Top 10 Most Amazing Zip Lines on the Planet

Feel the wind in your hair on these breathtaking ‘lines.
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For adventure lovers, there’s nothing quite like a zip line — it’s the perfect combination of gorgeous views and adrenaline-pumping thrills. We’re counting down the most incredible zip lines from around the world. Add them to your travel bucket list and start soaring.

#10: Honduras Adrenaline Zipline

Soar between mountains, with views of exotic plants, giant African palms and beautiful landscapes from above. You’ve got 12 zip lines to choose from, as well as a hanging bridge to stroll.

Find It In: Roatán, Honduras


#9: Tree Limin’ Extreme Zip Line

Zip with a friend! Two people can zip together on this line that goes above the canopy of the Caribbean rainforest, allowing you both to gaze at beautiful island views. You can even zip backwards and forwards on the world-famous “Yo-Yo” line.

Find It In: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas


#8: Dragon’s Breath Flight Line

Hit the air 500 feet above the picturesque beaches of Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private destination. Enjoy amazing views as you fly more than 2,600 feet on the longest over-water zip line before landing at Dragon’s Breath Rock.

Find It In: Labadee, Haiti

Labadee Dragon's Breath Flight Line

#7: Waiheke Island Zipline

After a ferry through Hauraki Gulf, you’ll gear up for side-by-side zip lines through the native bush on this stunning New Zealand island. After soaring through the flora and fauna, you’ll learn about the ecology on the walk back to camp.

Find It In: Auckland, New Zealand


#6: Reversing Rapids Zipline

Take a thrilling zip-line ride on five hillside lines, including one where you’ll soar 100 feet above a turbulent tidal cove. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the Reversing Rapids, where the St. John River and the Bay of Fundy come together and push the flow of the river and rapids backwards.

Find It In: Saint John, New Brunswick

Reversing Rapids Zipline Adventure

#5: Jaguar Cave Zipline

See the spectacular Belizean wilderness up close as you cross ancient Mayan caves. Zip under the jungle canopy, between the stalactites and stalagmites and through the open-air caves of Jaguar Cave.

Find It In: Belize City, Belize


#4: Zipline through Paradise

Fly through the native Hawaiian rainforest and over the many gorgeous waterfalls of the Honolii River. Eight zip lines cover almost two miles of tropical river gorges, and the longest line is more than 2,400 feet long.

Find It In: Hilo, Hawaii


#3: Icy Strait ZipRider

Take the world’s longest zip-line ride (depending on whom you ask!) over the lush green rainforest near Hoonah, Alaska, traveling more than a mile and topping 60 mph before landing softly on a harbor side beach.

Find It In: Icy Strait Point, Alaska


#2: Naples Cistern

Experience Neapolitan history underground: Venture into the Tunnel Borbonico, which was built in the 19th century to connect the Royal Palace to the barracks, then zipline below street level over a 16th-century reservoir.

Find It In: Naples, Italy

Borbonic Tunnel

#1: Toro Verde Adventure Park

Travel through the canopy on this ecotourism park’s 8 zip lines nestled in the lush mountains of Puerto Rico. You’ll fly down 4,700 feet of line headfirst and belly down, AKA “Superman style”, on “La Bestia”, one of the world’s highest and longest zip lines.

Find It In: San Juan, Puerto Rico



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