Curious Cruise Jobs: Ripcord by iFLY Skydiving Instructor

Meet the guy who teaches guests to defy gravity on Quantum of the Seas.
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Imagine if your whole job was a succession of free falls, dives, dips and turns while you were totally weightless, flying through the air.

That’s exactly Callan Fargher’s, 27, job description is, although if you ask him, he just says: “I fly for a living!”

As a RipCord by iFLY instructor on Quantum of the Seas, Callan is leading the charge on the first skydiving simulator at sea. Those who shy away from adrenaline rushes need not apply: This job is for the thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies. “You need to be constantly on your toes and able to make quick, correct decisions,” says Callan.

Why? Because iFLY is a highly technical thrill ride. The skydiving simulator is a vertical wind tunnel with wind speeds that can top more than 100(!) miles per hour to create a cushion of air for riders to float on — no parachute required.

Even though this type of skydiving doesn’t require an airplane either, it still boasts some killer views. “I am able to fly every day while looking out at the sea or the island we are docked at for the day.” Callan says. “I usually like to rub that in my friends’ faces for fun.”

But there are more rewards beyond bragging rights. “I love being able to help others try something new and really enjoy it,” he says. “Recently, I was able to help and coach an 85-year-old guest to fly in the tunnel. The smile on his face afterwards made my day.”

An Englishman who has worked for Royal Caribbean on Sports Staff for several years, Callan describes himself as an “all-around nice guy.” He jumped at the chance to work with the sky-diving simulators when they were first announced. Callan says he loves going to work every day, adapting his techniques for each guest so that they get the most out of the flying experience. And Callan gets a lot of flight time, too.

“The simulator allows me to practice different tricks that I wouldn’t be able to try while skydiving unless I had years of experience. I’m currently learning how to fly head down, which is a lot harder than it sounds.”

“I love the rush you get, knowing that you did your best and every guest was able to have a fun, safe and exciting flying experience. The smiles on their faces mean the most to me.”

Thinking of trying iFLY? Take Callan’s advice.

“Remember to relax in the tunnel, watch and follow the hand signals from the instructor, and just enjoy the ride.”

Catch a glimpse of a day in Callan’s life here: