Europe: 8 Bucket-List Spots You Can See on a Cruise

Sail away on your dream European vacation.
by 1426

Europe is a traveler’s paradise: From history to food, there’s almost nothing you can’t see or do here. Crossing some amazing European spots off your bucket list is easier (and more affordable!) than you think. Check out these brag-worthy destinations you can visit on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

  1. Monte Carlo

If living the James Bond life (at least for a day) is on your ultimate list, revel in the old-school glamour of the Grand Casino in the Principality of Monaco. Tour the old town, walk part of the race circuit for the Grand Prix of Monaco and explore the landmark casino with its uber-exclusive and ornate high roller rooms.

Don’t miss: Enjoying a cone of gelato from the famous Morelli’s shop, just outside the casino.
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Cannes (Monte Carlo), France


Beautiful village of Oia at sunrise, Santorini, Greece
  1. The Greek Islands

Explore Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete, seeing firsthand the iconic whitewashed buildings that cling along the clifftops to the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Sample an authentic Greek meal — think freshly caught grilled fish, tasty mezes and a glass of locally made ouzo.

Don’t miss: Spotting Petros the Pelican, Mykonos’ larger than life local mascot.

Find it in: Greece


  1. Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones fans, prepare to geek out as you experience the real-life King’s Landing. The old city and the walls that surround it were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the views can’t be beat.

Don’t miss: Walking the city walls and the narrow side streets full of shops, bars and restaurants.

Find it in: Dubrovnik, Croatia


  1. Tuscan Vineyards

For wine lovers, Tuscany is about as close to heaven as it gets: With rolling vineyards, picturesque olive groves and adorable villages, there’s no better place on earth to sample the products of local winemakers.

Don’t miss: Catching a glimpse of the mountains where Michelangelo sourced his marble for the statue of David. Oh and did we mention fresh pasta and wine?

Find it in: Florence, Italy


  1. The Eiffel Tower

Built as the gateway to the Universal Exposition of 1889, this tower of iron lattice has become a symbol for the beauty and romance of Paris. At nearly 1,000 feet tall it can be seen from almost all parts of the city, but the Champs de Mars Park at its foot is the perfect photo spot. You’ll experience it up close, with a sumptuous lunch inside the tower itself.

Don’t miss: The view from the Trocadéro while indulging in a delicious chocolate covered gaufre (waffle).

Find it in: Paris (Le Havre), France




  1. Norway’s Fjords

Kayak through the Geiranger Fjord, named by Lonely Planet as the #1 experience in Norway, thanks to its stunning natural beauty and grand scale. Along the way, you’ll see steep mountain cliffs covered in lush greenery, serene blue-green waters and several famous waterfalls.

Don’t miss: Looking for the mountain peak that resembles a sleeping Viking.

Find it in: Geiranger, Norway


  1. La Sagrada Familia

Take a guided tour of architect Antoni Gaudí’s crowning glory, the Sagrada Familia basilica. The massive building looks like a Gothic cathedral that’s melting, and is still under construction after ground was broken way back in 1882.

Don’t miss: Sampling classic tapas like Serrano ham, Patatas Bravas or Manchego cheese after a stroll on Las Ramblas.

Find it in: Barcelona, Spain


  1. Venice

This stunning floating city, known for its cobblestone streets, public squares and romantic bridges, is a mecca for lovers of beauty, history and incredible food. The city’s famous gondolas are all painted black because of a 17th century law enacted to keep local nobles from competing for the fanciest float.

Don’t miss: A visit to Murano, the islands in the Venetian lagoon famous for their talented local glassmakers

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