10 Things You Never Thought You’d See at Sea

From the Tasmanian devil to the Great Wall, here are surprising adventures you can have on your next cruise vacation
by 717

If you want to eat delicious gourmet food, enjoy live theater and visit some the most beautiful beaches in the world, a cruise is a great vacation. But what if you want to go off the beaten path a bit, and do something really adventurous?

Turns out, taking a cruise could be your best bet if you want to be more intrepid. Booking a trip that visits far-flung ports of call could be your ticket to an exciting journey. But the proof is in the pictures: Check out 10 things you’d never guess you could see on a cruise.

Play a round of golf on the world’s northernmost golf course in Iceland

Go on a mangrove safari in Brunei


See a Tasmanian devil Down Under



Tour the desert of Oman in four-wheel-drive


Follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones at Petra

Petra, the Monastery


Visit the farm that inspired the Anne of Green Gables series on Prince Edward Island

AnneGreenGables creative commons David Mertl


Check out the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Brandeburg Gate creative commons Stacey MacNaught


Kiss the Blarney Stone on the Emerald Isle

Blarney Stone creative commons Heather Elias


Walk a section of the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China creative commons rarbol2004


Play some volleyball on Rio’s Copacabana Beach