11 Travel Gadgets To Pack For Your Next Trip

These cool tools will make your trip safer, easier—and way more fun.
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Flip-flops with a secret compartment that stores your money and ID, headphones in a headband, and a high-tech luggage tag that ensures you won’t leave your belongings behind: these are just a few of the coolest travel gadgets you won’t want to leave home without for your next vacation. Whether you’re heading out to cruise the Caribbean, preparing for a day at port, or anticipating an adventure-filled shore excursion, these innovative items will make for smoother sailing. Read on for the full list.

1. Home Monitoring Camera

Pack peace-of-mind with Piper, an all-in-one home security system. Piper communicates with your phone via your home Wi-Fi network and is able to contact you during a security breach. The system can also keep you abreast of temperature changes, humidity, light, sound and physical activity within the past 48 hours ($199, getpiper.com).

2. Wireless Earbuds

When not paired with your smartphone, these Dash wireless earbuds let you listen to up to 1,000 songs stored internally. Dash excels as a music player—you use taps and swipes to control it—but this device also “triples” as a Bluetooth headset as well as an activity tracker for live feedback on body vitals and performance ($299, bragi.com).

3. SleepPhones

If you struggle with sleeping when away from home, let SleepPhones lull you to bed with your favorite soothing playlist via this soft, wireless headband. Ultra-slim and comfortable, these “headphones in a headband” use Bluetooth technology to make listening to audio in bed—or on a plane, in yoga class, or anywhere else—a dream ($99.95, sleepphoneswireless.com).

4. Compact Wireless Speakers

About the size of a cookie and small enough to fit in your pocket, the Phillips FL3X wireless speaker connects to any device via Bluetooth, and can blast tunes for up to 12 hours. Ideal for travel, the speaker is water-, shock- and dust-resistant. It also can expand to create a sound chamber when you want to enhance the bass ($50, amazon.com).

5. Nokia Treasure Tag

Don’t let a lost laptop bag, piece of luggage, purse or other travel accessory ruin your trip. The Nokia Treasure Tag, which lasts up to six months on a standard watch battery, connects to any smartphone that uses Bluetooth. If you leave an item behind, the tag beeps. Bonus: Treasure Tag also acts as a remote shutter for your smartphone with the Lumia Selfie app ($19, microsoft.com).

6. Pocket-Size Portable Drive

You won’t have to miss a minute of vacation video footage when you pack the Seagate Seven Portable Drive to free up space on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. This greeting card-size hard drive is the thinnest on the market, yet it can store up to 50 hours of HD video ($99.99, bestbuy.com).

7. Plug-In Worldwide

Compatible in more than 150 countries, this worldwide adapter and USB charger is the only plug-in you will need for all your portable electronic devices. It works on 110V or 220V, and weighs less than five ounces ($25, travelonbags.com).

8. Portable Hair Stylist

The Chi Escape Cordless Hair Styling Iron can smooth, straighten, curl, and touch up hair in the car, at the airport, in your cabin, hotel room and anywhere else on the go. It fits easily in a purse or carry-on, and while it comes with a wall and car charger, it can go days on a single charge ($109.99, ulta.com).

9. Stash Sandals

Nothing ruins a walk on the beach or a dip in the water like worrying about your money, room key and ID stashed clumsily under a towel. But SlotFlops offers a sizeable storage compartment in the soles of each flip-flop, hiding your valuables with a patented hook and loop closure (Velcro-sealed). The secret pocket is virtually invisible and provides a natural, comfortable arch support ($24.95, slotflops.com).

10. Wine Skin

A bottle-shaped bubble wrap bag might be decidedly low-tech, but it’s perfect for bringing home that fantastic bottle of wine or spirits you purchased. Wine Skin prevents the bottle from breaking, and two strong adhesive seals keep it from leaking, so you’ll be confident when packing liquid in your luggage. There’s also a bag for transporting craft beer bottles, too ($3.50, wineskin.net).

11. LifeProof Phone Case

Waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and drop-proof, this case will also make you worry-proof when on vacation. LifeProof phone cases enable you to keep your device right by your side, regardless of the adventure you’re taking (from $50, lifeproof.com).

This gear will let you easily bring the perfect travel soundtrack with you, take a taste of your trip home, and ensure you don’t lose track of your things along the way. Pack up, and get ready for your Royal Caribbean adventure.

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