Cruise Packing Secrets from Style Bloggers

How to have a trendy trip.
by 2022

In a style rut? Sometimes you just need a little inspiration – especially if you’re stressing about how to look fashionable on vacation. We tapped some of our favorite style bloggers to find out which essentials they brought on recent Royal Caribbean vacations. Keep these tips in mind:

Go neutral. To feel chic anywhere start with a neutral base and accent with color. (Photo by A Lonestar State of Southern)


Don’t forget your poolside reading. In the mood for self-improvement? Try Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin, seen here. (Photo by Rarely Taken Seriously)


Bring a bold ensemble. Take inspiration from your destination. For a bold port-of-call like Falmouth, Jamaica, pack an outfit that makes a statement. (Photo by A Lonestar State of Southern)


Bring unique accessories. Take your look from fine to fun with accessories. They can pack a lot of outfit options into just a little corner of your suitcase. (Photo by Rarely Taken Seriously)


Solid jewel tones. Jewel tones are a classy, sassy choice to complement a vacation tan, just don’t forget the sunscreen! (Photo by The Darling Detail)


Choose a casual but photo-friendly outfit for port days. What makes the best outfit for photos? One that makes you feel like your fiercest self – trust us, it will show. (Photo by Side Smile Style)


Sandals with fringe are the only accessory a patterned bikini needs. Know when to edit an ensemble, sometimes just a little flare is enough. (Photo by Side Smile Style)


Show off sun-kissed skin. You will be feeling fit and fabulous with all that fresh air and sunshine. Sleeveless tops and fit, flare dresses for evening will showcase your relaxed glow. (Photo by B Soup)


Carry a big tote. It can double as your carry-on bag and a daypack for pool days or shore excursions. (Photo by B Soup)


Once you’ve mastered these cruise packing secrets, check out some tips for taking Instagram-worthy photos of your adventure.