I will go back to some of my other favorites.

  • Mel eddy

    It seems that there are many cruisers who would rather slam any new ideas, like the slide at Labadee. I haven’t tried it yet but am looking forward to it when I go back to the island. It does seem a little pricey, but if it is as much fun as the slide in Breckinridge Colorado, the only thing wrong will be that my wife and I will have to lose mucho weight to share a ride. I took video from top to bottom and had a blast. I am 81 years old, and am looking forward to the zip line on the Oasis in January. Come on people, get real. Lets add a parasail ride to the stern of the ships!

  • http://karenlove40@hotmail.com Karen McIntosh

    We are soon to be doing the Panama Canal 2 wk. cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale in Nov. This is about our 4th or 5th cruise with RC and after doing a Princess with some of our kids last year, found that there is no comparison as far as service, food, and the nice atmosphere of smaller ships. The Norovirus broke out on the Princess ship 1/2 way through the cruise and we noticed that unlike RC there was not much attention paid to cleanliness in the food prep areas, and no hands sanitizing stations in the dining/buffet areas. This scared us, so we will continue cruising with RC. Have been reading some of the reviews of long-time cruisers with you and there seems to be a trend of comments regarding quality of service and amenities……….we would hate to see this happen and hope our expectations are once again met aboard RC. Stick with what works, and you will find your loyal customers will return time after time while those who are drawn to the new “superships” will be one-off sailors at best. We hope to have a long and happy relationship with you, as we have many more years of cruising to look forward to! Karen McIntosh


    Labadee was one of my favorite places. I am interested in the roller coaster; however, we are two male adults that would exceed the 360 pound limit in order to ride together. Too bad the pound limit is not a little higher.

    I don’t want to complain about the cut backs due to the problem in the economy. There was one incident involving a staff member that has given us a negative impression of RCCL. The head cabin steward treated us horrible. I asked other cabin stewards if they would take over, but they told me that he wouldn’t let them do so. They did bring us beach towels and other things.

    We do like to take a trip every year and are planning on taking friends next summer. I just need to save money for the slot machines!

  • Gisela binder

    I love to cruise with RCCL and I am looking forward to our November cruise to LABDEEbut I sure would not go on a $35.00 rollercoaster ride, are You guys kidding us. You need to do more for your always returning cruisers.
    PS: I was never in LABADEE. Is there anything exciting to do there?

  • Robert

    First of all, kudos to RCL for not filtering out the negative posts. That takes guts to let people say what they want here. I’ve only cruised RCL once before (March 2006) and am heading out again next weekend on the Liberty. I will have a good time regardless of nickel and diming or $35 roller coasters. I will however post my observations on my return next week. Have a great day.

  • Linda williams

    I returned from a cruise on Freedom of the Seas at the end of August. I must say, while I enjoyed the cruise immensely, some of our port stops could have been eliminated so to allow more time in other ports. Labadee did not impress me at all. If I’m going to see Haiti, I want to see the real Haiti just like seeing the real Jamaica, Grand Caymans and Mexico. The Grand Caymans is another port that could be eliminated. I would have much rather spent my time in Jamaica and Cozumel.

    I do agree that the food could use some upgrading. My best meals were at Chops and Portofino. I must say though, we had the best waiters when we dined in the main dining room for dinner.

    I noticed that when Carnival pulled up along side us, they have a slide for the pool and a large screen for movies outside. That would have been really great entertainment for children.

    We are planning a trip for 2011 for the Oasis so maybe alot of these things will have been addressed by that time.

  • Ann S

    The coupon booklet’s really aren’t worth much anymore! RCCL has taken out the coupons for Johnny Rocket’s, One free drink, and the slot machine coupon is for the birds!! Before you gave us 3 coupons for any slot machine and you got that back plus much more because most people sit down and play a good bit more! Now we have to use machine of your choice and we all know how it is set!! Oh, lets not forget RCCL gives us a LAUNDRY COUPON that like most of the other coupons go in the trash! Useless!!

    And about the gift RCCL gave us as returning C&A members, You don’t do that anymore. You know a cheap pen with RCCL on it would be better than nothing. Besides everyone can use a pen.

    As for the food, I would like to have some good old American cuisine on the menu. Plain old home cooking would be great!

    I would say to RCCL, stop build the mega, mega ships. The Freedom Of The Seas is big enough for anyone. Go back to the way RCCL treated it’s guest in 2008! Bigger and bigger is not always better and better! Because of the bigger, RCCL is cutting out most of the amenities that were so appealing to your guest.

    Give us back our old RCCL that we were so proud to say was our Cruise Line of choice!

  • Scott in TN

    My wife and I are sailing on the Navigator in December for our 25th wedding anniversary. We are Crown & Anchor members & Platinum members. I hope we will have a great “Royal” time but I don’t like what I am reading. Is everyone just spoiled and likes to complain? I will hold my judgment until after the cruise. As far as the “over-priced” wine and watered down drinks, have you bought a beer at Chili’s lately? Everyone has to make a profit. You know that before you get on the ship. Just budget it into your vacation. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. It’s a vacation people. RELAX!!!!!

  • patricia grieb-poling

    My husband and I sailed on the Grandeur to Bermuda in August with a group of 3 other couples. This was our 3rd RC cruise, (the shortest one yet) and we did notice the decline of service, friendliness and quality of the experience. I think that we may need to check out other cruise lines before we sail with you again, and that is too bad as we had such good experiences before this.

