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Are there any additional requirements to cruise from Bridgetown, Barbados?


All travelers, or their legal guardians, must complete the Immigration/Customs form to enter Barbados. This is available on the BIMSafe App, or at travelform.gov.bb, and should be completed 24-72 hours before you leave. 

While completing the form, vaccinated guests will need to upload their proof of vaccination. Additionally, all guests age 5 and older, or their legal guardians, will need to upload a negative RT-PCR or rapid PCR test result for COVID-19. RT-PCR tests must be taken within the 3 days before the day you board your flight; Rapid PCR tests must be taken 1 day prior your arrival in Barbados. 

Barbados does not accept rapid antigen tests, antibody tests, self-administered tests or home kits and tests for entry.

Learn more about island entry requirements at Visit Barbados.

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