Fun, Royal Caribbean Indoor Activities For Families

While you’re home in quarantine, here’s what you and the kids can do.
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Ways to keep the young ones entertained.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

With social distancing becoming the new norm—at least for a while—everyone is looking toward indoor activities to keep themselves, their kids and even friends and relatives in other places entertained.

We are always thinking about how we can use our experience in entertaining guests to help you pass the time together at home. After all, the fact that we create plenty of top-notch activities for kids is a major reason cruising is such a great vacation option. We’ve put together a list of family activities, from classic art projects like coloring to folding towels into fun animals, all available on our hub for family activities and games.

While you’re staying home to keep your family and others healthy, try all of these fun, family activities for a little diversion, and a chance to spend some quality time and even show off your artistic side:

Whether sea creatures or intricate patterns, adult coloring offers a relaxing escape.


Coloring: Not Just For Kids

It’s creative, kids love it and it can be done almost anywhere—coloring is an old standby. That’s why we’ve shared our kids coloring sheets featuring mermaids, dolphins and more. But adults can be creative too; they just tend to stay within the lines better (for the most part).

Check out a variety of designs for you “big kids” with intricate patterns and others for the children, so everyone can get creative together. Pick from mandalas, the geometric figure popularized in adult coloring, or land animals like bears and elephants and marine life patterns like sea turtles or penguins.


By the time your kids lead the penguin to the fish, it’ll be time for their own dinner.


Mealtime Mazes And More

We all miss sitting down at restaurants with friends and family, but hopefully, fun mealtime placemats can bring some adventure to the dinner table while you perfect grilled cheese or chicken fingers for your kids (or something a little fancier for yourself!).

Whatever’s on the menu, they’ll keep your kids amused—and your table a little cleaner. While you’re cooking, the youngsters can connect the dots, work their way through a maze and complete crosswords and word searches.


Make a menagerie in any room.


Welcome To The Jungle….Of Towel Animals

One small and yet memorable touch that brings an element of magic into whichever stateroom you book for your cruise: the towel animals waiting in your room after a long day of adventuring. Now you can take a page from our book and bring these friendly animals into your home.

Follow step-by-step instructions to create a swan, monkey, boat, lobster, elephant and more. If you video chat with friends and family, you can even work through them together and compare at the end! Best of all, you’ve likely got all the items handy—towels and sunglasses to accessorize or anything else around your home.



Drawing By Numbers (And Letters)

If you know the ABCs and can count to 10, then you can draw—believe it or not! Muffalo Potato is a learn-to-draw YouTube series co-branded with Royal Caribbean. Hang out with John and Muffalo as they guide you to easily create your very own sea creatures and more by using shapes you already know. While at home, it’s a perfect time to indulge in your artistic talents—whether you’re a beginner or fancy yourself an artist. Check out this video to learn to draw a cartoon dog starting with writing a word.

Stay tuned to our family activities hub for more updates on family-friendly fun that can keep your household entertained by creating memories to make the most of this time.


We’re looking forward to the day we can connect you to adventures on the high seas again. Until then, stay safe.