Tiff & Case: Why Perfect Day at CocoCay Should be at the Top of Your Bucket List

Hosts of the popular YouTube channel share all the thrills—and ways to chill—on Royal Caribbean’s private island destination.
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The whole crew savors the laidback vibes at Chill Island. Here, guests can kick back in private cabanas, enjoy tasty treats right on the beach at Chill Grill, and explore the island from a personal watercraft or on a guided snorkeling tour.

Credit: Tiff & Case

Perfect Day at CocoCay is packed with adventure and relaxation. Adrenaline-loving guests will be left breathless by Daredevil’s Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America—which reaches a whopping 135 feet!

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Take a moment to picture your ideal vacation day: There are once-in-a-lifetime adventures, great food and somewhere, you’re sipping a cocktail on a sun-drenched beach. You’ll find all of that and more on Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private island destination in The Bahamas. With the best blend of thrills and ways to chill, the island features a gorgeous, white-sand beach; next-level attractions like two slide towers with 13 waterslides–including the tallest in North America; a 1,600-foot-long zip line course; plus countless ways to unwind (quiet cabanas and oceanside snacks, anyone?).

Pro tip: Don’t miss the opening of Coco Beach Club in January 2020, introducing floating cabanas.

Wanderlust-loving duo and popular YouTube hosts Tiff & Case had an opportunity to visit the island with their 11-year-old son Isaac while sailing on board Navigator of the Seas—which was recently transformed following a $115 million amplification—and they documented their whole experience. Keep reading for the download on their favorite activities, how they mapped out the day for maximum vacation goals and where they found the ideal spot for downtime. You’ll also want to be sure to check out their exclusive video below.


Q: First, tell us about your experience cruising with Royal Caribbean International.

Tiff: This was our first time traveling with Royal Caribbean, and we were truly blown away! The vacation challenged all of our previous notions about cruising: Everything, from the service to the food and activities, was above and beyond what we’ve experienced on other cruise lines. Also, I have to give a shout out to the Royal Caribbean mobile app: It is a thing of beauty, and so, so helpful. The app not only tells you what’s available on your ship but also made it easy to navigate Perfect Day at CocoCay (we swear by the interactive maps). On top of that, it was just so genius to have schedules of when the ship leaves and docks at each destination, the daily activity and entertainment lineups and the ability to make dinner reservations, plus so much more, from our phones via the mobile app.


The Caribbean-inspired pool deck on Navigator of the Seas has something for everyone: A new, signature bar, The Lime & Coconut, tasty dining options like Johnny Rockets Express and El Loco Fresh, a resort-style pool and a Splash Pad for tots.

Credit: Tiff & Case

Q: What were some of your favorite activities on the ship?

Case: We all loved The Perfect Storm waterslides—especially The Blaster aqua coaster, a.k.a the longest waterslide at sea (it’s more than 800 feet long). We could hardly tear our son Isaac away! The ice-skating show was also mindblowing. And we absolutely loved the food: Jamie’s Italian was our favorite, hands down. I’m still dreaming about the pasta dishes!

Pro tip: Don’t miss other next-level activities found on Navigator.


Q: Let’s dive into Perfect Day at CocoCay. What were your initial thoughts about the island?

Case: Right off the bat, Perfect Day at CocoCay looked really fun–there seemed like so much to see and do. Thirteen waterslides, a 1,600-foot-long zip line, and a beach that felt like it was our own with plenty of complimentary umbrellas and chairs! Where to begin? We couldn’t wait to start exploring. Plus, how cool is it to have this paradise that’s just for Royal Caribbean guests? We knew we were in for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Tiff, Case and Isaac enjoy some downtime at Chill Island–the part of the island where guests can kick back and relax–after taking on adventures like “The Slingshot” tubing slide.

Credit: Tiff & Case

Q: With so much to see and do on the island, how did you decide what to take on first?

Tiff: We made zip line reservations for the morning, so that was the first thing we did. Afterward, we let Isaac lead the way! We spent a chunk of time at Thrill Waterpark, racing down slides—including Daredevil’s Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America. It was unbelievable! Seriously, Isaac must have ridden all 13 waterslides at least six times–He loved them so much. We also had a blast at Splash Summit: Our favorite ride was “The Slingshot,” a huge tube slide that we could ride together. Toward the end of the day, we wanted to wind down–Chill Island was just the right place for that. The beach wasn’t crowded at all in the late afternoon. It was so calming and relaxing, and gave us the opportunity to sit back and soak in this incredible day. We ended things with refreshments at the swim-up bar at Oasis Lagoon. It was all pretty magical.


The whole crew savors the laidback vibes. Guests can enjoy private cabanas and tasty treats right on the beach at Chill Grill, and explore the island from a personal watercraft or on a guided snorkeling tour.

Credit: Tiff & Case

Check out the video below to see more of the family’s adventures:

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Tiff & Case sailed with Royal Caribbean as part of a paid partnership.