Eight Must-Have Apps For Travel

No Internet connection? No problem.
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WiFi can be found nearly everywhere these days—even in the middle of the ocean onboard Royal Caribbean ships via VOOM, the fastest internet at sea—but sometimes there are unplanned, “unplugged” moments that are inevitable. Whether in transit or in another country where your data plan may not work, with a little preparation you can still access many of the smartphone features you’ve come to rely on.

1. Organization: Evernote

Evernote manages everything you need for your trip: itinerary details, e-tickets for flights, scanned brochures, research from the internet and suggestions for where to go in port. All this and more can be stored via the app, and then accessed without an internet connection.

2. GPS: Navmiii

Navmii is a GPS application that provides offline map support using your phone’s built-in GPS radio (which works independently of your data plan) to figure out where you are. It simply plots your route on a map that’s stored in your phone’s memory.

3. Translation: Google Translate

Google Translate has it all: by typing, you can translate more than 100 languages with a wifi connection and about half of that without one. And using the built-in camera on your smartphone to scan foreign text—such as on a sign or menu—it can convert that text into 29 languages. Best of all? Translation happens in real-time. Available for iPhone and Android.

4. Currency Converter: XE Currency App

The most downloaded currency exchange apps, XE Currency App for iPhone and XE Currency App for Android, store the latest, updated rates. So this app works, even on small islands and in remote areas, when the internet doesn’t.

5. Gaming: Words With Friends

Like Scrabble and love Words With Friends? The most recent version of this popular gaming app no longer requires friends to play it. In the offline, single-player mode you can now compete against the application’s artificial intelligence, which adjusts to each player’s skill level.

6. Music: Spotify

You might be familiar with the popular streaming music platform, Spotify, but did you know its mobile app (available with the premium package) lets users sync songs, albums and playlists for offline playback? This feature enables you to bring along the latest music when traveling.

7. Podcasts: Pocket Casts

With more than 200,000 available podcasts, Pocket Casts lets you automatically download new episodes of your favorite shows, so they’re available wherever you are. Lots of convenient features, like the ability to create custom lists or automatically skip ahead on certain episodes, combined with a pretty interface, make it easy and fun to use.

8. WiFi: WiFi Finder

The Catch-22 of trying to find a WiFi location is that if you don’t already know where one is, you’ll need WiFi to find it—but not if you download WiFi Finder for iPhone or WiFi Finder for Android before traveling. Once the offline database is installed, you can locate hotspots without a connection.

Regardless of where your travels may take you, these apps will extend services we rely upon without incurring data charges to ensure your Royal Caribbean cruise vacation is smooth sailing.

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