Aerial view of skyscrapers in the central business area of Shanghai, China

Cruise from Shanghai (Baoshan), China

When you cruise from Shanghai, check the essential items off the to-do list: See the classical architecture of the Bund neighborhood and walk among the smell of tea and incense in the fortified Old City. Then, if you have extra time, see the nearby Qibao Ancient Town — check out the pagoda-like bell tower, see Qibao Template (it dates back to the 900s) and snap pics of the photogenic bridges and buildings along the Puhui River.
National Language Mandarin
Currency Accepted Renminbi (CNY)

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Things To Do in Shanghai (Baoshan)

Historical buildings at the Bund in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China Historical Buildings

Better in the Bund

Better in the Bund

The Bund is Shanghai's art deco heritage neighborhood, with colonial architecture from the 1920s and '40s. Walk along the riverfront promenade at the golden hour for beautiful photos — from here, you can see the futuristic skyscrapers of Pudong's skyscrapers across the river.

Shanghai Towers and cityscape of Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China Shanghai Towers

Height of Adventure

Height of Adventure

Take a river cruise to see some of Shanghai's modern architectural highlights: The 1536-foot-tall Oriental Pearl Tower looks like something straight out of the Jetsons, while the twisting Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, is meant to evoke a lucky dragon coming out of the earth. The World Finance Center Tower looks like a giant bottle opener.

Traditional pavillions in Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China Yuyuan Garden Pavillion

Ancient Ambiance

Get a feel for old China by wandering through the Yu Garden during your Shanghai cruise vacation. The classical garden is 400 years old, with carp-filled pools and bamboo groves. See more of ancient China at the Shanghai Museum, which has 120,000 ancient relics, including bronze artifacts and sculptures.

Dumplings with dip in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China Dumplings

Local Cuisine

Eating in Shanghai is all about street food. You'll see people drinking from giant dumplings through strwas in a dish called xiao long bao — a soup dumpling. Join in, or eat them with chopsticks in a sit-down restaurant. Try cold noodles with eel, ginger and bamboo shoots, or pick up a flaky, pork-flecked scallion pancake — this comfort food is practically a way of life here.

Red Chinese lanterns at the antique market in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China Chinese Lanterns


It's hard not to find shopping in Shanghai. Nanjing Road is the busiest, with everything from specialty food shops to modern malls. If you have time to get something tailored, try the South Bund Fabric Market. During your China cruise, pick up a distinctive Chinese red lantern at the Antique Market or at most street markets.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Check visa rules carefully. They vary greatly depending on your nationality, length of stay, where you visit and if you re-enter the country.
2 China's currency is the <em>renminbi</em> (abbreviated as RMB) and also called the yuan. Shanghai has lots of ATMs, though not all accept foreign cards. Smaller Chinese cities don't always have ATMs, so it's wise to stock up on extra cash in Shanghai.
3 Within the city, getting around by subway is cheap, easy and avoids surface-level traffic.

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