Cruise 101: Getting Online When You’re Onboard

Royal Caribbean’s VOOM, the fastest internet at sea.
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On a Royal Caribbean cruise, guests can stay as disconnected or connected as they want.


Worried being on a ship will leave you adrift when it comes to staying connected? Don’t. VOOM, Royal Caribbean’s exclusive, high-speed internet, happens to be affordable, reliable and the fastest at sea. You have two flat-rate packages for each device you bring, making anything you do online while onboard any of Royal Caribbean’s 26 innovative ships just as easy as it is back home.

Internet access across the cruise industry typically is charged on a per-minute basis—which can get expensive if you spend a lot of time online. But Royal Caribbean’s two VOOM packages were created around the way travelers actually use the internet, with greater overall bandwidth than any other cruise line, and speeds at least twice as fast as before.

Here are the exclusive package features:

Two VOOM packages are available for purchase.


The SURF package will let you browse the web, stay in touch via email, and share vacation photos on social media. Starting at $15.99 per device, additional devices can be added at a discounted cost.

The SURF AND STREAM package provides all the access of the SURF package, as well as the capability to stream movies and music from Netflix and Spotify, and video chat with apps like Skype. This package is available for $19.99 per device, and additional devices also can be connected at a discount (note: pricing is subject to change). Pro tip: Purchase early to save a little money.

Stay connected to friends and family back home, catch up on your favorite movies and music during your downtime, and make everyone jealous by sharing your vacation photos via social media—all for the flat rate of your choice on Royal Caribbean’s exciting itineraries.