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Machu Picchu

Dec 10th - Feb 11th

Americas Cruise

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Kick off your unique adventure in Miami, before setting sail on the Ultimate World Cruise’s debut segment aboard the Serenade of the Seas. During this 64-night vacation you’ll journey to balmy, Caribbean shores - getting to know life above and below the waves in the palm-fringed ABC islands, and relax on Barbados’ white sandy beaches before winding around Cape Horn to reach the glacier-filled Antarctic landscape. As you travel through the earth’s coldest continent, wonder at its otherworldly polar deserts, spotting penguins, seals and whales cutting gracefully through icy waters. Take in some of South America’s most magnificent landmarks; Christ the Redeemer, a man-made Art Deco-style icon which sits on the crest of Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro is undoubtably a must see. Experience a rush like no other at Argentina’s Iguazú Falls (all 275 of them) and get to know two ancient cities. Delve into Mayan history in Mexico at Chichén Itzá, and Inca heritage at Peru’s famed 15th-century citadel, Machu Picchu. Finally, you’ll sail north, stopping at a host of must-see Central American spots - from Costa Rica’s hummingbird-filled rainforests to fishing-village-turned-surf-hotspot San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, before continuing through the glittering waters of the rugged Baja Peninsula. In acclaimed wine region Ensenada, feast in sprawling vineyards, and traditional fish taco stands, before docking in Los Angeles, where our second segment begins.

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Jan 8th - Mar 10th

Tropical island


Embrace the rhythms of the Caribbean


Sprinkled in arching crescents across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, some 7000 islands make up the Caribbean — though only ten percent of them are inhabited. Dreamy isles of cottonwool-soft white, honey-hued, and sometimes even pink sands have their luxurious beaches in common, however, each island has a distinct personality shaped by its past. Admire Georgian-Caribbean buildings with salmon pink and cobalt facades in Barbados’ capital Bridgetown, or take in the Dutch-influenced color-popping architecture lining the streets of Aruba. In Grenada, as you travel through the ‘Spice Island,’ inhale the heady scent of nutmeg and cinnamon whilst visiting historic plantation estates. Over on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, wonder at the ruins of Mayan city, Chichén Itzá, believed to date from 400 AD.

An apartment on the beach surrounded by palm trees

Creativity runs deep here, a place where African, European and Asian communities have left their mark, culture in the Caribbean is wonderfully diverse. Music and the arts play a huge part in people’s lives, and whether you’re listening to calypso, soca and reggae tunes in Grenada, watching an impressive steel drum performance in Barbados, or grooving to carnival-style Afro-Caribbean beats in the ABC islands - Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao - the upbeat rhythms of these tropical islands are irrepressibly joyful. As you cruise between these stunning islands on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, learn about Aruba’s Amerindian cultural heritage at the state-of-the-art National Archeological Museum in Oranjestad, which includes a preserved traditional cunucu house, and experience an art exhibition with a difference as you snorkel round the world’s first underwater sculpture park in the crystal-clear waters of Grenada.

Eating in the Caribbean is always an event. Here, you’ll feast on fusion cuisine at its best, packed with fresh seafood, a rainbow of vegetables, and unique sweet treats. In Barbados, seafood dishes which fuse Indian, African and British influences take centerstage; don’t miss flying fish and cou-cou, a mellow fish stew with cornmeal and okra. Living up to its nickname, Grenada is all about cleverly-spiced fare such as ‘oil down’, a one-pot coconut milk-infused stew, and scoops of cooling nutmeg ice cream. ABC island favorites include keri keri, a hearty fish soup on Aruba, goat stew with fried plantains in Bonaire, and comforting keshi yena in Curaçao - a spiced meat and cheese casserole served in a hollowed-out ball of Edam or Gouda. Got a sweet tooth? Grated coconut, vanilla and rose essence candy cocada in Bonaire, and arepa di pampuna - pumpkin pancakes - in Curaçao are must-tries. Expect to find lashings of locally-distilled rum in everything from zingy cocktails to sticky slabs of cake as you travel.

