Escape Room Comes To The High Seas

Like a challenge? Try your hand at Escape The Rubicon.
by 378

As Harmony of the Seas was being outfitted with signature neighborhoods and top-notch entertainment like the AquaTheater and its high-diving performers, the puzzle game “escape room” phenomenon was trending—and caught the eye of Nick Weir, vice president of entertainment at Royal Caribbean International.

Fast-forward to today, and “escape rooms” quickly have grown from a niche trend to a full-blown craze. Thanks to Weir’s direction, Harmony of the Seas was designed with one of the most exciting, sophisticated and thrilling versions in the world.

Escape The Rubicon ups the ante of the typical “escape room” format by adding a healthy dose of theater to your surroundings and final escape. Team up with a group of friends, family, or fellow travelers, then board the S.S. Rubicon, a uniquely designed room, full of hidden clues. You’ll use your wits to solve a puzzle and unravel a mystery—then (hopefully) free yourself before time runs out.

“What we’ve built is truly a Hollywood movie set,” says Nate Martin, the co-founder and CEO of Puzzle Break. “You won’t merely open a lock in this game; instead, you’ll trigger magical technological reactions throughout the room to work toward your escape.” (We’d tell you more, but—no hints.)

Whether you are a puzzle lover or an adventure junkie, Escape the Rubicon will add fun, intrigue and a unique challenge to your vacation. Check out the weeklong 2017 Caribbean trips on Harmony of the Seas here, and be sure to find time to escape from a starship while at sea.