Come Seek: 6 Travel Adventures in Jamaica, Mexico and More

See the best these destinations have to offer.
by 889

This is the year you stop touring—and start exploring. Don’t just sit back and let your vacation happen to you. Instead, dive, ride and play hard in the Caribbean Sea—just don’t forget to bring your GoPro!

These stunning next-level adventures will get you enough Instagram double-taps to last a lifetime.

Cavern Expedition

What: Wade through 600 feet of history as you explore an underground labyrinth of interconnected caverns.

Why It’s For You: The cave’s stalagmites, illuminated from below, make for some out-of-this-world photos.

Find it in: Cozumel, Mexico



Speed Demon

What: Rip through 980 breathtaking acres of Jamaican coastline and woodlands in a dune buggy.

Why It’s For You: You’ll stay hydrated with coconut water straight from the tree fresher than anything you’ll find at a grocery store.

Find it in: Falmouth, Jamaica



Shark Meet-and-Greet

What: Shark Week will have nothing on you after you visit the Belize Barrier Reef for a half-day snorkeling expedition to swim alongside sharks and more than 500 kinds of tropical fish.

Why It’s For You: Shark sighting bragging rights. Enough said.

Find it in: Belize City, Belize



Bike to Ruins

What: Bike to the Mayan cenote— a sinkhole once used for sacrificial offerings—then learn to paddleboard in a saltwater lagoon. Your cooldown? Taking a dip at a local beach, of course.

Why It’s For You: You’ll explore an ancient cultural site and get some cardio in.

Find it in: Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico


Climb Every Mountain

What: Conquer a two-hour hike of a historic St. Maarten sugar plantation. The view from the top of the island (and the photos you’ll get while up there) will make the trek worth it.

Why It’s For You: Rum cocktails taste better at the top—especially after you’ve learned the sweet, sweet history behind them.

Find it in: Philipsburg, St. Maarten




Beyond the Sea

What: Hop on a yacht for a thrilling race out on the open ocean then wind down with a mellow tour of Antigua Harbor.

Why It’s For You: Like a real sea captain, you’ll take the helm of the yacht. Not that you’ll need much encouragement.

Find it in: St. Johns, Antigua



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