Chic Luxury Cruising, According to Harper’s Bazaar

After Ann Street Studio shares the experience, famed fashion magazine touts Royal Caribbean’s new Royal Suite Class.
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The stylish jetsetting couple behind Ann Street Studio knows how to travel well. Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg are visual storytellers who hop the globe telling “tales of fashion, travel, truth and beauty” for luxury brands such as Donna Karan, Tiffany & Co., Veuve Clicquot and Oscar de la Renta. Recently, they were one of the first to enjoy Royal Caribbean’s new Royal Suite Class experience, which is redefining luxury by offering guests spacious, beautifully designed accommodations, exclusive access and amenities like intuitive, customized service from your very own Royal Genie, the personal assistant who ensures your trip is one-of-a-kind.


Ann Street Studio sailed on Anthem of the Seas from New York City to Bermuda, and the experience wowed them, dispelling many myths Beck and other first-time cruisers face before their first trip. In a story for Harper’s Bazaar, she worried about “long lines for breakfast buffets, being seasick, even getting lost at sea,” she said.

But what she found was quite the opposite: a suite larger than her apartment, fine dining, concierge service, a stylish clientele and perhaps the ultimate indulgence—the chance to simply enjoy the journey. Is she cruising’s latest convert? Most definitely.


“As we set sail with views of the Manhattan skyline slowly disappearing behind the vastness of the sea, I found myself feeling quite glamorous. It’s incredibly beautiful and completely luxurious to sail to a destination. To take the time. To enjoy the view,” she wrote on her website.

Read the full story and view her photos here. If you’re convinced, start planning your next Royal Caribbean cruise now.

Photography courtesy of Ann Street Studio.