Whether it’s go-slow relaxation or thrilling adrenaline you’re after from your vacation, our Caribbean stop offs have it all. At Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s exclusive private island, whizz down a 1600-foot zip line, brave North America’s highest waterslide - Daredevil’s Peak in the waterpark - get sensational views of the Bahamas from a hot air balloon, or chill out in an over-water cabana at the Coco Beach Club. In Bridgetown laze on Carlisle Bay Beach, or head on a 4x4 adventure into the jungly interior to spot green monkeys at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Make for an open-air cafe in Grenada to sip top-notch coffee, learn about the spice trade at a nutmeg cooperative, and pick up an array of spiced souvenirs at the Esplanade Mall. In the wildlife-rich ABC islands, duck below the waves in Bonaire and snorkel through warm water where parrotfish dart through neon coral-filled reefs, and majestic manta rays glide, or spy flamingos at saltwater lagoon Gotomeer. Step back in time at Curaçao’s Hato Caves, a series of limestone caverns with 1500-year-old Arawak cave paintings and an underground lake.

A sunny beach with clear water and blue skies


Ice caps in the antarctic

Dec 23 2023 - Jan 30th 2024

South American thrills,



A thrilling journey through South America and Antarctica


Aboard the second portion of this segment, prepare to be immersed in two unforgettable continents. Bookended by time in French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru, you’ll travel to the heart of South America. Wander sun-kissed beaches, discover elegant columned residences in vibrant cities and rugged mountains and rushing waterfalls. Dynamic and full of life, you’ll find history at every turn. And, in the midst of the adventure comes Antartica, aka ‘The Ice,’ where shape-shifting white glaciers emerge from the ocean as far as the eye can see. One of the earth’s few remaining wildernesses, there’s nowhere quite like it. Feel your soul come alive as you follow the path taken by pioneering explorers of the past through this fragile, beautiful continent.

Seals lie on the beach in Antarctica

As you travel through South America, see first-hand how the history of this diverse continent, and its tribal, indigenous, African and European influences, come together in a compelling cultural mix. Music and dance sit at its cultural core, and whether it’s dancing the samba in Brazil, witnessing the drama of the tango in Argentina’s Buenos Aires, or the drumming candome rhythms in Uruguay, artistic expression is all around. In rural South America, get to know the traditional gaucho (cowboy) communities who live in harmony with the land, and cruise past Chilean's jagged fjords where the Andes crumble into the sea. Given that Antarctica’s only home to a handful of visiting research scientists, adventures here focus on getting to know its fascinating wildlife. Look out for minke and humpback whales in the waters of the Gerlache Strait, watch gentoo penguins scoot across the ice in Paradise Bay, and visit seal hotspot Elephant Island.

Ready your tastebuds, from just-caught fish to sizzling meat dishes, there’s masses to savor on a South American vacation. In Fortaleza, on Brazil’s northeastern coast, try carne de sol, salted, sun-dried beef served with fried cassava. From feijoada, a hearty black bean and pork affair, to moqueca, made with fish, onions, tomatoes and coriander, stews are popular across Brazil. Be sure to sip caipirinhas, a refreshing mix of cachaça (fermented sugarcane juice), lime juice and sugar, and nibble on brigadeiros, condensed milk and cocoa truffles too. Asado, Uruguayan-style barbecue sees meats, vegetables and cheese cooked to perfection on a parilla grill. While Argentina might be synonymous with steak and phenomenal red wine, don’t miss Puerto Madryn’s arroz con mariscos (seafood paella) or its torta negra galesa, a rum-laced fruitcake introduced by Welsh settlers. Chile does empanadas, pastries filled with ground beef, hard-boiled eggs, onions, olives and raisins with aplomb, while ceviche - raw fish with lime juice and chili - and Pisco sours a foamy, egg-white-topped cocktail made with Pisco (brandy) and lime are Peruvian specialities.

Travel along the Amazonian coast, sail to French Guiana and discover eerie former prison colony Devil’s Island, immortalized in Henri Charrière’s Papillion, the ruins of which have been reclaimed by dense jungle, monkeys, turtles and red parrots. In Fortaleza, visit St Joseph’s, an impressive Gothic Roman cathedral, shop at the central market or make for the swoony white sands of Cumbuco Beach. As well as getting to know the waterways of ‘The Venice of Brazil’ in Recife, ticking off Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana Beach in Rio, you’ll also experience the thundering Iguazú Falls in Argentina, travel to ‘the end of the world’ in Ushuaia, before seeing vivid blue glaciers, dolphins and albatross in the Straits of Magellan. Finally, marvel at archeological wonder Machu Picchu in the Andean Mountains before museum-hopping in Lima and visiting the birthplace of the Panama hat in Ecuador.