  • Linda Ramaekers

    I have sailed with Royal Caribbean 5 times in the past 24 yrs. – the first being my honeymoon. Most recently, I sailed in February with 36 girlfriends. I was shocked at the decline in food quality. Towels were not folded and stacked in the cubbies poolside; rather, they were wheeled out in laundry carts right from the dryers. “Towel Animals” on beds only 2 nights instead of all. No mints. Being invisible @ the bars if you were holding your RCCL Soda cup. Long lines @ the bistro (indoors-midship) for a tiny sandwich of poor quality. Extra costs for almost anything outside of sitting by the pool (and the lounge chairs were never out – you had to wrestle one from large stacked towers of dirty chairs). My husband wanted to said RCCL for our 25th next year, and I said “NO WAY”. I’m done with RCCL. Like a former blogger stated…I wasn’t born yesterday. Good luck with that roller coaster and new ship – there are fools at the helm of this company.

  • bruce g

    I was reading all of you people’s comments.
    No one is twisting any ones arm to go on a RCCL cruise.
    I was just on one in august. It was an old ship, but we had a blast.
    The food was awesome. Service could not have been better. I sat by the pool one day and drank. I got a buzz.
    So if you are done with RCCL then be done and move on. We will be on the new ship in two years. Can’t wait


  • gARY Lake

    Just booked a cruise with Royal. Seriously, RCCL you might be on the path to loosing business. I was on a competitor this past year and found the service better and the cruise was a lot cheaper and great. We like RCCL but you are starting to price your company out of loyal customers. We love Labadee and that was the decision difference in this upcoming cruise. However, keep this in mind. One of the draws to RCCL has always been the new customers because of the spectacular. You might want to determine the best ways to keep us old ones. Certainly not by added charges on everything. Somewhere along the line I would love to pay the full freight and not be bugged about every little small incidentals. Economy, guys think economy. Folks are hurting. Prices are high and income is being diminished. $35.00? Get real.

  • Mike

    As for poster Tom Young. The beach is not FREE and the food is not FREE. You paid to get on the ship didn’t you (unless you figured a way to cruise for FREE). I’ve cruised RCL over 30 times (more than 60 all total lines) and enjoy the ships. I have seen them adding fees and taking away included benefits for many years now. I know it has a lot to do with the economy but we are now considering all inclusive vacations as opposed to cruises.

  • Roland Rosslip

    My wife & I are loyal Diamond-plus members and are deeply concerned about so many negative comments concerning RCCL. So far our experience has always been excellent. We are scheduled to sail in 2 weeks on the Freedom, doing back to back cruises (2 weeks) and we intend to check things out and report upon our return.
    However, we must agree that the complementary booklet is not great. As for the new ride at Labadee we are disturbed to see this lovely, tranquil place become an amusement park. Not to mention the high price! We will never us it!!
    One other important issue: Next year (2010) we are planning to take a special cruise with our whole family (10 people – 7 adults and 3 children)on the Explorer. As of now, it seems that the charge for 3rd & 4th passengers (children) is unusually high. It actually seems to be nearly as high as the first 2 passengers in cabin. If those prices are not adjusted by next year, we most likely will not cruise at all. We sincerely hope that someone listens.

  • Marilyn S. Safire

    I finally convinced my entire family to cruise RC in July on Liberty of Seas and with all the above comments I’m beginning to get nervous! Can anyone pass on some optimistic comments? By the way, always love Laberdee and can’t understand why they now need a rollercoaster! I’m a seasoned cruiser with my 3rd coming up on RC. Although the food is not fantastic, the special dining choices are fantastic.

  • Lee

    I’d be willing to bet that any lines for this roller coaster are very, very short……

    And as another long time cruiser who has always been Loyal To Royal, it is now time for a change. I have a few more cruises booked between now and late 2010, but unless things with RCL dramatically improve… my cruise dollars will be spent on a line who actually appreciates their repeat customers.

  • Carol Bro

    The price is, quite simply, obscene.



  • Abel

    I am a Platinum C&A member and just got off last weeks Liberty cruise. I’d like to address a couple of the previous questions posted about the Dragon’s Tail Coaster. First, I agree it is grossly overpriced. It is not a 25 minute experience unless you consider standing and watching other people riding as part of the experience (and that you can do for free). The remainder of the “25 minute experience” is reading and signing a waiver, getting a wrist band and receiving instructions. The ride itself can run between 3 to 5 minutes because you control the speed of the sled. If you want to ride fast its probably closer to a 2 minute ride, if you want to go slow and enjoy the sites you could go for about 4 minutes but keep in mind you will be annoying anyone behind you who wants to go fast. In the end, was it fun? Yes. Was it worth $35? (even for 2 riding one sled) No.

  • Fred

    I have actually been planning to book a cruise on the new Oasis for next February because of all that it has to offer. As a previous RCCL cruiser I was looking forward to the experience. However, it’s been 8 years since my last cruise on an RCCL shipt and because of the comments above and talking with other people who have cruised RCCL in recent months, I may reconsider the cruise line. I can’t beleive that such a successful cruise line is willing to lose valuable repeat cruisers over a mint on a pillow, housekeeping and other such items that make the cruise experience different from any other vacation choice.
    When greed becomes the focus, Bankruptcy becomes the reality.

  • Julie Tongue


    I am very excited about my upcoming cruise on the Jewel of the Seas. As a result, I have read as many reviews as possible that may shed some light on my upcoming adventure. I should also mention that in addition, 23 of my closest friends will be cruising with me.

    I must say that after reading some of the postings, I am quite concerned about some of the comments that are being made regarding cutbacks and overpricing. And, even more concerning is the fact that several Diamond level C&A members have moved to other cruise lines due to their dissatisfaction with what is going on and nothing was said to convince them to stay. It’s just like saying, “we don’t care about you anymore.” The concern about cutting back on food and entertainment while building mega ships to accommodate first-time cruisers is truly something to think about. I was really excited about going on my fifth cruise with RCCL this year, mainly because this trip would move me up into another C&A category. However, if what these other cruisers are saying is true, it appears that it is falling on deaf ears because there was no response to their concerns. What is RCCL really doing to keep repeat cruisers happy? Or, does it matter?


