Perfect Day Your Way: There’s Plenty of Ways to Chill

Filmmaker Alex Ayling dishes on his day of R&R—and a dash of thrill—on Royal Caribbean’s new private island in The Bahamas
by 1038

Perfect Day at CocoCay features North America's tallest water slide, the Caribbean's largest freshwater pool and so much more.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

As one part of the thrill-seeking traveling pair The Vagabrothers, Alex Ayling spends the majority of his time globetrotting from one action-packed location to the next (and documenting his experiences for YouTube along the way). “Though I love traveling to far-flung destinations like India and New Zealand, people who follow along on my adventures are usually surprised to find out that I also really like to relax when I’m on the road,” he says.

When given the opportunity to spend a day exploring Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s new private island destination that’s big on thrills and ways to chill, Alex had no hesitation. “What I found most impressive about the island is that, however you choose to spend your time—whether you want a heart-pumping adventure or time to kick back for quality R&R—you can really find it all [on Perfect Day].” From quiet beaches and ample umbrellas, hammocks and beach loungers, to private floating cabanas debuting at Coco Beach Club in January 2020, this one-of-a-kind tropical escape delivers on relaxation.

Read on for a snapshot of Alex’s island experience, then check out his video documenting his unforgettable trip.

Dawn at Perfect Day at CocoCay

One of my favorite parts of the day was waking up, sliding open the doors of our stateroom balcony, walking out, watching a beautiful purple-pink sunrise. My fiance, Carrie, and I wanted to get to Perfect Day as soon as possible. It was amazing to get off our ship, Navigator of the Seasand feel that morning energy coming from all the other guests who also were so excited to get to the island.

Relaxation Kicked Up a Notch

Because I travel so much, I really try to make my trips as relaxing as I can. Perfect Day nailed it with the incredible beaches, azure waters, hammocks and palm trees. It was just unreal to feel like we had this expansive beach all to ourselves while other guests were enjoying so many different types of activities on the same island. Yes, there are tons of can’t-miss waterslides, pools, a zip line and even a helium balloon ride, but Perfect Day at CocoCay is also the ideal spot to unwind. You truly can do it all here.

The Perfect Spot for Couples, Too

Carrie and I loved that we were able to find some alone time together, too. This was unexpected, because we were traveling in a large group—but ultimately a really nice surprise. We always felt there was plenty of room all around the island for everyone.

Oasis Lagoon

Another ideal spot to chill is Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean with three distinct coves, each with a vibe of their own. Carrie and I loved cooling down there with a cocktail after a morning spent exploring the island. You can rest and recharge poolside or hang out in one of the in-water loungers that run the perimeter of the lagoon. Don’t miss it!

Making Time for Some Thrills

Daredevil’s Peak in Thrill Waterpark, the tallest waterslide in North America, did not disappoint (and there are 12 more slides where that came from!). It was such a rush. I honestly don’t have enough superlatives to describe it. That slide epitomizes how Perfect Day at CocoCay makes you feel like a kid again. I tried to convince Carrie to give the slide a whirl, but her perfect day was more about relaxing. Lucky for her, Thrill Waterpark also offers loungers and cabanas where people can sit back while others test their courage. We could do things together and on our own while still having our individual versions of a perfect day. She couldn’t pass up the 1,600-foot zip line, though, and absolutely loved it!

Vacation Your Way

I just can’t get over how customizable a vacation is with Royal Caribbean. You can be with multiple people and have completely different experiences. Yes, you’re on the same cruise per se, but within that you have a lot to choose from and can really make it your own. There are so many activities and experiences that await on board Royal Caribbean ships and on Perfect Day—you couldn’t possibly do it all in one trip! Can’t wait to make my way back for an even more Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Don’t forget to watch Alex’s entire cruise adventure unfold below:


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Alex Ayling of The Vagabrothers sailed with Royal Caribbean as part of a paid partnership.