Penguins stand on ice floating in the sea


Feb 1st 2024 - Feb 10th 2024



rainforest wanders

Sensational beaches, fantastic creatures

Behold dramatic
South America

Next, The Ultimate Cruise heads north up the Pacific coastline to Central America, an isthmus fringed by the cottonwool-soft playas and azure waters of the Pacific to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Witness soaring mountains, low, fertile valleys, still-smoking volcanoes, and swathes of biodiverse rainforest; Central America is about as rich in natural beauty as it gets. The region’s history - from pre-Columbian Mayan era, through the Spanish colonial period, to modern-day independence - is as compelling as its forested landscapes, where sloths, toucan and jaguar roam. At your first stop, Costa Rican port town Puntarenas, learn more about the rise of this coffee shipping hub, which is now a commercial fishing port at museum-meets-art-gallery La Casa de la Cultura. Alongside urban beaches, 1950s Art Deco buildings and a Gothic-style cathedral, it’s also the gateway to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Afterwards, soak up surf and fishing village feels in Nicaragua’s coastal San Juan del Sur.

A clear tropical beach

Shaped by Mayan, Spanish, European and African influences, culture in Central America - and each of its seven countries - is fascinating and diverse. On your vacation, get to know two of them, Costa Rica and Nicaragua first-hand. Costa Rica remains heavily influenced by Spanish culture, and the local Tican communities are well known for their laid-back outlook, encapsulated by pura vida, or ‘the pure life.’ More than a mere expression, pura vida is a way of life, which encourages you to slow down, focus on what’s important, appreciate the now, and take time to relax as you travel through Costa Rica’s wonderful natural landscapes. In Nicaragua, known for its creative spirit, you can expect to hear rhythmic marimbas and poetry aplenty.

When it comes to gastronomy, Central America is flavor central. Its fertile landscape and tropical climate means that a range of crops - from corn to cassava, and black beans to bananas - flourish here. In Costa Rica, don’t miss national dish gallo pinto, a popular breakfast dish of rice and black beans with peppers, cilantro, onions and local condiment salsa lizano. Other traditional fare includes tamales - a corn dish with olives, pork and rice - olla de carne - a rich beef and vegetable stew, and arroz con leche - rice pudding made with condensed milk and cinnamon. Costa Rica’s coffee is legendary, and you can get to know its exceptional Arabica beans, sipping steaming cups of the stuff, and by visiting a local plantation. In Nicaragua, corn takes centrestage too; try nacatamales - maize dough stuffed with pork, potatoes, mint-like herb yerba buena - or Indio veijo, a shredded beef and onion soup, said to date back to pre-Columbian times.

The rainforests of Costa Rica are ripe for adventure; from Puntarenas make for the Montevideo cloud forest, to hurtle through the canopy by zipline or suspended bridges, and spot hummingbirds in San Luis Park. For the ultimate vacation caffeine fix, head to the mountains to explore the 640-acre Espiritu Santu Arabica coffee plantation and learn about the bean-to-cup journey. In Nicaragua’s San Juan del Sur hike up to Cristo De La Misericordia (the Christ of Mercy) statue. Not only can you wonder at the world’s second-largest statue of Jesus, but you’ll be rewarded with fantastic panoramas of the coastline and surrounding mountains too. Or, indulge your sporty side, braving swells at acclaimed surf beach Playa Madera, or travel to Wildlife Refuge La Flor, an important conservation site where sea turtles nest. Afterwards, enjoy watersports and seaside relaxation in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, before docking in Los Angeles.

Bonaire’s turquoise shallows are home to some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular coral reefs; spot tarpons, octopus and sea turtles as you snorkel. Visiting Antarctica feels like stepping into a nature documentary; memories of its icy vistas, waddling penguins and leopard seals lounging on floes will stay with you for a lifetime. This segment features a plethora of World Wonders, and takes in four extraordinary landmarks. Discover stepped pyramids and sacred cenotes in Mexico’s Chichen Itza, built by the Mayans in pre-Columbian times. Wonder at the impressive masonry, agricultural terraces and temples of Inca citadel Machu Picchu - constructed in granite rocks using a technique called ashlar, its stones fit together perfectly, so mortar isn’t required. Gaze at the outstretched concrete arms - which span 28m - of Christ the Redeemer, the world’s largest Art Deco statue, which took some nine years to build. Plus there’s natural wonder Iguazú Falls, which offers a vacation rush like no other.

Machu Picchu

Lima, Peru

Segment 1
World Wonders

Christ the Redeemer
Iguazú Falls
Machu Picchu
  • 1/4 — Christ the Redeemer
  • 2/4 — Iguazú Falls
  • 3/4 — Machu Picchu
  • 4/4 — Chichén-Itzá
  • Residing atop Corcovado mountain, the Christ the Redeemer statue towers protectively over Rio de Janeiro. Made of reinforced concrete and thousands of soapstone tiles, the statue is the largest Art Deco style sculpture in the world — visible from nearly every part of the city.

