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What is included in the 7 New World Wonders Shore Excursions package for the Ultimate World Cruise and when will I have more details about them?


The 7 New World Wonders Shore Excursions package is complimentary to all Ultimate World Cruise guests who have achieved Platinum Crown & Anchor Society status and above by June 14, 2023. This includes excursions and transportation to each of the 7 New World Wonders — including Chichen-Itza via ferry and bus from Cozumel, Christ the Redeemer via train and/or bus from Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu via flights, train, and bus from Lima and/or surrounding ports of call, the Great Wall of China via bus from Beijing, the Taj Mahal via flight, bus and/or train from Cochin and/or Mumbai, Petra via bus from Aqaba and the Colosseum via bus from Rome (Civitavecchia).

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