Inside Scoop: New, Exclusive Beach Club On Private Bahamian Island

Traveler and lifestyle influencer Caila Quinn shares her first impression of Coco Beach Club on Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay.
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The all-new Coco Beach Club debuts the first-ever floating cabanas in The Bahamas.

Credit: Nicole Balsamo

Royal Caribbean just opened Coco Beach Club, a new, lavish retreat at Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas. The highly anticipated beach club delivers next-level relaxation with the first floating cabanas in The Bahamas, an oceanfront infinity pool, beach cabanas, an exclusive restaurant, a private beach and more.

Lifestyle and travel influencer Caila Quinn was among the first to enjoy the beachside retreat when she set sail for the private island on the amplified Navigator of the Seas. We chatted with Caila to get her first impression and recommendations for future guests.

Here’s what she had to say:

The floating cabanas feature an overwater hammock, freshwater showers and a slide that goes into the sea.

Credit: Nicole Balsamo

Q: You were one of the first to check out Coco Beach Club–and the first floating cabanas in The Bahamas. What did you think?

Caila: The floating cabana felt exclusive, like this luxurious paradise that I didn’t know was so accessible, it was a pleasant surprise, especially from a cruise line. We felt like VIPs, even though it was just my friend and me. I loved that Royal Caribbean thought of every single touch.

I felt like a queen on the floating hammock and even took a nap there. And we couldn’t help but laugh all three times I went down the slide—the vibes really got you to kick back and let loose.

Coco Beach Club’s dedicated restaurant and cabanas offer a mix of Mediterranean fare.

Credit: Nicole Balsamo

Q: After all that activity, you’d need to refuel. What were some of your favorite dishes?

Caila: We decided to stay and eat in our floating cabana. The coconut-crusted lobster sandwich called the Coco Lobster Sandwich was incredible. I had the whole thing, plus truffle fries. I think I licked the baba ganoush clean, which came with an assortment of other fresh, light starters, and then I topped it off by devouring a giant cookie. There was also a pineapple drink, the Coco Beach Club Signature Cocktail, that was so freaking good, and I couldn’t get enough watermelon margaritas the entire cruise. That would be a tip—have a watermelon margarita or three!

Everything blew my expectations out of the water. And one of the best parts of the whole experience was that it all was brought to us by our cabana attendant—and quickly with their electric bike—which meant we never had to leave our slice of paradise.

Q: How was your experience with your personal cabana attendant?

Caila: Everyone’s just so happy to work there. It felt like one of the happiest places in the world. Seeing them bike to the cabana, bringing the food—I felt welcomed from when I first set foot on the island, thanks to the amazing staff.

The infinity pool is a great place to start the day surrounded by daybeds and in-pool loungers.

Credit: Nicole Balsamo

Q: There are many other places to relax within Coco Beach Club. What else did you check out?

Caila: We wanted to be the first ones off Navigator of the Seas to have Coco Beach Club to ourselves. Maybe it’s an early morning perk, but we enjoyed the 2,600-square-foot infinity pool for a good 45 minutes before other guests arrived. The pool with the daybeds and in-pool loungers were jaw-droppingly luxurious. I felt like I was at a five-star hotel. Certainly a good space to chill out with family or friends.

Q: Any other inside tips for Coco Beach Club guests?

Caila: Bring an extra pair of clothes, so you can rinse off in the shower and change before heading back to the ship. The freshwater shower was so convenient!

I’d also recommend not eating breakfast before heading to Coco Beach Club. There’s plenty of food at your floating or beachfront cabana–not to mention the private restaurant. You’ll want to enjoy every single bite. It’s all included, so you might as well take advantage!

Adventure awaits just beyond Coco Beach Club with attractions like Up, Up & Away, a helium balloon that offers views 450 feet above The Bahamas.

Credit: Nicole Balsamo

Q: Perfect Day at CocoCay is designed to deliver thrills and ways to chill. Did you get a chance to take in adventure in between the relaxation?

Caila: I wish we had more time. On Perfect Day at CocoCay there’s so much to do, and you want to experience it all. The waterslides looked like so much fun, and Up, Up & Away makes for the best Instagram pictures.

My fiancé is a thrill guy; I’m more of a chill girl. Since it was a girls trip, we chilled all day at Coco Beach Club, and I would have had it no other way because I came back fully recharged.

Q: Last question–How would you describe the overall Coco Beach Club experience?

Caila: An upscale escape from our busy New York City lifestyle. I felt instantly relaxed. When they call it Perfect Day at CocoCay, they mean exactly that. I’m already planning my next trip back.

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