It’s Time To Treat Yourself To A Wellness Vacation

From forest bathing to soaking in thermal waters, a Royal Caribbean cruise can take you there.
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Wellness can be part of any vacation, including at the exclusive Coco Beach Club on Royal Caribbean's private island destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay.

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The saying “New year, new me” means more than ever this year. We all deserve a reset, whether that means a fresh outlook on life or taking in a new view or two. Through wellness travel, you can have both.

While there are dishes to try, city streets to shop and historic landmarks to check off your bucket list, it’s sometimes just as important to find moments to appreciate the world around us, from summiting a mountain in the wilds of Alaska to soaking in the famous waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Better yet, a cruise can take you to all of these places and more. The best part? You can completely unwind—no need to worry about missed connections, scoring an open middle seat or misplaced luggage—and fully embrace every minute in each destination as soon as you arrive.

Here are some of the best wellness experiences to add to your travel list:

Hiking’s benefits are wide ranging—great photos are just one of many.

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Hiking, Alaska

Sure, hiking seems obvious, but going back to basics can bring the biggest rewards. The great outdoors not only will have your heart racing from the physical exercise, but your head will be in the clouds—both figuratively and literally—with unmatched views of the surrounding landscapes. And vacation hikes are a perfect substitution to a workout at the gym on board, should you prefer to get out there and mix things up.

There are plenty of popular national parks and forests to choose from, but if you’re looking for something a little more rugged, then America’s Last Frontier is a must. From Denali National Park and Preserve to Skagway’s Chilkoot Trail, Alaska’s backdrop will be on full display with glaciers, mountains and wild animals.


Coco Beach Club is a beachfront escape for those craving the ultimate relaxation experience.

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Coco Beach Club, The Bahamas 

Royal Caribbean’s Coco Beach Club was designed for next-level relaxation, featuring the first floating cabanas in The Bahamas, an oceanfront infinity pool, beach cabanas, an exclusive restaurant, a private beach and more. Tucked away on our private island destination—Perfect Day at CocoCay—the lavish retreat elevates the vacation experience with exclusive offerings and panoramic ocean views.

Delivering on all your relaxation needs and only a button away, each beachside and floating cabana includes a dedicated attendant and your choice of dishes from the restaurant’s tasty menu—we recommend the signature coconut-crusted lobster sandwich. Whether indulging in a cabana or opting for a day pass, your worries will melt away as you sit back and soak up the sun.


The Blue Lagoon is a popular spot when visiting Iceland.

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Hot Springs, Iceland

The tradition of bathing in mineral-rich hot springs dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. Sure, it may have receded after the arrival of bathtubs, but many still swear by these thermal baths and their effects on your body—think improving circulation, easing muscle pain and simply relaxing your mind.

Though there are other hot springs scattered throughout Iceland, the country’s Blue Lagoon continues to top travel lists for its healing waters. It’s jam-packed with minerals like silica, which is what gives the lagoon its milky blue coloring and forms the soft white mud at the bottom of the lake. In addition to a thermal bath, travelers can also double down on their detox with a mud bath, much like in Italy.

Pro tip: While on board, you can also make your way to the spa or hot tubs after hitting the gym—you’ll have earned a break for your muscles.


Sound figuratively “washes” over you in this meditative practice called sound bathing.

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Sound Bathing, Florida

Have you heard? Sound bathing is in. This meditative practice is meant to calm participants, enveloping them in the various frequencies of sound produced by tuning forks, singing bowls and gongs, among other calming instruments. Other benefits may include helping with insomnia, blood pressure and anxiety.

While trending today, sound bathing has been a practice in many cultures around the world for ages, from Tibetan monks and Greek philosophers to Australia’s aboriginal people who used didgeridoos—a long, woodwind instrument. Now, you can sound bathe just about anywhere, including many Florida wellness spas and studios.


Reiki focuses on unblocking and smoothing out the flow of one’s energy.

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Reiki, Singapore

Good energy is everything—enter reiki, a New Age method of healing in which a practitioner hovers their hands over your body to facilitate the flow of energy. The treatment is said to help with both relaxation and stress, as well as physical pain and illness.

Reiki first came to fame in Japan and has since grown in popularity in parts of the world like Singapore. It is even practiced in hospitals and medical centers.


Italy is a popular destination for experiencing the healing properties of mud baths and thermal spas.

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Mud Baths, Italy

Mud baths date back centuries ago to eastern Europe and became popular thanks to their renowned healing properties. Commonly composed of thermal water and volcanic ash, these baths have inspired popular luxury spas that are indoors, but there are also plenty of outdoor options you can easily access at several destinations we cruise to around the world like Turkey, Greece and New Zealand.

Ischia—an island off the coast of Naples, Italy—tops any wellness wanderer’s list. Travelers can enjoy a mineral-rich mud treatment before soaking in one of the island’s many thermal spas brimming with volcanic water. Among the benefits: detoxifying and drawing out impurities from the body, softening skin, improving circulation and easing aches.

Pro tip: Check out new ship Odyssey of the Seas, sailing from Rome to cruise the Mediterranean in summer 2022.


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