Harmony of the Seas: By the Numbers

The mind-blowing details that make up Royal Caribbean’s newest ship.
by 454

Royal Caribbean’s new ship Harmony of the Seas may be the world’s largest cruise ship—what with its 18 decks and all—but the vacation experience it offers goes far beyond her size. After all, what does being big really mean? It’s not just about collecting records for being the world’s largest.

Harmony has seven signature neighborhoods that offer a range of experiences and adventures unmatched at sea: more slides than ever before (particularly The Abyss, a 10-story slide that’s the tallest at sea), more dining options, more cocktails and more entertainment. Here’s a look at some surprising stats you may not know about this super-sized vessel:

The Basics

Measuring 1,188 feet long, Harmony of the Seas is 227,000 GRT and 85,000 lightweight tons (read: not petite). For context, if you stood her up against the Eiffel Tower she would be taller, and she’s twice the length of the Washington Monument. She weighs more than 10,625 adult elephants. It took 500,000 individual parts to create this ship, which carries 6,780 guests in total.

It Takes a Village

There are 2,100 crew members onboard Harmony of the Seas who hail from all over the globe, and their jobs are as varied as the nations they represent. In addition to wait staff, room attendants, entertainers, the cruise director and of course the captain himself, there is one ice skate sharpener, a face painter, seven high divers, and two tight rope walkers—not to mention two robots who staff the Bionic Bar.

Say What?!?

Did you know that the Central Park neighborhood features 10,587 plants, 48 vine plants, and 52 trees, which are cared for by a staff of three horticulturists? Or that Harmony has a secret deck, deck 4.5, that provides AquaTheater entertainers and divers access to the depths of the theater during performances?

Fresh Feasts

If you thought hosting a dinner party was hard work, try feeding nearly 7,000 people. On a typical seven-night cruise, Harmony will go through 350 tons of ice cubes (approximately 110,000 pounds are made each day), 5,000 dozen fresh whole eggs, 100 gallons of chocolate ice cream, 2,100 pounds of lobster tail and 2,500 pounds of fresh salmon. Good thing the food & beverage team, with 1,056 members, accounts for almost a half of the entire crew.

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