Cruise Hack: Traveling Solo For Less

Anthem of the Seas welcomes solo travelers.
by 292

If you are the adventurous world explorer of your group who doesn’t wait for schedules or stars to align before you travel, you’ve probably already paid a price for your independence—the single supplement. But now, Anthem of the Seas has just the space for you and the growing number of solo travelers exploring the world. The “Super Studio” comes with the perfect place you need to lie your head and the jaw-dropping view you dream of from its private balcony. What doesn’t it come with? A fee for traveling on your own. The days of one paying for two—not to be mistaken for a 2-for-1—are over.

Cruise hack: You can enjoy the luxury of that balcony stateroom without paying additional single supplement fees. As a bonus, you can even bring a friend or family member along, too. The 119-foot stateroom actually sleeps up to two people, with the balcony adding another 50 feet of usable space. Compact? Sure. Petite? Yes. But you probably have city friends whose sublets are the same size and look out to a wall.

Regardless of price point, any traveler knows that it’s not just the destination that matters—it’s the journey, too. So what are you waiting for? Book your Super Studio stateroom on one of only three “smartships” today.