Living The Dream: Talking With Royal Caribbean Crew Members

Our crew comes from across the globe, and their talents are just as diverse.
by 343

Royal Caribbean ships travel all around the world—fittingly, our thousands of crew members, who keep things moving smoothly, come from a range of global locations; everyone brings with them different passions, skills and interests.

Keeping our ships operating and looking great takes many people doing a variety of jobs, from working our zip lines to creating expert cocktails behind the bars, pruning the gardens in Central Park and serving custom-made, personal-size pizzas. Thankfully, there are hands for every glove, as they say, and we talked to several of our crew members to learn more about why they love their jobs. Hear what they had to say:

Bridging skills and interests is key for success. “To be passionate, you have to enjoy what you do, and if you enjoy what you do, yes you will excel,” says Ian Steadman, an executive sous chef on Harmony of the Seas, who hails from Jamaica.

Another thing many of our crew members have in common is their love of adventure—and this job gives them the chance to see the world, as well as meet new guests on board. “There’s no job that offers what we get here,” says entertainer Emma Salvo, who plays Jan in Grease onboard Harmony of the Seas. “To be able to sing and dance every day for a living, as well as set foot in a different country every other day, is just the most fantastic way to live life.”

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