The TV Filming Locations You Can Visit on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

From Hawaii to Alaska and Croatia, these seven locales on TV can play a starring role in your cruise vacation.
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Royal Caribbean ships visit destinations around the world, many of which you may recognize from your favorite TV shows.

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Picture it: You’re watching one of your favorite TV shows and suddenly wishing that you could switch places with one of the characters as they relax on a white sand beach, take in the sight of a towering glacier or wander around historic landmarks. Now, what if there’s a way to make that happen in real life?

Name any of your favorite shows and movies, and the odds are they’ve filmed in several picture-perfect destinations. Hit shows like “Deadliest Catch,” “Ted Lasso” and “Outer Banks” have all filmed in locations that you and your friends and family can visit on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Whether you’re looking for time in the tropics, like on the island nation of Barbados, or a taste of English culture in the center of London, these TV shows can inspire you to write the script for your next getaway.

Take a look at seven jaw-dropping filming locations you can see firsthand with Royal Caribbean:

Sail the remote waters of Alaska for unparalleled views of glaciers, wildlife and more.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

“Deadliest Catch” – Alaska

The fishermen on “Deadliest Catch” are often out in the tundra of Alaska, working through the freezing temperatures while offshore crab fishing. The good news is that you can comfortably explore the majestic beauty of the Last Frontier by cruise ship, which offers a variety of restaurants, entertainment and activities for the whole family on board—it’s a major upgrade from a crab fishing boat. Ovation of the Seas, for example, features a lineup of thrills like the North Star observation capsule that goes as high as 300 feet above the ocean, the signature FlowRider surf simulator and a sky diving simulator called RipCord by iFly. And there are three more ships you can choose from that’ll sail to Alaska in 2022.

Every summer, Royal Caribbean sails Alaskan waters, where you can go whale watching and zip lining, and enjoy endless views of glaciers and other natural frozen wonders. You can even go on a crab fishing excursion or trek into the forests with a guide to spot wildlife.

In the Alaskan wilderness, there is abundant wildlife, staggering blue glaciers and plenty of memories to be made.


The sandy beaches of Crane Beach in Barbados are known for their pink sand beaches against a backdrop of vibrant greenery.

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“Outer Banks” – Barbados

Don’t let the show’s title fool you: Even though the official location of “Outer Banks” is in North Carolina, part of Season 2 was filmed in Barbados. It’s the ultimate backdrop to find underwater treasures.

If you’ve watched this Netflix hit and want to see some of its most memorable filming locations, a cruise to Barbados is just the answer. You can visit Cove Spring House, a gorgeous mansion that sits on a coral cliff overlooking the ocean. The famous house doubled as a film set for some of the key moments of Season 2. While in Barbados, make sure to also sunbathe on the beach and dip into the clear blue waters seen in the popular show.

Discover the island nation’s open-air markets, limestone caves and pristine beaches on a cruise to and from Barbados


Catch a wave, relax on the Oahu beach or zip line through the trees in Hilo, Hawaii.

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“The White Lotus” – Hawaii

In the colder months, what are most people looking to do? Escape to the warm weather.

A new HBO mini-series, “The White Lotus,” follows families that are enjoying their much-needed vacations in Hawaii—until they aren’t anymore. The show has undoubtedly captured some of the most beautiful footage of Hawaii there is to offer.

Royal Caribbean can get you to several of the famed islands of Hawaii—whether you’d like to experience Polynesian culture, relax in the Kula Botanical Garden or check out famous Hawaiian zip line adventures. You can sidestep the colder temps by taking a cruise to Hawaii and other destinations for a tropical getaway (which will leave you in much better condition than the show’s cast).

Visit Hawaii on the way to Alaska or California and cross off multiple destinations on your travel list.


Capture a picture-perfect moment at a famous landmark, like Big Ben, on a trip to the United Kingdom.

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“Ted Lasso” – British Isles

A crowd-pleaser, “Ted Lasso” swept up seven Emmy awards after receiving 20 nominations. This Apple TV+ original follows Ted Lasso, an American football coach who’s been tasked to bring a struggling English football (soccer for U.S. readers) team back to their former glory.

Whether you see yourself driving along the rolling countryside of Ireland, visiting Scottish castles or taking guided tours of cities like London, Dublin and Edinburgh, there’s something for everyone to see when you sail to the British Isles.

Enjoy the best of the British Isles on a cruise.


Discover the incredible landscapes of Australia, from the Sydney skyline to the beaches of Byron Bay.

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“Nine Perfect Strangers” – Australia 

Have you ever dreamed of a secluded wellness retreat? So did the characters of new Hulu series “Nine Perfect Strangers,” filmed at SOMA, a meditation retreat in Byron Bay, Australia. The land Down Under is known for its lush landscapes, beautiful scenery, blue seas and bright sunshine—all in full display on the show.

If this sounds like your ideal vacation, our cruises to Australia—and New Zealand—sail to several of the best destinations, including Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. Whether you’re looking for awe-inspiring shows at the Sydney Opera House, a chance to live out your “The Lord of the Rings” fantasies in Tauranga, New Zealand, where the famed movie trilogy was filmed; or a place to relax and recharge on the beach, this is the perfect getaway for everyone in the family.

Sail away on your own paradisal escape by taking a cruise to Australia.


Croatia offers endless adventure in places like Split on the Adriatic Sea.

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“Succession” – New York and Croatia

If you enjoy indulging in the drama that is HBO’s popular series “Succession,” you might be interested in traveling to some of the beautiful locations where the show took place. For a taste of luxury and woodsy charm, head to the Adirondacks in New York to hike, fish and kayak. You also could specifically visit Lake Placid Lodge—that’s where the show was filmed.

Or if you’re more interested in harnessing the vibes of Season 2 of the show, consider Croatia, where other famous shows like “Game of Thrones” filmed. Croatia is known for ancient Roman amphitheaters and palaces, and the picturesque Dalmatian Coast. And consider the ship you’re sailing on, with a variety of restaurants, outdoor pools, bars and lounges, and a lineup of thrills, your version of the family’s yacht in the show.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultures of New York and Croatia on a cruise.


Embark on new experiences around every corner in Trinidad and Tobago.

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“The Amazing Race” – Trinidad and Tobago

There are plenty of reasons to take a trip to the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago, where the first leg of the 2020 “Amazing Race” started. Although you can leave the running around to the contestants, this dual-island Caribbean nation is full of activities and sights for the family, like hiking through rainforests or paddle boarding in the blue waters. And don’t be surprised if you recognize some of the show’s filming locations while you’re there!

Race off on your own amazing journey and cruise to Trinidad and Tobago.


Regardless of your taste in TV, there’s a new, exciting destination waiting for you. If you’re dreaming of being on location instead of on the couch, you can start planning your way there now.

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