  • eecom

    We went on a cruise with RCI in 2005 and thought it was great compared with Princess. Now with all the negative comments here, it looks like we will planning our family reunion this coming February with one of the other cruise lines.

  • cheryl


  • Jeff

    Wow, a lot of negativity. We have gone on several RCCL trips and enjoyed everything. Recently we went the Baltic and tried NCL for the first time. If you enjoy complaining, try NCL. The people on RCCL are much friendlier from top to bottom. The free style dining is terrible on NCL you get the feeling you are eating at Golden coral or Denney’s they way the march you in and out. You are with different guests and dining staff every meal, so you don’t get to know anyone. After spending 10 days on the ship, the only people I could term as friendly were two of the bartenders. My in laws have traveled with Princess, NCL, and RCCL in the past year and a half. They are of the same opinon and have told me they are only sailing with Royal Caribbean from now on. With the economy the way it is, some changes are going to need to be made. As long as customer service stays friendly and in a way that I feel is special, I will be cruising with RCCL. As for the coaster, I agree it is high for one ride, but most of these slides in our area started out the same, after a year of so they all changed over to a lift ticket like a ski resort, where the price stayed high, but you could ride all day. I am guessing that RCCL will do something like this to keep the use of their investment at a maximum.

  • Randy

    Adam – Why don’t you respond to some of the legitimate criticism that has been expressed by many loyal passengers? Things such as Crown & Anchor coupons, apparent decrease in quality of food, exhorbitant cost for what seems to be a roller coaster ride. At the very least, you may be able to correct any misaprehensions or indicate that RCCL takes these comments seriously and is working to improve in certain areas. The burden falls on you to right the ship. Let’s hear from you!

  • Jay Foss

    I have been reading all of the comments regarding the Dragon’s Tail Coaster. I see where everyone is calling it a roller coaster. I don’t see it. I’m from the north when the ski areas close for the summer some installed these types of attractions call Alpine Slides. I do admit that calling an attraction in Labadee an Alpine Slide might not be an appropriate name but there is a Jamaician Bob Sled Team

  • Mary Ramisch

    I am a HUGE fan of ROOL our family has cruised 8 times and are planning a trip this winter. Labadee is one of my favorite desinations, the roller coaster ride sounds gimicky and seems a little too commercial
    for such a beautiful secluded beach. Also, I would
    NEVER pay $35 for a roller coaster ride, we can do
    Cedar Point or Michigan adventure all day for that

  • marie gregan

    i am a big fan of royal caribbean i am doing my 6th cruise on october the 17th western caribbean on the Liberty of The Seas and i think the 35vdollar charge for the roller coaster is a bit much its another charge on holiday makers Labadee was fine the way it was

  • Tim

    My friend and I did the dragons tail the week of labor day. It really was fun and the views are awesome…the $35.00 for that attraction is a joke. It was $70.00 for the two of us. I enjoyed Labadee but could not believe how they charge for everything. They even charge to go out and play on the inflated water toys. We went back to the ship broke after only 2 hours. What’s next….charge to use the restrooms?

  • Brian

    Haha 35 dollars is a lot of money for one ride. I think someone at RCCL needs to be fired for all the smart decisions that are being made. If they want to keep their customers, a little mint on the pillow goes a long way.

  • E. A. Vovsi

    Just a couple of comments regarding RCI. Having just debarked from Freedom’s Eastern Caribbean itinerary, the experience is fresh in my mind. I’m seeing a huge number of complaints about the food, but I found it to be acceptable, other than the entree choices on the dinner menu were somewhat weird and the number of those choices seems to have been cut back.

    As a Diamond Plus member of C&A, I felt that the Concierge Lounge catered mainly to suite guests and seemed not to value the repeat customer. Most Diamodn Plus members migrated to the Diamond lounge, which was an overcrowded mess. On the other hand, we were still drinking “on the house” (so to speak) and seemed to survive.

    The staff on board were wonderful to deal with, and the 11 an 12 year old girls I spoke with said they were having “the best time ever.” Sure, we get irritated with little things like elevators being overcrowded or not stopping when we think they should. So what? There’s always another one.

    I happen not to like big ships, s Freedom is not a choice I’d make again, still we’re taking our 13-year-old granddaughter on her first cruise on Mariner in January. The joy will come with sharing her experience. In September we are booked on the transatlantic through Iceland. How cool is that?

    I’m just thankful that my wife and I have been afforded the opportunity to be able to cruise the world and a good hamburger and fries will work for me.

  • MAO

    I am totally suprised with the comments I’m raeding here. I’ve cruised with Royal 2 times and have one coming up on the Oasis in August 2010. My whole family is going and was looking forward to it big time! Now I’m concerned that we’ll be disappointed with all of the new cut backs. I enjoyed Labadee but $35 dollars for 1 roller coaster ride is crazy, especially when you realize that you also have to pay for the slide and zip-line. I thought cruising was always all-inclusive minus alcohol of course, now it seems they are getting as bad as some of the airlines. What are they going to do next, charge passengers for each bag they bring on board. It’s getting crazy!!! I’m a gold member and don’t think I’ll make it to platinum!! Very disappointed!!! I cruised on Disney Cruise Line, smaller and older ship but much better service, shows and food. The Disney touch does make a difference, look into it!!

  • Joyce S

    Why have you taken a beautiful, tranquil Island and tried to make it something else!! What are you thinking? The wonders of Labadee were the beautiful beach, calming water, the peaufulness, tranquility etc.

    Why a roller coaster? You are spoiling the beautiful athmosphere, a water park?! when you have the ocean. What’s wrong with this picture? It seems your RCCL travelers can see what’s wrong why can’t your CEO.

    Very disappointed in what RCCL is doing with all the nickel and dime stuff, or should I say $10, $20, $35 and up stuff. RCCL is going to take themself out of the running as a top cruise line.

  • Elizabeth Taylor-Martinez

    I have to be honest, I never really wanted to go on a cruise, because I was afraid the ship would sink! But after my husband made me go that first time, I really think it is a great experience. I have been on 3 cruise lines and would tell everyone that would listen that RCCL was the bestest in the world! Or at least they used to be.
    Last summer we went on a cruise to Alaska with a group from our work place, 29 people in all. We went with another cuise line and thought Alaska was great, and the ship was okay. But when we went on a cruise this summer with my in-laws, on Majesty, I was in shock! I thought for most of the trip that I was on some other cuise line ship and that they were just “TRYING” to pretend to a RCCL ship!
    I think maybe RCCL needs to spend less money on it’s overhead (management) and more on it’s passengers, and even it’s crew.
    Look back at what worked in the past, to make people loyal to RCCL and try to get back some of that lost magic. Otherwise, you may find a whole lot of your ships sailing without that many passengers!

  • Bill

    My wife and I have been on 15 RCI cruises, and for the most part have been happy with each one. I go on vacation to enjoy myself, nothing more, nothing less.

    But $35 for one roller coaster ride ? That’s beyond insane. I love roller coasters, and live 30 minutes from one of the premier roller coaster theme parks in the US…Cedar Point.

    I gotta tell ya, Adam. A roller coaster that goes 30 MPH (Your words) is 1960’s technology, not 21 century innovation.

  • Rob Harper

    Take a look RCCL – real name, real email. Confirm my status. I sailed my first cruise for my graduation on the Sovereign in May of 1987 and I was hooked. Unfortunately, I could not afford to begin my vacationing for 15 more years. Since 2003, my wife & I joined the rat race to 10 cruises so we could enjoy the benefits of Diamond. Loyal to Royal was an understatement. We spent $1500 in bar and excursion expenses on every one of those cruises in addition to the flat rate price. We turned Diamond THIS year and will never get to experience what was promised to us. It was all taken away just when we earned it. That is what I am complaining about – I was loyal to you and you had no intentions of being loyal to me. CHANGE THAT FREAKING SLOGAN. As far as everything else – drink prices & extra surcharges here & there; I get it. Afterall, the price I pay today is exactly the same base price as I paid in 1987. But your empty promises for diamond benefits is where I draw the line. I don’t even get a buy 1 get 1 free Johnny Rockets for earning diamond??? What was that I get? A free sundae? Didn’t those used to be free in the first place? My 3 cruises in 2008 when times were tough were not enough for you to show a little loyalty back? BTW – I won’t stop sailing you altogether, but I did get off the Diamond P. and boy oh boy, bubbye loyal to royal.

  • Lauren

    well, i’m an old NCL fan and have only gone on one cruise with RC; however, i did pay another $100 down for a next cruise in 2010…….and i must say that my comments to my friend (it was her first cruise), was how surprised i was that after all the hype, RC was no better, and in ways, inferior, to NCL ! my balcony was much larger on NCL, the shows far superior, and the cruise director a riot on NCL and extremely boring on RC…so disappointing from all i had heard about RC. RC, you may have the reputation of a superior cruiseline, but READ THE COMMENTS!! (i too love those dumb little mints and the thoughtfulness implied); yes, we can BUY them and carry on board, but what the hey?? it’s part of the charm. i even changed my credit card to a Visa RC so i could qualify for upgrades, but looks like i’ll be disappointed there too. i absolutely believe in “seniority counting”…if you qualify for C&A extras cause of past loyalty cruising…u DESERVE those extra touches and discounts…no longer will i attempt to build up those coveted points; my RC cruise was not a negative experience, (we had a great time), but so have i many, many times on NCL and Celebrity, with much less $$$
    spent. so very, very sad.

  • Brett Brodie

    It’s a shame!
    RCCL used to have a great name is cruising and may be for the retired couple with an unlimited bank account. For those of us with larger families RCCL cruises are now too far out of reach. Not only that, it seems a lot has declined in the consistency of RCCL. From the service, quality of food, cleanliness of ships and quality of entertainment it appears that the cruise line has taken a real hit like the rest of us.
    I am a silent customer, I rarely complain but when I saw this post I had to respond. If I was a RCCL employee I would take a cruise on a competing line and see how well they do things. You might be surprised. They have increased customer service, the food is incredible, entertainment top notch and employees actually smile (even though they earn a daily pittance + live off tips).
    Like I said, it’s a shame. I liked RCCL, I was attracted to your marketing style, but you can only be let down so many times before you jump “ship”.
    It’s amazing these days how the companies that listen to their clients are thriving even during hard economic times.

  • Madeline

    I’m already a bit leery of the Oasis, feeling less like a ship at sea and more like an ordinary theme park what with the carousel and too numerous balcony staterooms staring at each other instead of the amazing ocean at hand. But to put a roller coaster on to a beautiful, tranquil beach setting just boggles my mind. I can’t see the attraction? I can’t imagine who will ride it nor operate it? Perhaps someone totally missed the mark on how to put “cruise style” entertainment on Ladabee? And I LOVE the peacefulness of Ladabee.

  • Jay S.

    We went on our first cruise in 1983 on your Nordic Prince. That was wonderful and classy. We are now Diamond Members. What has happened? Your offerings of amazing activities and decoration are great, but your idea of value is atrocious. If you take any more out of the coupon book, it will be only the cover. Food quality has steadily declined, and “everything” is now “EXTRA”. We are going on a cruise on another line in a few weeks, the first time in 26 years on another company. Two weeks after booking, we received a four category upgrade from a regular mini-suite to their best mini suite. I guess that they want our business more than you do. We never receive anything extra from you anymore. Somehow the offer to print pictures from the memory card on my camera at your exorbitant rate doesn’t equal the free 8×10 photo that you used to give us. Apparently our loyalty to you has far exceeded your loyalty to us. I can’t wait to get on our upcoming trip and compare. So far I feel very welcomed by them, and I haven’t even stepped on board yet. Wake up, guys. You are pushing us away. Customer care is the key and you have locked the door. It is sad.

