9 of the Best Things to Do in Jamaica

The must-do tours and activities you can do on this Caribbean island.
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Don’t miss the chance to scale Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Jamaica is known for many things, of course Bob Marley, jerk chicken and other must-try foods and beautiful beaches. If your next vacation is bringing you to Falmouth or Montego Bay, it may be tempting to spend all day relaxing on the sand with a cold Red Stripe, but that can wait.

We recommend you get out to experience one (or more!) of these amazing activities when you cruise to this vibrant, tropical island.

Bobsledding isn’t just for cold locales.

Credit: Royal Caribbean


That’s right, this snow-free island is famous for sledding. Hold on tight as a bobsled whips you through 3,280 feet of twisting, turning track, and imagine what it might be like to compete in the Olympics, just like the Jamaican team has done six times since their 1988 debut. They even inspired the 1993 cult-classic “Cool Runnings.”


Saddle up!

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Horseback Riding

Saddle up and follow scenic trails through two former sugar plantations, and then ride your steed straight into the surf of the Caribbean Sea. These gentle horses are actually retired polo ponies (though not water polo) and in love with the water; after all, it’s how they cool off, too!


Famous for jerk seasoning, Jamaica also has sweet flavors to explore like coconut rice.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Flavor Tour

Cook up some of Jamaica’s signature dishes in the beautiful, 18th-century Great House veranda. With a hands-on cooking class, you’ll return home knowing how to whip up delicious jerk sauce, coconut “run down” with shrimp and of course, jerk chicken.


This incredible tiered waterfall, known as YS Falls, is famous for good reason.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Dunn’s River Falls

Climb the famous waterfall for a challenging (but refreshing!) trek up the falls. Just make sure to bring your water shoes. Not up for a climb? You can visit the falls and simply observe them from a (dry) viewing platform.


There are tours for one of Jamaica’s most famous exports: reggae music.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Bob Marley Experience

Affectionately known as the “Graceland” of Jamaican music, visitors will get a first-hand look at the birthplace and resting place of Bob Marley, the king of reggae. Not only will you listen to the music, you’ll learn all about the Rastafarian culture and their traditions.


Traveling by raft is one of the best ways to get close to nature.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Bamboo Rafting

Consider this a tropical version of a Venetian gondola. But there are no canals here—these bamboo boats float you down a three-mile stretch of the beautiful Martha Brae River, famous for its tranquil waters and lush greenery.

Take a stroll under the sea.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Underwater Trekking

No, you don’t have to be scuba certified (or have superhuman lungs!) to walk on the ocean floor. A special diving helmet will cover your head and provide you with a steady source of air as you descend 12 feet beneath the surface to see the colorful sea life.


Of course, beaches make the list.

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Beach Bumming

Get some sun and relaxation at an all-inclusive beach resort like Jewel Runaway Bay. You can swim in the Caribbean, try your hand at windsurfing and savor delicious local cuisines and even an open bar.


Catamaran + snorkeling = ideal day.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Catamaran Snorkeling

Sail a state-of-the-art, 53-foot catamaran along the colorful coast of Montego Bay. Lounge on the boat as you get transported to Bogue Lagoon, a marine wonderland. Then strap on a snorkel mask to see an underwater world of coral and fish.

Still can’t decide on which shore excursions to do? You can always opt for a combination experience that will give you a taste of the island’s natural beauty, history and delicious delights.

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