The Best Shore Excursions in Bermuda

Going beyond this hot spot’s pink beaches and patterned shorts.
by 666

A territory made up of 138 islands off the east coast of the U.S. in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is best known for the beauty of its pink sand beaches, the intrigue of the Bermuda Triangle, and the style statement of its celebrated shorts. But this ever-popular travel destination offers so much more, and when your cruise visits King’s Wharf, you’ll have the opportunity to experience its most impressive attractions. Royal Caribbean shore excursions in Bermuda are geared toward discoveries—whether they’re natural wonders like Tom Moore’s Jungle or the proper way to savor the locally made rum.

On the Hidden Gems Exploration Adventure—a guest favorite—you’ll go off the beaten path to discover the area around Castle Harbour. After walking through the mangroves of Tom Moore’s Jungle you’ll head to a set of secluded caverns where you can swim in natural pools. You’ll break for a snack from Bailey’s Bay Ice Parlor before climbing to the top of St. David’s Lighthouse for its enviable ocean views, then wrap up your excursion at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve to go snorkeling above the coral reef.

Set a different pace on the Goslings Sunset Rum Tasting Cruise, you’ll take in the panoramas of King’s Wharf at its loveliest while learning about the island’s history of rum-making. You’ll sample the company’s line of liquor, taste rum cake and savor a Dark ‘N’ Stormy—Bermuda’s national drink.

If you’re on the hunt for more adventure, check out the Bermuda Triangle Shipwreck Snorkel. You’ll dive and swim through two famous Bermuda shipwrecks, the Constellation and the Montana. The Constellation is a wooden-hulled four-master (the old ships with racks of sails commonly associated with pirates) that was built in 1918 and sank in 1943. Scattered remains of the Montana went down more than 150 years ago, but her iron paddlewheel frames remain intact. Each is located on the edge of a surrounding reef loaded with colorful coral and fish.

Families traveling wth kids should spend a day at the Aquarium and Crystal Caves. While the islands’ beaches get most of the glory, it’s said that the most breathtaking views are here, underground. There are cave ceilings adorned with rare chandelier clusters and delicate crystallized soda straws that hang above deep, clear pools of azure blue water. You’ll also see hundreds of species of sea life and more at one of the world’s oldest aquariums.

If you’re looking to experience even more, opt for the Bermuda Island Drive, which gives you an overview of the whole island in half a day. A bus will take you along the beaches to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, where you can enjoy the 360-degree views before heading to St. George’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and finally, the capital city of Hamilton, one of the best spots for shopping and some sightseeing.

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