  • jen

    I work part time as a travel agent and I currently have 15 peoples including myself booked for a 9 night out of NJ. The problems we have encountered booking so far have been unbelievable. out of this group we have going we have a diamond level couple 2 platinum and the rest are gold but have cruised 3 or 4 times. WE see ever year we do a cruise more and more being taken away and less and less from the employees. Thanks to all these things we are going to try carnival for our next trip I have been told there food is amazing and they ve cleaned up there act and gotten away from all the young kids running wild. If you look at it the “gift” you get for cruising each year is costing you money its not free and most of the time its not something useful. On cruise number 4 I think I got a fanny pack a) how many people oout there really use fanny packs and thatsa what I get for spending approx. $12000 or more with your cruiseline. WOW thanks . In ther theory of WHY NOT WHY NOT keep your loyal customers loyal rather than chasing them away? WHY NOT do the little things thats what got you your customers in the first place? WHY NOT take a cruise youself ans see how miserable the experience can be. Traveling to many places and seeing the world is great and thank you for the chance to dothat but don t be about making the almighty dollar when you take the perks and special things away then hike up orices. I like value but quality is necessary. Think about it this way…you go out to dinner and the food sucks do you go back to that restaurant? No probably not and you tell all your friends about your bad expierience. It works the same way if you have a great meal. Word of mouth is advertisment do you as a company want to see this kind of advertisment when you keep building ships . 90 % of the comments are negative. I m sure all of us have had great cruises with RCCL at some point, but the changes made are not for the better. There are ways to cut things back but still keep the custmoer happy you clearly have no concept of what the people want. I personally have been sent 2 satisfaction surveys by email from my last cruise (march 09) and nothing has been done no changes have been made I dont even get more than a thanks for taking our survey. Why do you even bother when you dont take the information your clients are giving you and make use of it? A lot of ships ,the bigger the better and lets offer everything under the sun to you….however everything is at a cost, and you find out once your on the ship and to provide these services we over work and under pay our staff so they are miserable and treat you the way they fee. As a thank you you can sign up for our free crown and anchor society that now gets you nothing but a kick in the face. As a travel agent be sure the news will be passed and your free advertising will pay off you wanted it you are getting it. Say good bye to 15 loyal members after we give you our final thousands in april.

  • sam z

    By comparison, we are amateurs when it comes to cruising. We’ve done RCCL 4 times and been pleased each time. Most recently Nov. 2007. My real concern are the comments from friends we have cruised with before. They just returned from an eastern Carib. cruise and, for the first time, were very disappointed with the cruise. Decline in food quality and service in addition to the perceived ‘nickle and dime’ expenses everywhere they turned. Of course I’ll have to see for myself, but I’m looking at other lines and asking other cruisers because of these comments.

  • john

    I have only cruised on RC twice and think it is still a great value. We have be fortunate to have been all over the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico with my family on land based only vacations at very nice or high end resorts. It can be easy to drop $600 to $1000 + a day for rooms, meals, entertainment and excursions. Cruising in general is still great value with any line.
    However, I do agree that the excursions are over priced especially this new one. The lines should never lower the standards that got them where they are in the first place. We are all looking for value for dollar spent in these times.

  • Edna Taylor

    Amy and Burt,

    I agree with both of your posts. Due to the economy, we have been reduced to one salary since 3 days before Christmas last year and still no job in sight. We have cashed in life insurance policies, spent our savings and are making it, but just barely. HOWEVER, we are still planning on going on our cruise in 2010 (we booked it in Sept. 2008) because I know that things will turn around for us. My point to this is, don’t whine and complain about the cost of a roller coaster or reduced discounts in a coupon booklet, be thankful that you are on a vacation and you can AFFORD that vacation. I pray that we are back to two salaries and can actually go on that cruise but if we can’t, we will always have the memories of the two wonderful cruises we took on the Freedom. People, don’t waste your life complaining, embrace what you have and remember, there are people losing their homes so not having a mint on a pillow cannot compare to not having a place to put that pillow because you are forced to live in your car.

  • http://www.viatravel.net Jack martin

    I was just there two weeks ago and I can tell you first hand that Labadee is a hell-hole. No water is available there unless you buy it. This was told to me by several staffers. And this is after sitting on a scorchingly hot tender for 45 minutes in direct sun. After one bad experience after another on the Liberty, I didn’t think that they could top it …. I was wrong. The people who work for RCCL on the island that are Haitian citizens were rude, uncaring and borderline hateful. The marketplace there was downright frightening. The excursions were overpriced to about double of what it would normally be anywhere else. The reef there is pretty much dead, so forget snorkeling. The food is basic at best and you better grab as much as you can as fast as you can, because they take it away so fast. They didn’t even have silverware, so you had to eat with your fingers.
    My advice to RCCL is to dump Labadee as fast as possible and find an island near the Bahamas. RCCL has become the “nickle and dime you to death” cruise line. Beautiful ships and mostly great people, won’t compensate for truly c**ppy food, charges for absolutely everything, bad tendering polices, serious safety concerns and absurd “no-bring aboard” liquor policies. I’ve been sailing with them since 1984, and I can definitively say that the loved RCCL of old is absolutely gone. I tried to tell my RCCL reps about it and they told me to call “customer service” … so much for me being a twenty year travel agent …. well, one thing is for sure, I don’t have to send them any more bookings.

  • delores foster

    My husband and I were recently on a cruise and have always cruised only with Royal Carribean but I have to agree about the small things being missed. When we took our first cruise we were hooked and couldn’t wait to go back but each time we are on a new cruise it seems that something has been taken away. First there was no more Gala Buffet, then the selection of food has dropped, and when we went this year we no longer received mints or gifts from the crown and anchor society. I know these things seem small but they are still missed. We still love to cruise and plan on going on a another cruise soon but it sure would be nice to have some of the little things back that made Royal Carribean so special.

