Is the Air on a Cruise Ship Safe?

Here’s how Royal Caribbean’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems actually work.
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Fresh, filtered air is everywhere on board, whether grabbing a bite to eat or catching an ice-skating show.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Part of every memorable cruise with Royal Caribbean is the lengths we go for your safety and well-being. We even have an app that makes planning your day-to-day seamless, maximizes the hands-free parts of your vacation and gives you more time to just enjoy your getaway.

Every detail is important to us, including the quality of the air you breathe on our ships. Each ship in our fleet is filled with 100% fresh, filtered air. At the center of how that’s made possible is our robust HVAC system—heating, ventilation and air conditioning—that continuously supplies clean air indoors by taking in and filtering the ocean air.

Watch to learn from experts and scientists who break down how these effective HVAC systems work on board.


Whether taking in a show at Two70, enjoying a tasty dish at Chops Grille or Izumi, or relaxing in your stateroom, you can breathe easy. This HVAC system and its multiple layers of filters and other features make it virtually impossible for aerosol particles (like those from a cough) to pass between spaces. And that’s certified by an independent assessment conducted on a Royal Caribbean ship, thanks to a team of scientists from the University of Nebraska Medical Center—a leader in coronavirus research and clinical trials—and the National Strategic Research Institute.

If you’re interested in learning more about how safety and comfort comes first on board, head here. And when you’re ready to book your cruise vacation, Royal Caribbean has you covered.