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Follow Your Dynastic Destiny CHINA CRUISES

Explore China, where dynasties mingle and buildings scrape the heavens.
With every passing century, the ancient and intricate society that is China becomes more complex and alluring. Get drawn into the palaces and courtyards of Beijing's Forbidden City, a huge palace complex once inhabited by rulers in the Ming Dynasty, and stroll through the Hall of Great Perfection at the Confucius Temple. In Hong Kong, see towering skyscrapers that give way to misty mountaintops, rich with birdlife and tumbling waterfalls. Jump onboard a China cruise to stand on the Widows Peak of the Great Wall and get a sense of China's magnitude while the wind rushes around you. In between your adventures, keep your energy levels high by heading into China's vibrant marketplaces, where you'll find jewel-like dim sum dumplings and tangles of delicious saucy Zhajiangmia noodles with sweet bean paste, ground pork and pickled vegetables.

The giant Buddhas of China, set a little way out of the city centres, are a sight to behold. Hong Kong's Tian Tan Buddha is 34 metres high and weighs 180 tonnes, and you have to climb 286 steps to reach it. In a standing position, Sanya's beautifully painted Buddha is even taller at 108 metres. You'll feel humbled among these giants during your China holiday.

Leave the bustle of Hong Kong behind and hike up the fabled Dragon's Back mountain near the city. Up high, the air is cool and dry, while the mountaintops are shrouded in a light silky mist. Head to the Great Wall's Huangya Pass in Beijing to see the landscape unfold from the high point of Widow's Peak.

Say "Nia Hao" (Chinese for "Hello") to Sanya, a tropical city known for its picturesque beaches and perfect sunny weather. Take a dip at Tianya Haijiao beach, and take in the breathtaking views while kayaking around the bay. Be swallowed by the lush Yanoda Rainforest, and stay cool zip-lining through the treetops. Don't forget to pay your respects to the Buddhist goddess Guanyin, who watches over the city from the sea.

Vermilion temples, grand palaces, flowering gardens and old-style wooden architecture are some of the things you'll see on your city wanderings. Head into Shanghai's Bund neighbourhood and get a sense of what China looked like 100 years ago. The Five Great Avenues district of Beijing will inspire you with its colonial architecture and olden-day charm.

You'll really see the enormity of China's cities from viewpoints high above the cityscapes. Take Beijing's Tianjin Eye big wheel and see the skyscrapers grow small as you climb up to the highest point. Trek up Shanghai Tower, with the world's fastest lifts and the second tallest observation deck for an experience you won't forget.

Haggling in China is so popular it's practically a national pastime. Brush up on your bargaining skills when you head to a market, and win your items on the cheap. Head to Silk Street or Tianyi Market in Beijing, and check out Tian Zi Fang in the Old French Concession quarter of Shanghai. If you're into antiques, don't miss Shanghai's Dong Tai Road Antique Market or Beijing's Liulichang.    


China is where the adventure starts, but it's certainly not where it ends. Cruise from the world's most populated cities to nearby Asian countries that hold their own mysteries. Soak in Japanese onsens (hot springs), walk among Vietnamese rice paddies and take in the tropical sun of Thailand.
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On your way out of China, be enamored by the fragrant scents of Japanese delicacies and the stunning views of the island nation. Cruise from Beijing or Shanghai to Japan's hidden gems like Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kumamoto, and learn the history of these ancient countries in world-class museums.

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Vietnam is full of small villages, lattices of rice fields and friendly people. Cruise from China to witness the grazing buffalo of Vietnam, and enjoy the transition from high-tech cityscapes to tranquil, rural countryside.

Seek Out for Buddha-ful Views

Explore misty mountaintops and skyscrapers in Hong Kong, and walk the Great Wall on a cruise to China.

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Rice or noodles? This is the burning, personality-defining question on the mind of every Chinese local hunting down their next meal. Across all of China's regions, street food markets are undoubtedly the most popular places to eat, serving up ultra-fresh, authentic fare at unbeatable prices.

The size of a clenched fist, baozi dumplings make for a wholesome on-the-go meal. Stuffed with meat and vegetables, you can find them at local Tianjin markets just outside Beijing. Popular combos include pork, onion and mushroom or cabbage, scallions and ginger.
Looking for a higher-end culinary experience? In Hong Kong, head to Kam's Roast Goose and indulge in a Michelin-starred meal of roast goose complete with crisped skin and other delicacies like suckling pig and cured pork sausage.

Make a pit stop at any street food market and pick up a delicious array of bao, the traditional Chinese dumplings in a small, bun-shaped wrapper. Try the delicate xiaolongbao, or soup dumplings, oozing with savoury broth or the crispy-pork-stuffed shengjian bao.

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