  • Margaret

    We have cruised with Carnival on the Spirit and had a wonderful time. We have cruised with Norwegian and again had a wonderful time. We booked and completed our first cruise with RCCL in December of 2008 on Voyager with children and grandchildren..13 of us in all with the Royal Family Suite and additional suites to accomodate. Everyone had an excellent time. The food was excellent, the service was superb and the overall experience was totally awesome. I have always ensured sufficient funds for all activities and additional expenses. After all, you are on vacation. I have never been disappointed by any of the cruise lines mentioned. We have booked and look forward to completing the first cruise on Oasis of the Seas. We have arranged to have some family with us on this cruise as well. I’v read all the complaints and positive input and can only say this as related to all. When I compliment the food, it is in recognition that the restaurants I frequent at home are of high caliber food presentation and cost of approximately $150-200 for a meal for 2. The service in those restaurants excells as is evident in the cost of my dining pleasure. When we go on our “adventures” whether it be cruising or land vacation, I don’t do budget accomodations, I prefer luxury. After all, I am on vacation and want a memorable experience. I have yet to be dissappointed. All of our stateroom categories have been suite or better. You get what you pay for..was my mother’s motto. If you pay for Wal-Mart, then don’t complain when that is what you receive. I prefer to select my cruising experiences in a diverse manner and provide my business to a variety of cruise lines. I pay for Lords of London, and expect in return to receive services comparable. To date, I have not been disappointed, but then I am not hard to please. My family has designated me as “vacation planner” because of the high caliber of my selections. Sooo…to all the cruise lines we have enjoyed keep up the good work and to those we have yet to book with..look out, the Zimmermans are coming.

  • al & shea lauria


    AL & SHEA 10/3/09

  • Pascale G.

    Wow, I have just finished reading all the comments posted here… I have never “posted” anything before but I am a bit worried about the food and surcharges and other cutbacks mentionned…

    My family and I (husband + 12 and 14 year old kids) are booked on our first RC cruise out of NJ in Feb 2010. We have been on an 8 day Carnival cruise on the Freedom in Dec 2009 and loved it. The evening meal was always delicious and everyone looked forward to it. Our waiters knew all 4 of us by name pretty fast. By the second night, my 11 year old son, whom they called ‘Marky boy’ already had his favorite cup of hot chocolate and his favorite piece of bread waiting for him when we arrived at our table; the same kindness was shown to the rest of our family of course.

    Food was very good every night and we did have lobster and lamb and steak, no extra charge. Kids were always looking forward to finding the chocolate mints and the towel animals when we got back from our evening dinner… We usually do not drink, except for wine once in a while so we really appreciated the possibility Carnival gives us to bring a “resonable” amount of drinks on board; we were 5 person cruising so I could bring one bottle of champane (to celebrate our first cruise ever), one of red wine, a little pack of 6 diet pepsis for my mother and a ten pack of bottled water for us and kids to drink onboard & excursions). But, since we had complimentary champagne for an hour when we boarded (maybe it was special because it was a xmas cruise? we don’t know but were impressed :O)), and 2 other “complimentary drinks/champagne/cocktails” occasions, we had to drink our own bottles in a hurry on our last day!!! We did not go to the casino and were able to go to only one show (because of my mother and kids that fell asleep pretty early) but that one show we saw was a big production… we tought. So basically, we did not have to spend a penny more thant our cruise/flights/transfers fairs (excet for shore excursions that all cost about the same wether you cruise or take a resort vacation I think i.e too expensive but you choose the ones you want to do most for the price you feel is the most reasonable; I would not do the dragon thing in Labadee ’cause there might be something I would want to do more for 35$, but someone else might want to, so…).

    We found the ship was very large, with a lot of people on the lido deck, fighting some times for chairs but we usually could find a chair for my mom to sit on; people can be very curteous when you are curteous to them first (not always, but…). There was a big screen outdoor TV on the Lido+Live bands and entertainment… a bit noisy for my taste but the kids loved it. The good thing about a large ship is it large enough to have a noisy+party area but also a nice and calm area, which I easily found at the rear of the ship (experienced cruisers would know the real name but I’m still confused).

    Our next cruise is with Carnival in November; we will be trying the new “Dream” and I think we will keep our reservations with Royal C because it was with them that I really really wanted to cruise at first… I would like to compare, see if we just got lucky on our first cruise or what.

    Everybody is different and we don’t all like and dislike the same things so I guess that is why there are so many different cruise lines. I am a bit disapointed with the comments about the C & A Diamond and Platinum etc… cruisers not feeling like it really matters to the company comming back to RCL :O( I was allready seeing myself a Diamond Plus cruiser some day… We will see, the only way to know is to try it and we will make our minds then… I will miss the possibility to bring bottled water though, I guess I will be on coffee for 9 days … poor husband and kids ;O). Thanks for all your comments, sure hope someone at RCCL is thinking about meeting their cruisers at least half way. We Will report back after our Feb 2010 RCCL cruise. Bye now ;O)

  • Patrick B

    Yes, we too have been noticing the drop off in the quallity of RCI cruises. Very disappointing. We cruised the Enchantment of the Seas in May and it felt like we were on a cattle ship. The cruise director was making fun of RCI competitors. It was classless and uncallled for. Just 2 years earlier we had a grand time on the same ship. What a change in everything. We also have been on the Liberty of the Seas a wonderful ship, but the pricing is much too high now for the quality of the cruise.

    We just went on another cruise line 2 weeks ago and were surprisingly happy. We have been very loyal to RCI.

    We were shocked that the food was better than RCI and the price of the cabin was almost half of what we pay on RCI.

