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What is a Royal Genie and what do I need to know to get the best experience?


The Royal Genie is the ultimate insider, crafting exclusive one-of-a-kind experiences, all designed around the Star suite guest. The Royal Genie does not just tend to the Star guest’s suite — they make the entire ship their suite, creating personalized VIP experiences tailored to the guest’s exact tastes.

Royal Genie Services exclusive for Star guests:

  • Royal Genie Escort and Expedited Luggage Handling on Day of Boarding and Final Departure
  • Arranges Prime Seating in Select Entertainment Venues
  • Provides Dining and Beverage Recommendations and Manages Reservations
  • Coordinates Shopping in Onboard Luxury Brand Boutiques
  • Plans Special Celebrations for Personal Events
  • Handles Special Requests
  • And much more…

Some extra details to keep in mind:

  • Royal Genie Services are for guests residing in Star Suites only. Due to the exclusive nature of these services, they can’t be purchased separately nor extended to any guest that is not residing in a Star suite.
  • Guests are not able to choose a preferred Royal Genie, but they can rest assured that every Royal Genie is phenomenal and ready to make their vacation an unforgettable one.
  • The Royal Genie will stay in contact with their Star guest(s) and provide services when needed. As even Royal Genies require rest to recharge their magical powers, after hours calls may be redirected to another member of the team.
  • For shore excursions, the Royal Genie may escort guests off the ship if requested but does not accompany their Star guest(s) on their planned shore excursion. While guests are enjoying their time in port, the Royal Genie is busy making sure that all their other requests will be met during their cruise.
  • Star guests’ dining requests and plans are accommodated and confirmed by the Royal Genie. However, when they want to eat with guests not booked in a Star suite, advance reservations need to be made through cruise planner to ensure the whole group can sit together (if any charge occurs, the Star guests will receive a refund for eligible amounts billed to their stateroom).

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