  • Iguazú Falls is the largest waterfall system on the planet, and nothing compares to seeing its awe-inspiring beauty in person. Nestled right at the border between Brazil and Argentina, this magnificent site stretches close to two miles and is made up of around 275 distinct cascades that cut through the dense emerald rainforest. The falls can be viewed from both Argentina and Brazil — each side offers its own unique perspective.

  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is one of the most majestic symbols of Peru’s ancient Inca heritage. It’s also the most famous archaeological site on the continent — and it lives up to every expectation. The sprawling citadel was built in the 15th century above Peru’s Sacred Valley and is home to well-preserved ruins of Inca temples, houses and palaces.

  • Once home to the great Maya empire, ChichénItzá is a complex of ruins believed to have been a religious, military, political and commercial center with up to 35,000 residents. Augmented Reality technology brings the ancient city to life as you explore 4 square miles encompassing several hundred buildings — including the massive step pyramid, Temple of Kukulcan, the Temple of Venus, The Temple of Warriors and a well-preserved ballpark.


Bonaire’s turquoise shallows are home to some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular coral reefs; spot tarpons, octopus and sea turtles as you snorkel. Visiting Antarctica feels like stepping into a nature documentary; memories of its icy vistas, waddling penguins and leopard seals lounging on floes will stay with you for a lifetime. This segment features a plethora of World Wonders, and takes in four extraordinary landmarks.

Discover stepped pyramids and sacred cenotes in Mexico’s Chichen Itza, built by the Mayans in pre-Columbian times. Wonder at the impressive masonry, agricultural terraces and temples of Inca citadel Machu Picchu - constructed in granite rocks using a technique called ashlar, its stones fit together perfectly, so mortar isn’t required. Gaze at the outstretched concrete arms - which span 28m - of Christ the Redeemer, the world’s largest Art Deco statue, which took some nine years to build. Plus there’s natural wonder Iguazú Falls, which offers a rush like no other.

Insider tips
Good to know in every situation

  • Sunscreen

    With the tropical climates and range of beautiful beaches and watersports activities in the Caribbean, South and Central America it’s well worth investing in a reef-friendly sunscreen, to protect yourself, and the natural environment as you travel.

  • Clothing

    To ensure your adventures are as comfortable as possible bring a range of clothing, as in the Caribbean and the Americas temperatures can soar, while Antarctica, the world’s coldest continent, warrants base layers, a fleecy jacket, waterproof/windproof gear and warm gloves (which work with touchscreens if you’re planning on smartphone photography).

  • Seasickness

    Passage around the Cape Horn towards Antarctica can be choppy, so be proactive and visit the doctor before you set sail if needed you have seasickness medicines to hand.

  • Language

    Connecting with the locals can make your journey even more memorable. Learn a few phrases in Portuguese and Spanish before your vacation, and try your hand at simple conversation during your time in South and Central America.

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    • Ultimate Americas Cruise: December 10, 2023 – February 11, 2024, 64 Nights, 36 destinations

    • Ultimate Asia Pacific Cruise: February 11, 2024 – May 9, 2024, 87 Nights, 40 destinations

    • Ultimate Africa & Southern Europe: May 9, 2024 – July 10, 2024, 63 Nights, 39 destinations

    • Ultimate Europe & Beyond Cruise: July 10, 2024 – September 10, 2024, 63 Nights, 40 destinations

  • Considering all that’s included in your Ultimate Cruise segment fare, you’ll enjoy an incredible value. No matter which stateroom you choose, your fare includes Ultimate Cruise segment complimentary amenities like Deluxe Beverage Package, gratuities, VOOM internet package, and wash and fold laundry service.

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    Balcony Stateroom$25,099 Per Person*$335 Per Person*

    Ultimate Middle East & Med Cruise

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    Ultimate Europe & Beyond Cruise

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      • Our Crown & Anchor Society guests who hold Platinum status and above will also receive the exclusive benefit of included excursions to the New World Wonders.

    Guests who join us for one of the four segments will receive the following inclusions:

    • Deluxe Beverage Package for entire segment

    • VOOM Wi-Fi for entire segment

    • Gratuities for entire segment

    • Wash and fold laundry service for entire segment

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Machu Picchu
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Antarctic waters

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