    In this new competitive time withing the cruise industry with just about every line introducing new ships, RCI better watch it. What they are doing is hurting their repeat cruisers and they will continue to lose market share.

    I am dismayed that RCI is charging 35.00 for a roller coaster ride in Haiti. We love the private island but this is taking advantage of good loyal customers. 10.00 per rider is more than enough to charge and I can’t believe RCI thinks that this is going to be a success. The tour prices are bad enough, now raping the passengers on this attraction is unconscionable. The time has come for RCI to stop, look and listen to what its former passengers are telling them before it is too late.

  • Kimberly

    I’m a diamond member and it saddens me that I will not be cruising with RCCL anytime soon. Prices to get on the ship are great but quality is down. I am tired of the nickle & diming. Too many mega ships have spoiled the experience for the smaller ones. As far as the coaster at Labadee, (a place which I love) How about charging $40 for a ride all day pass.

  • Paul Whiting

    I am amazed reading some of these comments, most people complaining state that they have been x amount of times, therefore hsave you not listened to anyone on board. I never book trips with the cruise linje. Just get a few together grab a cab and save a lot of money. Also I am amazed at the level of commenst about the service, I saileon Independance twice last year and I am going on liberty in 3 weeks and they are amazing. the service is 2nd to none. We must all understand the economic downturn effects us all and that includes RCCL. they will have to trim here and there but do so in a manner not making massive differance to service. I have sailed on carnival , P&O and ocean and feel that so far RCCL are the best. liberty i cannot wait to join you on Oct 24th.

  • Jerri

    I’ve read all the blogs and am seriously reconcidering another cruise on RCCL. We have had good and bad times with this line, though mostly good. Your vacation is what you make it. If no one rides their coaster for 35.00 maybe the price will go down.We have been to Labadee once and while the vendor mart was a little frightening, the beach was lovely and very relaxing. We left the vendors mart quickly and purchased nothing because of the aggressive tactics of the sales people. I feel the tranquility of Labadee will be interupted by the rides and make it less appealing but will probably have to see for myself. I will give RCCL one more chance but they will have to step up a little or lose us as customers

  • Brandon

    I have been on many RCL, NCL, and Carnival cruises, usually taking 20+ with us and have always loved our RCL experience. It is so unfortunate where it sounds like RCL is heading. I thought I was among the few who felt the Johnny Rockets addl fee was rediculous and so I just did not eat there in protest, but have recently been more dissapointed with other “nickle and dime” offered suggesting additional value.

    I was considering booking Oasis of the Seas and have also been looking forward to visiting Labadee, but $35 for one ride is rediculous. If it was %5-10 per ride or option to pay $25-35 for unlimited rides I would consider it. Not it just wants me to consider looking into Princess or other higher quality line. We would rather pay more upfront in all-inclusive ticket price as RCL use to be than feeling have to pay additional for a hamburger, ice cream, or other overpriced fees. I hope RCL Board is reading these posts, as I was shocked to read that so many of the posts above who are also repeat, loyal travelers are considering taking their cruises on another line as well. The huge new ships and amenities should not be a substitute to the quality service and value RCL built their reputation on. Is RCL going after high volume, cheap service lowering themselves below that of even a Carnival level of service. I know when I go with large groups on Carnival what service to expect and have paid similar (I ironically had the best Lobster tail I have ever had on our last Carnival ship), hearing RCL isn’t even offering Lobster now as one of it cutbacks is not a deal breaker, but suggests the decreased overall value that it sounds like RCL has lowered to recently. If so, I am going to miss cruising on and the former RCL experience.

  • Dollie

    I am planning a cruise in the spring with RCCL and you all are scaring me to death!! I realize the cost of everything is going up but $35 for just one ride is crazy. I will leave that excursion be and use my $35 elsewhere. I only paid $30 for a season pass to Kentucky Kingdom’s Six Flags.

  • Lucita Carboni

    I just got back from Labadee. (RCL Platinum member) The “coaster” is not a coaster. Read the entire description. It is an Alpine sled. It is very high in the tree tops–weaving in and out of sight. At 30 miles per hour it is very fast since you are sitting on a small seat and flying through treetops. The vairiance in the times of the ride from 3-5 minutes is because there is a brake on it. I don’t know when you timed a roller coaster, but they usually don’t last this long! The total 25 minutes includes your jeep ride to the top of the mountain. It does not interefere with the natural environment because you can’t hear it from the beach since it is so far away and it really doesn’t have a motor on the sled, it is just coasting on a small rail. It looked fantastic! As for your ideas that no one would ride it, the jeeps stayed full all day long ferrying everyone up the hill. They couldn’t possibly have accommodated more riders. I didn’t ride because I had my six grandchildren with me and couldn’t manage the logistics of getting everyone on and off. As for the cost, where have you complainers been for all the years we have been paying outrageous fees for excursions? If you can’t afford the excursions, don’t complain, just keep busy with other things. We didn’t purchase one excursion and were so busy for the entire week. As for the coupon books, I agree that they are useless (I didn’t use even one) and I had two cabins and two booklets. Johnny Rockets has really gone downhill since my last cruise a year ago. (This was my second trip on Liberty and once on Freedom). The food in Johnny Rockets was terrible and it cost way too much–cover charge of 4.95 per person and $5 for each milkshake–but that’s what grandparents do! If you want to really enjoy your trip, upgrade to a suite. There are many amenities afforded those who do. A suite has a bedroom, living room, extremely large twin closets, wet bar, mini-bar, bath tub and shower, double sinks in bathroom and two balconies. When my husband and I travel without the kids, we always get a suite–worth every cent. As for food, the dining room needs some additional items on the menu, but the buffet was always great for us and the kids.

  • GMattson

    This ride is awesome. My wife and I went on it together. It’s like sitting atop a rocket. The reason it can take 3-5 minutes is that it’s a type of alpine slide with hand brakes so you can go slow like a baby, or rocket down the track like a lunatic and scream the whole way down. The view at the top of the coaster is unreal. A perfect view of the harbor with the ship anchored. Have your camera ready, but pack is up soonafter because once you get to the top of the ride, you better hold onto everything.

