Packing Tips For An Adventure-Filled Trip

This core list will make sure you’re covered.
by 660

Whether visiting St. Lucia or anywhere else in the Caribbean, pack for adventure.


Whether you’re planning a month-long trek or just want to be prepared for adrenaline-packed shore excursions on your next Royal Caribbean getaway, it’s important to be prepared. Before you start packing, consider what you’ll be doing: everything from the climate and weather of your destination to the duration and intensity level of activities will affect what goes in your bag. No matter what’s ahead for your next journey, make sure you’ve got all the right gear by following this list.

1. Sunglasses

No matter the temperatures, good sunglasses are indispensable in both hot and cold climates. Look for a pair with a fit that follows the contours of your face—this ensures the glasses stay put. Don’t forget about UV protection, and consider choosing a pair with interchangeable lenses for max efficiency.

2. Daypack

This essential bag will stay with you all day, carting the things you use most. You’ll want one that is light and roomy, versatile and with a streamlined fit to move with your body. Bonus: Your daypack doubles as the ideal carry-on “personal item.”

3. Leashed Phone Case

If your mobile phone is your constant companion, it’s important to keep it secure when you’re moving outdoors. Take a look at the newest lineup of cell phone cases complete with a cord and a carabiner, which keep your phone tethered should it fall out of your hand or pocket.

4. Water Bottle

You’ll find that a one-liter or quart-size water bottle is essential on day hikes. Soft bottles made of durable but flexible material can be easier to pack and cart around than rigid bottles. Bonus: Carrying and refilling your own bottle is better for the local environment than disposable plastic bottles.

5. All-Weather Hat

A functional adventure hat is lightweight and keeps you dry and safe in the sun. Look for one made of packable nylon, sporting a wide brim and coated with water-resistant polyurethane. A removable chinstrap is helpful for keeping it in place when you’re active.

6. Hiking Shoes

Appropriate footwear is key for outdoor adventures—closed-toe shoes are a must once you’re away from the beach. Ideal hiking shoes should cover the ankle and be sturdy, waterproof, breathable and, most importantly, comfortable.

7. Lightweight Shell

A waterproof, breathable shell can be your best friend in any weather. Look for one made of weather-resistant, ripstop nylon fabric that blocks wind and water while also withstanding abrasion, yet breathes to help regulate your body temperature.

8. First Aid Kit

Prepare for the minor bumps and bruises that can accompany outdoor adventures. Find a small, soft kit that stores the essentials. Make sure the kit includes bandages, ointments, antiseptic wipes and pain relievers. In addition, you may want to add a whistle for signaling help if one isn’t already included.

9. Vest

A down vest provides warmth without bulk. Consider one that is windproof, water repellent, and packs into its own pocket for easy and compact storage.

10. Fleece

A fine-knit fleece provides an excellent mid-layer suitable for a range of outdoor activities. Think lightweight yet warm, with a blend of merino wool (which will keep it odor-free), and a touch of nylon and lycra for a smooth fit.

Now that you have your guide to the essentials, choose your next adventure on a Royal Caribbean cruise.