Why Cruising Is The Ideal Romantic Getaway

On the high seas, sometimes two is the magic number.
by 791

Open air meals overlooking the Aqua Theater will always lighten the mood.


The bright blue ocean, the wind in your hair, regular jaunts to the Caribbean—how could a cruise vacation not be considered romantic? Perhaps that’s why it’s such a popular choice for weddings and honeymoons. And when you opt for Royal Caribbean’s Royal Weddings experience, you get your own coordinator to help you choose from a signature lineup of packages to plan the ideal ceremony and celebration for you. Even after tying the knot, newlyweds can honeymoon in style by adding on a special romance package, creating a cruise-specific honeymoon registry, heading to the spa for extra pampering, and more.

But you don’t have to wait for your special day to consider a cruise for your next vacation: you and your significant other can have the ultimate trip no matter the occasion—or season. Read on for our list of five reasons why cruising is the ultimate getaway for two.

1. It’s Truly Stress-Free

Nothing invades alone time with your significant other more than stress—it’s one of the primary reasons we take vacations. On a cruise, almost all of your needs are met from the moment you step on board. Your suitcases are delivered to your stateroom, you unpack once, and while you wake up in a new destination each day, you never have to worry about getting there, finding a hotel or choosing the perfect restaurant. You can completely unplug and unwind, and experts on board are always available to assist you with planning your perfect day in every port.

Taking in a sunset on the balcony is sure to bring the romance.


2. Romance is Built Into the Backdrop

It may sound obvious, but the panoramic views of sunrise and sunset, the scent of salt in the air, the lapping of the wind and the soothing motion of the waves all bring to mind a more golden era that imbues the trip with glamour. Don’t skip the locales on board that offer a magical vibe, like the piano and wine bars, and out-of-the-way nooks where you can relax and take in the view of the open ocean.

3. Award-Worthy Dinner? Check

Nothing says romance like getting all dolled up in your evening finery and enjoying a multi-course meal in an elegant dining room with a menu you won’t want to miss. Or spice things up and repeat your date night at exclusive specialty restaurants that happily have tables for two. Don’t forget to enjoy private dining in your stateroom either: room service is available, too. (Breakfast in bed, anyone?)

Sharing in new experiences will bring you closer together.


4. The Couple That Adventures Together…

Whether zip-lining through a forest in Alaska or riding a camel in Abu Dhabi, snorkeling in an outdoor aquarium in Bora Bora or discovering Quebec City by helicopter, few things connect us more to one another than sharing an exhilarating experience. You’ll have an abundance of opportunities to try something new as a couple, enjoying extraordinary adventures you may have not considered yet.

5. At Your Service

If you upgrade to Royal Suite Class’s Star Class, you’ll have access to a Royal Genie, an expert who is always available to arrange for personalized special touches and experiences during your cruise. Whether it’s guidance selecting the right couple’s spa treatment, or arranging for flowers, champagne or canapés to be sent to your accommodations, they will make your vacation memorable.

Even in the age of larger ships and ultra-modern amenities, cruises make an inspiring setting for igniting romance. Find out more about celebrating your love aboard Royal Caribbean’s ships here.