    It’s a great addition to Labadee. All you naysayers are so funny. Relax and stop your moaning and groaning. You are paying $35 for 2 people (that’s about the price of riding on the New York, New York Roller Coaster in Vegas) and you are on a ROLLER COASTER in Haiti. Talk about an outrageous experience!

  • Helen

    All cruise lines are cutting back in service and quality – not just RCCL. Labadee is my favorite private island, but when they put the zip line in, their price of $69 was ridiculous for a single line. You can pay $10 more and do a much better zip line on the islands with up to 13 ropes. So, we opted not to spend the money for the zip line at Labadee. That is our personal opinion.

    Same with the roller coaster – I won’t pay $35 for a 5 minute roller coaster ride. My personal choice. If the prices are that outrageous, people won’t buy and then they will have to reduce the price. But it is all supply and demand – there are surely those who do think it is worth the money, so you’ll see people using it.

    It is all supply and demand – if people pay their prices, then they will continue to charge them.

    As far as excursion prices – it isn’t necessary to buy excursions through the ship. There are several outside companies that offer excursions (but their prices are not that much less than the cruise lines). But you can walk off the ships and find private companies offering excursions at much less money than the cruise lines – you just need to make sure what you are doing is safe and that they WILL get you back to the ship in time to leave. And if you do your homework, you can find excursions offers online – there is a great online cruise group that has thousands of members who post available excursions in each port. Many of these places are the same companies that do business with the cruise line. Do a little homework, you’ll find much more reasonable pricing.

    As far as C & A, other cruise lines offer better perks for frequent passengers than RCCL. I like RCCL, but they are not the be all and end all and I choose my ship based on itinerary, tiem of year and price. RCCL is known as the most expensive of the moderate cruise lines. If you are that unhappy with RCCL, then try another line and compare.

    I was a huge fan of the food on Celebrity, but sailed on the Solstice this year and now think their food is on a par with RCCL’s. Frommers rated a low priced cruise line as being in the top four for food (and two of the others were top of the line cruise lines). I cruise once or twice and year and none of the food is outstanding on any cruise line anymore. The better food is in the extra charge dining venues – of course another way to get extra revenue.

    If you are that unhappy with RCCL – try another line. Why be wedded to one cruise line – for those lousy coupon books which are good for nothing anyway?

  • lucita carboni

    RCCL has the market on mega ships. Since I have traveled extensively, the ship is now the destination. None of the Caribbean Islands can compare to the Mediterranean area, so I mostly stay onboard and enjoy the ships. The Freedom Class (Freedom, Liberty, Indepence of the Seas) of ships don’t compare to anything else out there. I sailed Carnival a couple of years ago to save a few dollars as I was footing the bill for 13 people. Believe me, it was like a ferry. The ceilings were all low and claustrophobic, the entertainment was non existent and there was little to do other than the pool areas. The Freedom Class has a football field sized Royal Promenade made up of a barber shop, coffee shop, pizza parlor, sportswear shop, souvenir shop, sundries shop, rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, surfing, movie theater, broadway styled stage/show, 3 pools, kids waterpark… all at no additional cost. Do you really need excursions on a ship like this? On the smaller ships sea sickness is more of a risk as you can feel every passing wave-not so on these jewels. Even the smaller ships on RCCL don’t compare. If you haven’t tried it, you really should and you’ll see the difference between a ferry and a luxury hotel especially if you book a suite!

  • Penny turner

    Royal Caribbean is going too far with charging that much for an Alpine ride in Labadee that is only 3-5 minutes long. Come on Mr Goldstein!!!! Get real!!! Another way for Royal Caribbean to make more money.

  • joseph

    This is not all. you still don’t know what u can get in Haiti until u go to visit the Citadel, the world 8th wonder. I wish RCC help the haitian Gov improve infrascture to help its visitors get taste of the citadel and the sans soucis palace, the 365 doors palace and 365 windors.

    You better believe it is located in Nothern Haiti. How Haitian did it I don’t know. this is truly the simble of Freedom. What truly ended slavery and freed all countries in the Americas

  • Nora

    I was very saddened that my cruise travel agent no longer shows RCCL in their brochures. You are definitely doing something wrong… Please listen to the blogs. I don’t want to leave you, but we will if we do not see changes.

  • Charmayne

    I am booked on my first RCL cruise, Independence of the Seas in January. I usually prefer Princess or Carnival. Last year on Celebrity was a real disappointment. I am getting nervous about this upcoming cruise. My brother-in-law thinks RCL is the BEST so I went along with this choice. Next year will probably be Princess or Carnival again. Celebrity didn’t have ANY food, not even snacks after about 10 p.m. All you could get was plain coffee in the buffet.

  • n icolas

    Why Jachk thinks the Bahamas is the only island that has something positive to offer. t his is ridiculous. You are wrong. you must be Behamian. What I saw in H aiti. there’s no other I sland that h as t hem. Citadell world wonder, sanssoucis palace, a world wonder, Ram ier, and the shockig culture. do n t get jalo us because haiti may comeback on the market soon or later

  • peggy franks

    OMG..I have sailed twice with Disney and it was an awesome experience…I hate that when we get to Labadee i’ll have some mad teenagers..i have a 16 and 12 year old that will want to go on the very expensive zipline and coaster ..but i will have to tell them no! if they were a bit less expensive they could possibly go..but 69.00 x2(about a minute of zipline) and 35.00 x2(about 5 minutes of coaster) for 6 minutes of fun is way out of my budget..plus the 30.00 x2 we will pay for the slide and water stuff!! come on RC lower your prices for these things…we road an alpine slide for one price, you went as many times as you wanted…